Thursday, November 4, 2010

El Naschie on Nature suit, Coldea et al.

This is one of his best columns ever, sure to thrill his supporters and make his detractors weep with merriment. He talks about the golden mean being discovered by Coldea et al. though he doesn't name them. He talks about the Nature law suit too! Its cost and when he expects it to end.

El Naschie's Rosa Al-Youssef column is up for Friday, November 5. Pyramids of Egypt in European laboratories. Original Arabic or Google's English translation. Or here's Bing's English. My feeble attempt at translation is below. I will incorporate any corrections provided by readers. (Or replace the whole thing with a competent translation.)

In one of the latest and most important scientific articles published in issue No. 464 dated 18 March this year in the scientific journal «Nature», a British magazine, the most important and most famous scientific journal in the world, there was published research that deals with the golden section in magnetism.

It discusses the discovery in the laboratories of the many universities in Europe, a prediction I made directly and Alain Connes made indirectly, that the golden section is the basis of quantum space-time.

It is the basis of quantum mechanics, which means the basis of theoretical physics, because quantum mechanics is the most important basis for science. It is deeper and more important than the special theory of relativity, which the public has heard about.

How strange and striking that the research was published on pages 362 and 363 by the big picture of pyramids of Giza in Egypt. This was a tacit admission that the ancient Egyptians were the first to know of the golden section and to use it, which I was pleased to see. Every Egyptian should be happy for Egypt, our ancestors having so favored the world. Even modern science in the present era in the twenty-first century owes them credit for it.

Before anyone ever heard of certain reputed greats [snide reference to Ahmed Zuwail] in the media, there were those great heroes who stayed in Egypt . Unlike the «disinterested» [Zuwail], they did not leave, despite all temptations, but continued the scientific Jihad in Egypt. These include the late Dr. Abdel Samie, former head of electricity at Alexandria University, and Prof. Dr. Asser Ali Zaki, Faculty of Engineering, Alexandria University, who first taught me about unification of forces, and quantum theory.

Remarkable also, at least for me, is the absence of any reference in this scientific research to my work and the work of my students, despite the fact that these scientific papers have led to the realization of «Alain Connes» and Roger Penrose to discover the golden mean in quantum theory and high energy physics.

Many readers may know that there is a case in the Supreme Court in London against a German journalist [Quirin Schiermeier] working for the Magazine «Nature» as well as a case against the magazine itself. The injustice and prejudice by the magazine and this journalist in their right hand could not be tolerated and must be adjudicated. It is interesting that this injustice has a close relationship with my discovery of the golden section in quantum mechanics. It seems some people may be uncomfortable [by El Naschie's prediction and vindication, possibly implying racism or anti-Muslim prejudice] but I can't name them or speak in detail about this until the Supreme Court decides it.

The case went to an outside arbitrator two years ago. It has been within the court for over a year. There is expected to be a month-long period of negotiation, and perhaps the whole chapter will end late next year.

The initial estimates for expenses of lawyers and the court may reach more than tens of millions of Egyptian pounds [Ten million LE = $1.75 million US dollars = £1.076 million British pounds = €1.231 million]. All of that pales in comparison to this: I see in the pyramids the Egyptian symbol of modern science and wish for everyone to know as much as Egypt.

And really «If I were not born Egyptian, I would have wished to become an Egyptian.» [A saying saying due to Moustafa Kamel, an Egyptian nationalist from the beginning of the twentieth century and early agitator against the British occupation.]

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  1. The saying at the end is due to Moustafa Kamel, an Egyptian nationalist from the beginning of the twentieth century and early agitator against the British occupation. It say, "If I were not born Egyptian, I would have wished to become an Egyptian."

  2. Dr. Ali Zaki, captivating should be Dr. Asser Ali Zaki. Google translate آسر into captivating which is wrong. This name Asser Zaki was mentioned before in this blog. It appeared also in comments in

    It is strange that Asser Zaki taught El naschie about unification and quantum theory as he mentioned in his column. It might be that he gave El naschie a popular science book on the subject. That is fits to the great man's approach doing science is just to read popular science books.

  3. Thanks, Zahy! Fixed it. Zaki is listed as an Emeritus Professor. He's still alive, apparently. For El Naschie, that's unusual.