Friday, November 12, 2010

The great Egyptian scientist Dr. Mohamed El Naschie

An article by Samir Said gives a list of guests on a radio program. One of them is "the great Egyptian scientist Dr. Mohamed El Naschie".

Original Arabic or Google's English translation. El Naschie is mentioned in the last paragraph.

El Naschie is promoting himself tirelessly. I can't believe he hasn't slunk away in humiliation. On Sunday he's going to write about the Alexandria University scandal instead of just shutting up for his own good. Speaking of which, Richard Holmes quotes an Inside Higher Education article, The State of the Rankings, by Philip G. Altbach as follows:

Why do Bilkent University in Turkey and the Hong Kong Baptist University rank ahead of Michigan State University, the University of Stockholm, or Leiden University in Holland? Why is Alexandria University ranked at all in the top 200? These anomalies, and others, simply do not pass the "smell test."

They certainly don't.

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  1. Your hero now in the New York Times
    Questionable Science Behind Academic Rankings

    Phil Baty, deputy editor of Times Higher Education, acknowledged that Alexandria’s surprising prominence was actually due to “the high output from one scholar in one journal” — soon identified on various blogs as Mohamed El Naschie, an Egyptian academic who published over 320 of his own articles in a scientific journal of which he was also the editor. In November 2009, Dr. El Naschie sued the British journal Nature for libel over an article alleging his “apparent misuse of editorial privileges.” The case is still in court.

  2. since when has he started using email?

    That may not convince the critics, who apparently include Dr. El Naschie. “I do not believe at all in this ranking business and do not consider it anyway indicatory of any merit of the corresponding university,” he said in an e-mail.

    if the nytimes could track him down, then so can you.

  3. Here's someone who thinks he'll sue the newspaper and make the article disappear
    (perhaps forgetting libel law in the US is somewhat different from the UK).

    Ironically, this THE ranking will likely only further contribute to his undoing, by drawing excess attention.
    At some point, THE will acknowledge the methodology was flawed (if not before, then implicitly by next year, when you can bet Alexandria won't be anywhere near the top 200 in a corrected weighting scheme, adapted to eliminate precisely this embarrassment).
    It's also conceivable that the manifest intellectual fraudulence of the articles in CS&F will be more generally appreciated by then, and to save face Alexandria will not only have to disown its formerly high ranking, but also disown the fraudulent person responsible for it.

  4. "if the nytimes could track him down, then so can you"

    I did email him at his CSF email address a long time ago and got a response from the Boehm spokesperson. These days I doubt he'd be interested in engaging in a dialog with me but he can email me any time he likes.