Friday, November 12, 2010

Scientist Dr. Mohamed El Naschie to "lawyers"

Ayman Amer interviews El Naschie again. Original Arabic or Google's English translation.

There have been hints in the press about Egypt building nuclear plants for power and desalination, so apparently El Naschie has decided to be called "Dr. professor of nanotechnology and atomic energy." He wants lawyers to help him set up a scientific talent pool of some kind.

As always he praises President Hosni Mubarak and criticizes presidential aspirant Mohamed ElBaradei.

El Naschie repeats that Israel asked him to help them with nanotechnology, and that Egypt is falling behind because they didn't implement El Naschie's nanotechnology initiative years ago.

He complains again that he has no actual authority or budget, not even a phone, in his role of nanotechnology advisor to the government. I believe he wants to use nanotechnology to divert Egyptian treasury monies into his pocket, as I have said before.

Amer asks whether the advisory position might have been a bribe to get El Naschie to be quiet about the shortcomings of Egyptian nanotechnology. (El Naschie undoubtedly handed that ass-kissing question to Amer on an index card.) El Naschie answers "Maybe, but I'll never shut up about the interest of Egypt and the Egyptians. Never."

Mr. Amer has interviewed the great man at least twice before. For those interviews, see Dr. Mohamed El Naschie for President of Egypt? and the earlier El Naschie: "I am the first!".

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