Friday, December 3, 2010

SCANDAL! AU professorship for El Naschie

We need an Arabic reader to give a proper translation of this brief news article. I hope I am wrong about my interpretation: An Alexandria University council headed by Dr. Hend Hanafi, deciding on a number of faculty promotions, has given El Naschie an actual professorship?! Good lord. Dr. Hanafi is President of the University of Alexandria and, like El Naschie, a National Democratic Party stalwart. If El Naschie has been given a non-honorary professorship, it's a bigger scandal than the Times Higher Education ranking. An act of brazen cynicism.

Original Arabic:

د.محمد النشائي أستاذاً بعلوم الأسكندرية


وافق مجلس جامعة الإسكندرية برئاسة د.هند حنفي رئيس الجامعة علي تعيين العالم المصري العالمي د.محمد النشائي استاذا

غير متفرغ من فئة العلماء المتميزين بقسم الفيزياء بكلية العلوم.. وأكد المجلس أهمية زيادة انتاج وتفعيل المقررات الالكترونية بكليات الجامعة وتشجيع الطلاب علي الاشتراك فيها وأشاد بالتقدم الذي حققته كليات الطب والتمريض والعلوم في هذا المجال حيث وصلت إلي 5%.. واعتمد المجلس ترقية 11 عضو هيئة تدريس و4 منهم الي درجة استاذ و7 الي درجة استاذ مساعد.

Google's English translation:

D. Science professor Mohamed El Naschie Alexandria


Council approved the University of Alexandria, headed by Dr.. Hanafi India University President on the appointment of the world's Egyptian international d. Professor Mohamed El Naschie

Part-time class of outstanding scientists at the Physics Department, Faculty of Science .. The Council stressed the importance of increasing the production and activation of electronic courses and colleges of the university to encourage students to participate and praised the progress made by the faculties of medicine, nursing and science in this area, amounting to 5% .. The Council adopted the 11 members to upgrade the teaching staff and 4 of them to a full professor and 7 to the degree of Assistant Professor.

Bing's English translation:

Dr. Mohammed Al-nasha'e Alexandria Science Professor


Approved by the Council of Alexandria University led by Dr. HEND Hanafi Rector on Egyptian scientist Dr. Mohammed Al-nasha'e global Professor

Part-time distinguished scientists staff by Department of physics, Faculty of science ... The Council stressed the importance of increasing production and activating the electronic University faculties curricula and encourage students to participate in praising the progress of the faculties of medicine, nursing and science in this area reaching 5% ... And Council adopted 11 upgrade member of the teaching staff and 4 to Professor and 7 to Assistant Professor.

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  1. You are right on your interpretation. El naschie got a part time professorship in Alexandria university as a distinguished scientist.
    Maybe a reader from Alexandria university can confirm this, because El naschie, too often, leaks false news to journals.

    It is a real scandal for Alexandria university if this turns out to be true. Also, it will be embracing for them, if El naschie just by now get a part time professorship, then how he was using the affiliation of Alexandria before that. It might be because he has an apartment in Alexandria near the university or he spend some of summer time on Alexandria beach!!!!!!!!!!

  2. "how he was using the affiliation of Alexandria before that"

    That is something I meant to bring up. What did the Thomson Reuters forms say about who could be counted as faculty in the Times Higher Education rankings? El Naschie was an honorary professor at most. Universities give out honorary positions and degrees to famous people all the time as acknowledgment or flattery. They don't mean anything in academic terms. It can not have been intended for an honorary professor to have his papers counted. This points to malfeasance by Thomson Reuters in giving instructions, or to the Alexandria functionary who filled out the paperwork in violation of the instructions.

  3. Thomson Reuters get citations and publication data from their own data which can also be found on the Web of Science. They simply count the affiliations that are listed in the journals and no doubt would say that they could not possibly check the validity of the affiliations in millions of papers. In this case, it would be Elsevier who allowed an honorary position to be given as an affiliation. Alexandria University had no role in the collection of this set of data.

  4. Richard, thank you. Journals should require proof of affiliation. For years El Naschie has falsely claimed affiliation with many universities including Cambridge. I believe this is El Naschie's first real professorship.

  5. > Journals should require proof of affiliation.

    Indeed there is currently no formal checking. Authors can claim any affiliation they like, and it has never been regarded as the responsibility of referees, editors, or publishers to verify (although a referee might notice something amiss and mention it), so whatever the author provides will ordinarily appear in print.

    It is only afterwards, if noticed by someone at the institution who then complains, that the journal might issue a correction (though whether that would even be picked up by thomson-reuters is unclear), and then at least that journal would presumably no longer permit the claimed affiliation from that author.

    Based on El N's past M.O., he might only have had one personal connection at Alexandria that permitted him informally to claim the affiliation (or he just took it for granted).
    It is now shocking to learn that Alexandria University is so corrupt that they it is not only not embarrassed by the attention, but evidently embraces the illegitimate ranking based on flagrant self-citation of nonsensical rubbish in a vanity journal.
    So he has at last found a suitable home for his claimed professorship that shares his intellectual standards.

  6. > I feel a bit sorry for Tarek Ibrahim.

    Ask him what he thinks of the latest developments at his institution.
    It could be informative.

  7. He is an assistant professor and may not want to stick his neck out in a dispute with the president of AU, Hind Hanafi. Both Ibrahim and Hanafi were recipients of My email to Alexandria University. She cannot claim ignorance as an excuse.

  8. I find it hard to believe that the physics department at AU appoints a professor that does not have any degree in physics. It makes more sense to appoint him in the civil engineering department. AU, as well as all governmental universities in Egypt, is known to have very strict rules when it comes to faculty appointment.

    I mean even from a dishonest perspective, El Naschie is useless to AU without his CSF.

    I wish someone could confirm or deny this soon.
    It's really shocking...and sad.

  9. I emailed Tarek Ibrahim. No reply so far. Hossam, I agree an appointment in civil engineering would make more sense. He has a relevant PhD and professional experience. The article is pretty lame not to say professor of what.

  10. No reply from T. Ibrahim.

    I just searched AU's Web site and there is still no hit for "El Naschie" or "النشائي". This story is suspect.

  11. Actually the story is not suspect. It has been confirmed by a retired AU faculty member.