Wednesday, November 10, 2010

El Naschie reviews Naomi Wolf article

The Naomi Wolf article is David Cameron’s Culture War. Here's El Naschie's review: Priority must be of Applied Sciences. Original Arabic or Google's English translation. I see this appeared on a Saturday, when his column doesn't appear, so maybe he'll do these regularly to keep busy.

The reader who contributed the link says:

Naomi Wolf's article about the British education funding cuts is debated in the weekly Rosa edition. Dr. Moustafa ElFeky, a government sycophant argues against cutting funding for the humanities, and the douche of all people is arguing for... well it's not clear what his argument is except for the usual comparison with Zewail.

Naomi Wolf criticizes British Prime Minister David Cameron for cutting arts funding, and El Naschie agrees. Egyptian arts and humanities, like science, are important to the Egyptian economy, he says. As examples of artists worth supporting he names the Beatles and Bertolt Brecht. He name-drops Beethoven, Leonardo Da Vinci, Paul Dirac and Werner Heisenberg. He makes a general point that the talents of greats are not interchangeable; they have unique skills. His main purpose is perhaps to give a backhanded compliment to Nobel Laureate chemist Ahmed Zewail by saying he's a great practical chemist or experimenter. The idea being to make a distinction with himself. El Naschie of course thinks he's a great theoretical physicist. This comparison of himself with Zewail is something he does often.

The reader also pointed out In thought and politics: Raquel Welch and Nanotechnology (original Arabic or Google's English) which he describes as follows:

In El-Akhbar newspaper, Dr. Mohammed El-Saadany is still kicking around, bemoaning the loss of El-Naschie, and hence the demise of nanotechnology in Egypt, because of government bureaucracy.

Mohammed El-Saadany is mentioned in these two posts: Hany Helal and Hany Elnazer and Puzzle pieces. He was fired as president of Mubarack's City for Science and Technology.

The Raquel Welch reference is to her 1966 movie Fantastic Voyage in which Raquel et al. shrink to tiny size and destroy a blood clot in a scientist's brain. This is an example of nanotechnology.

El-Saadany gives every outward appearance of actually believing in El Naschie, for example, calling him "our great Dr. Mohamed El Naschie". I can't fathom how anyone still believes in him.

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