Wednesday, November 10, 2010

New action on El Naschie discussion archive

I always get a thrill when this thread starts up again. There have been four new comments in the last few days, all from El Naschie's supporters (or sockpuppets as the case may be).

Jump directly to the latest comments in our archive, or go to the FQXi website and scroll all the way down.

First up is a spam from G. Mahdi which he has published in at least two other forums.

Second we have James, who berates an anonymous El Naschie critic for not thinking outside the box.

Third is BN, who thinks El Naschie, Ord and Nottale should share a Nobel.

Fourth is Anon, who makes a bizarre reply to El Naschie critic Yansen. What is bizarre is not that he accuses Yansen of commenting "viscously" [sic] or learning "superciliously from books" but rather that Yansen never commented on the entire FQXi-395 thread. You can read about Yansen at Fledgling E-Infinity fan threads.

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  1. El Naschie's Rosa Al-Youssef column is up for Thursday, November 11. Parisian memories. Original Arabic or Google's English translation.

    El Naschie name-drops Georg Cantor and Jean-Paul Sartre and reminisces about Paris. He says he read a translation of Sartre by Dr. Abdul Rahman Badawi (1917-2002). He calls Mohsen Badawi (no relation I think) a dear friend although they do not agree politically. Mohsen published a book about Abdul Rahman in 2009.

    El Naschie Watch posts mentioning Mohsen Badawi are El Naschie supports the dream of science, El Naschie's scientific battle with the West, and Upcoming Cultural Salon at Cairo Opera House.

  2. Since I wrote this post, two more sockpuppet comments have appeared on FQXi-395!