Friday, December 3, 2010

Alexandria U to be kicked out of top 200 next year

There is no other way to interpret this statement by Times Higher Education editor Phil Baty:

...we concede that our decision to openly include in the tables the two or three extreme statistical outliers, in the interests of transparency, has given some fuel for criticism, and has given us some food for thought for next year's table.

Richard Holmes of University Ranking Watch has a post, Can 25 Million Citations be Wrong?, containing this quote, which comes from a Phil Baty article on University World News, GLOBAL: Crucial to measure teaching in rankings.

There is not a chance in a million that AU will remain in the top 200. In fact, even if THE used the exact same scheme next year, Alexandria would drop out, because El Naschie no longer has a vanity journal in which to publish his nonsense.

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