Wednesday, November 10, 2010

An outlet for their mental sewer

Over at Matter News, this comment has been left:

K. Abdullah
10/17/2010 11:17:41 AM MST

Those who use the Internet and particularly scientific blogs as an outlet for their mental sewer are doing great disservice to the internet scientific blogs and last but not least themselves. Why do you behave when people see you and why do you misbehave so badly when you think you are not watched? In all event I definitely like the work of Mohamed El Naschie. You are trying to say that E Infinity is nonsense. The man predicted a development in physics as well as in mathematics which is transforming our thinking right now. It is impossible now to work without considering E Infinity rings and E Infinity algebra. There are books published by Springer and Elsevier on E Infinity. There are many authors who work on E Infinity without knowing that Mohamed El Naschie invented the science and the label in physical context. Amazingly he is neither a mathematician nor a physicist. Nevertheless he is ahead of everybody else. Cantor paid the price for being ahead of everybody else. Mohamed El Naschie is a strong personality and totally independent and he is paying the price knowingly and deliberately. If you doubt my words, search for anyone who was able to explain the wave collapse better than him. Of course I am Egyptian and I have read his column in Rose El Youssef today. It is totally convincing. It is both mathematics and physics on the highest level. Who else but Mohamed El Naschie is capable of transforming a not very popular government newspaper like rose el youssef into a daily scientific periodical like he has done. The man is a phenomenon; he is a scientific and social genius and all those who hate him can do is eat their hearts out. Sorry if I offended anyone even if there are Nobel Laureates amongst them.

Now maybe Hossam and Zahy will stop joking about giving Rosa Al-Youssef an impact factor and bundling it with Elsevier journals.

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  1. El Naschie's Rosa Al-Youssef column is up for Friday, November 12. University of Alexandria... Why? Original Arabic or Google's English translation.

    El Naschie is clearly preparing to say something more about the University of Alexandria ranking scandal, but today he mostly just talks about how beautiful Alexandria is and how he loved it as a child. He says complimentary things about Professor Asser Ali Zaki. He does express his contempt for those he says are trying to downplay Alexandria University, and thus Egypt, "regarding this nonsense regarding the classification of universities". Continued Sunday. There is no column on Saturdays.

  2. Jason,
    It is strange that Asser Ali Zaki was his first teacher. El naschie as he claimed that he left to Germany at the age of fifteen years (or eighteen). Then Asser Ali Zaki should thought the great man in primary, preparatory or secondary school.!!!!!!!

    You missed trnslating this passage
    وقد اخترت عنوان أحد أفلام المخرج العبقري المصري يوسف شاهين كعنوان لهذه المقالة لأنه كان تماما مثلي عاشقاً للإسكندرية وأنا أيضا عاشق لفيلمه «حدوتة مصرية» الذي رأيته أول مرة في ألمانيا دون أن أعلم أنه فيلم مصري لأنه كان «مدبلج» من التليفزيون الألماني.

    I have chosen a title for my article similar to a movie title (Why...Alexandrina) by Egyptian genius movie director Youssef Chahine.
    He was also Alexandrina lover like me. I love his movie titled as An Egyptian Tale, produce 1982, which I has seen for first time in Germany without knowing it is an Egyptian movie because it was shown with German dubbing.

    Three comments are worthy to mention
    1- The great man compare him self with Youssef Chahine. This is not so strange the great man compared him self with Eistein, Alain connes, Pernrose and Dirac etc...

    2- The great man admit from the beginning that he quoted the title of Movie (Why...Alexandrina), he didn't do the same with the title Thin thread. It seems the great man is reading this blog.

    3- The great man has seen the Egyptian movie
    -Egyptian Tale- without recognizing it is an Egyptain. Although the great man was always claiming he is an Egyptian till the bone. He should recognize that the movie is Egyptian from the face of actors.

  3. You're right! Asser Ali Zaki being his professor flatly contradicts "He received his entire education in West Germany (Hamburg and Hannover) and later on in England". What's up with that?!

    El Naschie forgot to tell how Youssef Chahine mentored him. He must not realize Chahine died in 2008.