Tuesday, November 16, 2010

More El Naschie than you can shake a stick at

A four-part El Naschie video extravaganza (in Arabic only) uploaded to YouTube on November 15 by MrSamehNLP. The video and audio quality of this is great.

The introductory text says approximately

Reclusive scientist Dr. Mohamed Salah El Naschie, one of the world's greatest minds after Einstein and Newton. Solvay Foundation Professor of Chemistry and Physics, Free University of Belgium, and a visiting professor at six universities around the world, including the universities of Cairo and Mansoura in Egypt.

We are getting a lot of new visitors, so it is worth repeating what El Naschie Watch readers know full well -- that he's not a professor of physics, chemistry or anything else. He's a complete fake.

It's too long to subtitle, but Arabic speakers please leave comments. When was it aired? On what program? Any memorable quotes? Etc.

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