Wednesday, November 3, 2010

El Naschie rejects knotted rope ridicule

El Naschie and the E-infinity group have sometimes written that knotted ropes are useful tools for the high energy physicist, e.g., attaching importance to the observation that ropes become shorter when they get knots in them. An example of rope-knot advocacy from an E-infinity communication can be found here. El Naschie is frequently made an object of humor for that, for example here and here.

El Naschie's Rosa Al-Youssef column is up for Thursday, November 4. Knotty. Original Arabic or Google's English translation.

This is really quite good and I ought to put the whole thing in line here.

Wrote one of the foolish comments on internet joke that I am permitted by the problems in the higher energies through tests of knots in the ropes. وهو اعتقد أن هذه نكتة رائعة ونشرها في كل مكان بأسماء مستعارة، الجاهل لا يعلم إلي أي مدي هو جاهل لأن هذا الموضوع معروف من مدة طويلة وأول من اكتشفه هو العالم الرياضي النيوزيلندي الكبير «فوجهام جونز» وحصل علي جائزة فيلد في الرياضيات بسببها فليت كان لي أنا شرف هذا الاكتشاف ولكن الجهل عن طريق العقد هو الذي صور لهذا الرجل السفيه الذي سرق كثيراً من الأشياء العلمية مني بعلمي وبدون علمي أن باستطاعته السخرية من هذا الموضوع. He thought that this was a joke wonderful and published in every place the names of aliases, a fool does not know the extent to which he is ignorant, because this subject is well known for a long time and the first discovered is the physics world the New Zealand Great «Vaughan Jones» and was awarded the Field in mathematics because Fleet was me I honor of this discovery, but through ignorance of the Decade is that images of this man fools who stole a lot of scientific things from me without my knowledge [?!] and I know that he could make fun of this topic.

هناك عقد نفسية تصور للناس أن مصر تحتاج إلي مرشح لرئاسة الجمهورية من أبناء مصر في الخارج كما لو كان معظم أبناء مصر خارج البلاد وهذه هي عقدة الخواجة ومن في حكمهم التي هي من أهم أسباب ضعف ووهن الجسد الإداري العلمي في الشرق الأوسط كله. There is a psychological perception of the people that Egypt needs to candidate for the presidency of the sons of Egypt abroad as if most of the people of Egypt outside the country and this is a knotty problem, and the like which are the most important reasons for the poor and a weakening of the body of administrative science in the Middle East as a whole. عقد تصنيف الجامعات عن طريق شركات أجنبية وعقد نشر الأبحاث عن طريق شركات تجارية أجنبية للنشر إلي آخره من مظاهر التأخر الحقيقي. A classification of universities by foreign companies [referring to the Alexandria U ranking scandal] and contract research published by foreign commercial companies to propagate to the end of the manifestations of the late real.

حمداً لله علي أن كل ما درسته وأهتم به هو العقد في الأحبال وعلاقتها بميكانيكا الإحصاء ونظرية الكم أما العقد الأخري فأنا لا أقوي علي معالجتها وكل ما أري أنه في يدي أن أدعو لهذا الشخص الذي يسمي نفسه عالماً متميزاً بالشفاء من عقده ضدي وضد حتي مسقط رأسه والحقيقة ضد حتي أهله وعائلته التي لا يفتخر بها.. Thank God that everything I've learned and I care about is the knot in the ropes and their relationship to mechanics of statistics and the quantum theory of the last decade, I had no power to address them all that I see it in my hands to pray for this person who calls himself a scientist excellent recovery from his contract [knot?] against me and against even his birthplace, and the truth even against his family and his family [see my comment below] that are not proud of .. تصور رجلاً لا يحترم حتي أهله. Showing a man does not respect even his family.

Zahy was correct when he said El Naschie was referring to Ahmed Zewail yesterday. There's a story El Naschie's sockpuppets tell according to which Zewail behaved disgracefully toward his own mother. For example, here and here.

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  1. The word that was chosen to translate 'pschological complex' into arabic is the same as the word for 'knot', and the douche uses the two interchangeably in his last couple of articles (which hasve been a new low even for Rosa's standards). Furthermore, even though it's pronounced differently, the word for 'contract' shares the same spelling.

    I don't know if this document has been linked on this blog before:

    Here the douche poses as a professor of nuclear physics turned environmentalist who is worried about global warming and its effects on the Egyptian environment. The solution? Yep, nanotechnology a la douche

  2. Thanks for the explanation, and for that link, which is new to me! I am downloading it now for safe keeping.