Friday, November 19, 2010

Said, the great man's brother, falls for "Jessica"...

...and forwards Jessica's come-on to all his friends. Said may not be playing with a full deck, which is what their younger brother Amr often says about him.

Mohamed El Naschie's brother Said Elnashaie has come up occasionally on El Naschie Watch. Here is some background on him, but it is not necessary for appreciating this post.

On 12 March 2009, Said received the following email purporting to be from an attractive, single, 27-year-old English woman, Jessica Lawrence, looking for romance at an AIDS conference in London:

Hello my dear,
I am very happy to write you.My name is Jessica Lawrence am from London UK.Am 27years old I came online to search for a true and trustworthy friend.An understanding friend who can always be there for me. A friend that will always love me as much as i do love him.A responsible and God fearing person. I hope you are the kind of friend that i want and i hope to find such a friend in you. I sincerely look forward to becoming a proof that this type of meeting really works and i hope it will bring about changes in people's lives.I know true love exists but i so much value friendship.I hate lies,cheating and dis-honest people.I am sincere and detest hypocrisy. I am an open-minded lady,respectful,trustworthy,responsible,humble,honest and cheerful. I am single and i am from England. I have an elder brother and i am the only girl in my family.My parents are still alive and they are retired but still strong. Taking a look from your profile,you are such a person that can be trusted,I'm sure you have received many mails like this from people,but please i want you to believe me. I believe in God and I feel that family is the most important support in life. We discover our destiny every day and it all depends on how we face it. I like listening to good music like soft music that i can be listening and still do my job. I travel a lot because of the kind of job that i do. I have great regards for my job and i give it all the necessary attentions.. I work with a humanitarian organisation here in London and our organisation is organising a combine conference on HIV/AIDS which is schedule to take place here in London. I was in USA for this programme last year march. It gives me joy to take care of fellow human beings who needed assistance. In short,my communication will not be frequent because I will be very busy till after the program.Have you ever thought of attending a conference of this nature,visiting those infected and affected with AIDS and given them words of encouragement? I do not know how you will feel about this,but as a friend,l feel that I can inform you about it.5 to 10 people from your country male or female are accepted. I personally would like you to apply for the program so that we can use this occasion to see each other. but if you will not make it to the conference you can consult your people/ friends or an organisation in your country .The secretariat will offer to each participant a free air ticket and also assist you in getting the British visa with the help of the British bureau of immigrant affairs you will only take care of your accommodation during the conference that is the law by the Immigration for visa candidates.So If you are willing to attend the forth coming conference,then contact the conference secretariat for detailed information's on our forth coming HIV/AIDS conference. The conference secretariat email address is ; aids2009.conference@... Tell:+447035975741
This forth coming conference is for recommended delegates.While you apply for detailed information, i will talk to the secretary and also l will be here to stand for you and to monitor the situation in your favour. l will be happy to receive you here in my beloved Country.When you apply to attend the conference please inform the secretariat that i am the person that recommended you to apply and your application will be accepted immediately. By the special grace of God we might start affecting each others life positively or at least be able to say that you have made me to know this or that.Surely no one lives to himself or herself and what ever we can do today for one another may stand for our glory tomorrow.You should always keep me informed with the latest development from the secretary/conference secretariat so that l will know what to do in your favour.Love feels no burden,thinks nothing of trouble,attempts what is above its strength,pleads no excuse of impossibility.It is therefore able to undertake all things,and it completes many things,and warrants them to take effect,where he who does not love would faint and lie down.Love is watchful and sleeping,slumbered not.Though weary, it is not tired;though pressed,it is not straightened,though alarmed, it is not confounded.True friends are God's way of taking care of us.There is only one happiness in life and that is to love and be loved.Friendship is a long intimate dance for both people and nothing matters more than your own sense of balance and your choice of partner. I attach my photo for you to see how i look like and i am sure you will like it.This is my telephone contact ; +447031800616.
my best regards
Jessica Lawrence

There are plenty of red flags. Stereotypically English name, non-idiomatic sentences, bizarre punctuation, and wildly implausible come-on. Clearly a scam to convince the mark to send money to arrange a meeting at an AIDS conference. There will never be a meeting; only requests for money. Sure enough, Scamwarners has the goods: "Jessica" is a Senegalese scammer.

A few hours later, Said responded as follows:

Dear Jessica,
I am very happy to receive your message and I agree with you in the things you said. I am also against Imperialism and Zionism and all other racist movements that poison the life of all people. I have been a Professor of Chemical and Biological Engineering for over 40 years in many Universities around the world, my last stop before coming back to my country( Egypt) few months ago was being the Quentin Berg Chair Professor of Sustainable Development in Penn State University in the USA. Now I am the dean of two colleges in a new University in my country, Egypt. I have more than 400 papers in International Journals and and Conferences, 4 books by international publishers and 6 patents and provisional patents. I also write in newspapers wherever I live about sustainable development and against Imperialism, Zionism and other racist movements.
Thank you very much for your invitation to the London Conference, I lived in UK and got my PhD on 1973 from University of Edinburgh and I love your country, it is a very nice country and very nice people( accept for imperialists, Zionists and other racists, like in any other country) and very recently a great man from you country lead a help convey to Gaza and we all here appreciate this very much and like this humanitarian initiative very much. I would have loved to accept your invitation and come to your beautiful country, but unfortunately I am very busy , because of my work here and also my many PhD students in USA and Canada that I still co-supervise them and I need to visit them every few months. So Please accept my deepest apologize and hope that I will meet you and other good colleagues like you in another occasion. However I will cc your message and this answer of mine to a list of friends and colleagues in my country Egypt and other parts of the world so that some of them my get interested and contact you,
Thanks and Warmest Regards,
Prof.Dr.Said S.E.H.Elnashaie, Dean of the College of Engineering Sciences and College of Information Technology. Sinai University, Almasaeed, Alarish, North
Sinai, Egypt. E-mail: nashaie@..., Mobile: 011110-9947
Web Site(Under Construction):
Administrative Assistant: Mrs Shifa:Mobile:0100455009

The email exchange between them can be seen online here. It is actually part of a trove of 64 of his communications, only a few of which I have examined.

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