Thursday, November 18, 2010

Gems from two recent Rosa Al-Youssef columns

Translations provided by El Naschie Watch readers of selections from the great man's columns for November 15 and 16. The song in the video is "People of Alexandria" as performed by Mohamed Kandeel.

November 15

Years passed and I moved from Germany to England and then to University in Saudi Arabia (Riyad University which is now King Saud University). I was in the Faculty of Engineering, Department of Civil Engineering, construction division. The Kingdom was at the beginning of a renaissance and the civil engineering department was the central source dropping out leadership into government and industry.

I had ability and knowledge to fit between my work as a professor (The great man claiming professorship) and a researcher at University and my work as a consulting engineer outside the University. And therefore the University decided to use my consultancy in various construction projects in the State.

(-- I think here is where the great man got his wealth through corruption, bribery, commission and cheating. [he also had a large inheritance] The great man is not even professional as an engineer, he is just clever in cheating people.)

I have seen with Dr. Asser various theoretical physics journals. One day I saw an article about a Pakistani distinguished scientist named Abdul Salam. I asked Asser about him and he explained to me many things that I understood later after about ten years.

(--Of course these things were at the level of popular science and the great man is still lacking understanding even now. I hope the great man will not mention Abdul Salam as mentoring him especially since Abdul Salam died in 1996. [see my comment below])

November 16

Professor Asser explained to me the "Weinberg-Glashow-Salam" theory unifying electromagnetics with the weak nuclear force. That was my first encounter with the program for unifying the fundamental forces in the universe. Years passed by, and Asser continued to encourage me to enter the shrine of real science. We wrote a paper or two together, I think they were about the French mathematician René Thom's catastrophe theory. After that he nominated me to the Royal Academy in physics which I subsequently became a fellow of, and I believe I am the first civil engineer in history to acquire that degree in physics. My friendship with my honorable professor, Dr. Asser Ali Zaki, more than forty years and I thank God every day for this friendship, and I pray to God to maintain his health and bless him with long life. Asser is a model for the real Egyptian scientist. A lot of shiny names, or that have been made to look shiny, appear rusty in comparison to his contribution to Egypt. He has been the head of the Civil Engineering Department (sic!) in Alexandria, and under his supervision hundreds of masters students, tens of PhD students, and thousands of Bachelor students in Electrical Engineering (!) have graduated working in Egypt and the Arab world. What use is a Nobel Prize awarded in the US to Egypt in comparison? What use is it for a scientist to be famous in Germany or England for Egypt in comparison?

There are tens like Dr. Asser in Alexandria University that I don't know and maybe even he doesn't know. Egypt knows them. After that would you ask me why Alexandria University? The answer is that Alexandria University is a beacon of science in the Arab world, a real beacon and not a fake one based on publicity and prizes and foreign paid-for rankings and lying, made-up metrics. As for Alexandria the city, it is where Pythagoras was educated and Euclid wrote his encyclopedia.

And last, but not least, Alexandria is the bride of the Mediterranean, and "people of Alexandria are dear to me". (El Naschie is quoting from the Mohamed Kandeel song.) And may those who are jealous die with their anger.

Thanks to Zahy, Hossam, and the reader who thinks El Naschie is a douche. The translations appeared originally as comments in this post.

For new visitors who are not familiar with certain facts about El Naschie which we all take for granted, I should explain that El Naschie has a habit of claiming to have been mentored or in some way personally influenced by famous deceased people (who are therefore in no position to deny it) and that has become somewhat of a running joke on El Naschie Watch.

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  1. Abdul Salam? Is he talking about Abdus Salam (who died in 1996), maybe?

  2. Shrink, I think you're right. In What the Nobel Laureates think of El Naschie he was mentioned:

    "Two decades ago he [El Naschie] was proposed as a successor to Abdu Salam [sic. Abdus Salam, a Nobel Laureate] in Trieste [ICTP in Trieste]. Nobel Laureate David Gross went on the barricades to block this nomination."

  3. Abdul Salam is the same as Abdus Salam (the 1979 Nobel laureate for the discovery of the Electro-Weak theory). The thing is, the 'l' is mostly silent. So, while some people write it as they read it in Arabic 'Abdul Salam', Others write it as they hear it 'Abdus Salam' or 'Adbu Salam'.

  4. Thx for the explanation, Hossam.