Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Crackpot or not?

A Rössler post is in the pipeline but will take me a while. In the meantime readers may enjoy Dave Bacon's post Does the arXiv Forbid Posting Referee Reports? on The Quantum Pontiff. In particular the comments. The only mention of El Naschie is this short comment from me, but nonetheless I enjoyed the comment immediately following it from Vladimir Ignatovich, and I have included it below. This is his homepage. It says he is a senior scientist at Frank Laboratory of Neutron Physics (broken link) and Joint Institute for Nuclear Research.

Ignatovich gave a link to a PDF documenting a submission of his to Phys. Rev. B and subsequent communication with the journal. I have hosted it on Scribd for your convenience.

Vladimir Ignatovich
December 10th, 2010 at 11:31 am

I am delighted to find such a forum.
I would like also to know, what are the reasons behind the words
“I do not agree with (well actually I do think the original EPR paper is “wrong”, but not for the reasons the author gives!)”
I should confess that the paper discussed here is really a little bit poor. I promise to submit in ArXiv another paper with more substantial critics of all this nonphysics of Bell’s inequalities measurements. I will submit only in the ArXiv, because no journal will accept it. The plot of “Fundamental Physicists” is strong and censorship is insuperable.
I do not agree that anonymous referees are not needed.
But it must be a practice: if an author publishes his article somwhere he should have a right to include in his paper a section on submission and rejection history with all the referee reports he likes. It must be published by journals. It will increase their responsibilities in choice of referees and in choice of reports they send to authors. Till now no publisher except the Journal “Concepts of Physics” (former editor in chief Edward Kapuscik) accepted such a section.
I would like also to tell some words about appellation [sic. appeal] system in APS [American Physical Society]. It is not an appellation system, but a protection system for ignorance and incompetence. I could publish nowhere my letter to APS president. For instance the APS News even do not reply to my letters. If somebody wants to see my struggle with Phys.Rev.B on linear algebra, he can look at http://fnp.kek.jp/workshop/20100408/proceedings/26-vignatovich.pdf. I promis it is a funny reading.
I am lucky to find accidentally this Forum! Best regards to everybody here.

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  1. El Naschie's Rosa Al-Youssef column is up for Wednesday, December 15. «Eden» is not only false. Original Arabic or Google's English translation.

    Yesterday El Naschie bashed Lawrence of Arabia. Today he bashes Anthony Eden, George Bush, and Tony Blair. But the leaders of Egypt have all been great, he says, and any newspaper that claims otherwise can go to hell.

  2. This is pretty hilarious: "We will continue appellation to mass media, to congress members and to president of USA proving that APS is not scientific but a bureaucratic structure, which is not worth to be supported by tax-payers."

    One thing every physicist should know is that you can't win a fight with Phys. Rev. * reviewers; gotta move on.

  3. > not worth to be supported by tax-payers

    not to mention that the American Physical Society is a private non-profit (membership) organization, not a taxpayer supported government agency.

  4. In El Naschie's Rosa Al-Youssef column for Wednesday, December 15, the great man mentioned
    Bertrand Russell
    كذلك انجبت انجلترا «اللورد برتراندرسل» أول من أعرف أنه انتقد استخدام هندسة لها نقط واقترح أن يكون زمان المكان غير متواصل تماما كما هو الحال في نظريتي وفي الهندسة الفركتالية وذلك قبل أن تعرف هذه الهندسة لأغلب علماء الفيزياء والرياضيات.

    England also gave birth a man like Lord Bertrand Russell, who was the first, up to my knowledge, criticized using geometry with points and suggested discontinuous space-time geometry as exactly the status of my theory and in any fractal geometry. At that time this type of geometry was not known for the majority of physicists and mathematicians.

    No body is safe from the curse of the great man.

  5. A story is told that Richard Wagner was walking on a street in Berlin one day and came across an organ-grinder who was grinding out the overture to Tannhäuser. Wagner stopped and said, "As a matter of fact, you are playing it too fast."

    The organ-grinder at once recognized Wagner, tipped his hat, and said, "Oh thank you, Herr Wagner! Thank you, Herr Wagner!"

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    [from Raymond Smullyan's "What is the name of this book?"]