Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Indignation at El Naschie reaches Italy

Original Italian here, English translation below.

Arab university among the top 200 in the world.
But there is a trick

According to the rankings of Times Higher Education, the University of Alexandria is in 147th place. On the many citations in scientific journals. Too bad that 320 articles were the work of one academic and all appeared in the same journal, of which he is director

Rodolfo Casadei

Last September a U.S. ranking of top 200 universities in the world, that of the Times Higher Education, had produced cries of pain in Italy because of the absence of Italian universities in the list. Today we find that the ranking was, at least in some respects, tarot. [LOL] They've realized that the researchers have chosen to explore the most sensational result of the classification: the place 147th University of Alexandria, which became the first university in Egypt (and the Arab world as a whole) to enter the world top 200, ahead of traditional greats such as the Georgetown University (USA) or the Delft University of Technology (Netherlands).

It turned out that the high rating of the university was due mostly to the large number of citations in scientific journals. But all 320 articles were the work of a single academic, Mohamed El Naschie, and all had appeared in the same journal, of which he appears to be the director. The accident has revived the debate on the reliability of criteria used to compile rankings of the best universities in the world, have become popular in recent years.

Ellen Hazelkorn, dean of the Graduate Research School of the Dublin Institute of Technology and author of a book highly critical on the subject, recalls a quote from Albert Einstein: "Not everything that can be calculated is important, and not everything that matters can be calculated. In another ranking of top 500 universities in the world, that the American QS, the first place is the Italian University of Bologna (176th), followed by the University of Rome (190th), from Padua (261st), the Politecnico di Milano (295th) and the University of Pisa (300th).

The tone is bitter, isn't it. We may see more such complaints from countries whose universities were short-changed. Thanks to the reader who noticed this article.

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