Tuesday, November 9, 2010

El Naschie writes about Elbeet Beetak

Regarding the Tuesday, November 9 Rosa Al-Youssef column -- original Arabic or Google's English translation. I commented on it here and then in the next comment Zahy observed El Naschie was talking about Elbeet Beetak:

كان لابد أن يكون هناك الصحافة النزيهة التي تعتمد علي القلم النزيه الذي لا يشتري أو يباع ولا حتي من برامج «التوك الشو».. مهما كان السعر، وأذكر كيف استدرجت مرة إلي مثل هذه البرامج بدعوي تكريمي والحقيقة كان فخاً حقيراً مدفوع الثمن للنيل مني ومازال هذا البرنامج الفخ موجوداً لكل الناس لمشاهدته،

There must be a fair honest press based on honest pen which can't be bought nor sold even by talk-show programs whatever the price. I remember how I was dragged into one such talk-show program which claimed to honor me but in fact it was a paid miserable trap to discredit me. This trap program is still existent for all people to watch it.


The Elbeet Beetak interview by Khairy Ramadan was originally aired on Egyptian state television on Tuesday, October 27, 2009. It is available in this post, with English, German, Spanish and Italian subtitles. There are three parts, and part three is the most damaging to El Naschie, especially the last few minutes. Watch the whole thing.

El Naschie's youngest brother Amr, also known as Scorpion300, has expressed displeasure at the interview.

It shows bad judgment for El Naschie to be talking about this. Calling attention to it only makes him look two-faced. Throughout the interview El Naschie keeps telling Khairy Ramadan what a great interviewer he is. The interview ends with El Naschie saying how much he is enjoying the interview and wishes it could continue, and he would like to return.

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  1. El Naschie's Rosa Al-Youssef column is up for Wednesday, November 10. Hemingway, love Paris. Original Arabic or Google's English translation.

    El Naschie talks about Ernest Hemingway and some of his books. And he mentions Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, to whom he attributes the statement that Western civilization is based on the influences of other civilizations including Arab Islamic civilization. He advises young people to travel abroad when they have a chance. But he says the most important period in his life was his childhood in Egypt where his personality was formed. Continued tomorrow.

  2. A couple of new items on the docuhe:

    Naomi Wolf's article about the British education funding cuts is debated in the weekly Rosa edition. Dr. Moustafa ElFeky, a government sycophant argues against cutting funding for the humanities, and the douche of all people arguing for .. well it's not clear what his argument is except for the usual comparison with Zewail ..


    In El-Akhbar newspaper, Dr. Mohammed El-Saadany is still kicking around, bemoaning the loss of El-Naschie, and hence the demise of nanotechnology in Egypt, because of government bureaucracy:


  3. Excellent! Thank you for the heads ups.