Monday, December 20, 2010

The Creative Pharaoh quotes El Naschie

Hassan Elsisi is the Port Said, Egypt-based proprietor of the blog The Creative Pharaoh. He blogs in English mostly, but sometimes in Arabic. One of his first posts, The Great Scientists, reminds me of El Naschie.

Hi All Earth members,

I have discovered since 10 years that Einstein and Feynman are just humans like us !!. Both of them are great scientists and they are Nobel laureates but I believe in that Einstein and Feynman and all the great scientists are humans like us so we also have the right and the ability to dream and to try to publish in Nature and to get a Nobel prize. Imagination is more important than knowledge and Einstein as a student he was no Einstein!!. I hope that all people will like my old discovery but also I would like to mention that Gauss is the greatest scientist in history from my point of view but he did not publish in Nature and he did not receive a Nobel prize so I hope that my whole vision about the scientists and science is clear now. I have attached the picture of Feynman because he is one of my best teachers ever. I have watched several video lectures for him which formulated my vision for Quantum Mechanics. He is an extraordinary teacher from my point of view.

Posted by Hassan Elsisi at 8:27:00 PM

My New Title And My Sweeping Victory tells about Elsisi being a target of Islamophobia at Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology in South Korea.

Two powerful Christian professors in GIST swore that I will never get my degree and I will go back to Egypt with nothing

That also reminds me of El Naschie, who blames his lack of a Nobel Prize on being Muslim, being named Mohamed, and having an Egyptian passport.

Elsisi wants to get married in 2011, and states his requirements in a wife. He currently has no one specific in mind to fill that position. Single female El Naschie Watch readers will find pictures of him at the two links just given. Elsisi is put off by "the stupidity of lots of women" so don't bother him if you're not bright.

I have said more about Elsisi than I meant to. My reason for writing about him is his post of 20 December 2010. Original Arabic اصلاح منظومة التعليم والبحث العلمى فى مصر or Google's English translation Reforming the system of education and scientific research in Egypt.

In his interviews El Naschie often says that Egyptian scientists who stayed in Egypt are better and smarter than those who went abroad. He said it in the Elbeet Beetak interview and in The Arab with Yousra, for example. I have never understood the exact purpose of that stock line, but I assumed it was calculated to resonate with Egyptian audiences. That must be right, because Hassan Elsisi quotes it with approval.

واود ان اؤكد ان اساتذة الجامعة المصريين هم من امهر العلماء حول العالم ... وهذا ما اكده الدكتور العالمى النشائى عندما قال علنا ... ان اساتذة الجامعة الموجودين فى مصر والذين لم يسافروا للخارج كانوا اشطر وامهر واكثر موهبة عندما كانوا طلبة من الاساتذة اللى هاجروا خارج مصر

I would like to confirm that the university professors, the Egyptians are skilled scientists around the world ... This was confirmed by scientist Dr. El Naschie when he said publicly ... That university professors who are in Egypt and who have not traveled abroad were much smarter and more talented and skilled than were students from the Masters who migrated out of Egypt

Here's an abstract of Elsisi's from the 10th Asia-Pacific Physics Conference.

View Elsisi Technique and The Channels Model on Scribd

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  1. Dear Jason ,

    Thank you very much for your kindness and generosity. I am so much happy of this post although I discovered it accidentally. You are a talented writer and a very good reader. I will be happy and honored if you accept me as a friend.
    Also, I will be happy to know more information about you.
    Thanks again !!

    Of course you know my email.

  2. Dear Jason,

    First, thank you very much for mentioning in your email that I wear my heart on my sleeve. But after reading your email and your advice to me to ignore Dr. El Naschie as a scientist so I thought to comment again on your Blog.

    Second, I know every thing about Dr. El Naschie but I didn't form a final opinion about him till now because this needs lots of time, efforts and investigation. Beside you can check the internet about the German professor who made several faked papers and some of them were published in Nature. Also, you can check Internet about the Korean professor who made fake results which forced the Korean government to punish him seriously last year and it was a big scandal. If you check Internet you will find lots of similar unconfirmed stories beside Newton and Einstein were accused of stealing ideas. So I am not in a need to "" waste "" my time in issues like this.

    Third, I have several pictures with Nobel laureates so please, check my website carefully because it contains more than 50 articles and all of them are supported by strong proofs. Please, try to look carefully in the pictures to know if they are real or not. Also, I have several amazing official recommendation letters in my Blog from world wide prestigious professors so please, check them by contacting the university if you want because they are official letters. Beside I already succeeded to get my degree so I am not in a need to make false stories about persecution of Muslims! Beside every thing is registered officially through the Korean embassy in Egypt.

    Fourth, make a search about Christianity in South Korea.

    This link will help you too much.

    Fifth, Read this official recommendation letter carefully.

    I am Hassan Elsisi not El Naschie so take care next time because I am too much strong because every thing I do or I say must be supported by clear logic strong proofs. I was so much happy of your post because this means that the Koreans will get my message clearly.


    Hassan Elsisi

  3. Great response, Hassan, thank you. I will study those links.

  4. To Hassan Elsisi
    The fraudulence of El naschie is so evident even for non specialists. You could go through his joking papers and decide for yourself, it doesn't need much time and efforts. It is true that there are many cases for people doing fake science, but when these people are captured, they should be punished and fired from their position if they have ones.

    On the contrary; El naschie is an obvious fraud, but Alexandria university offered him a professorship!!!!. El naschie was allowed to write too silly columns in daily Egyptian journal Rosa Al-Youssef which you can check your self.

    I have searched for your work and I found this one that doesn't smell good

    Elsisi Technique and The Channels Model
    Hassan Elsisi
    M.Sc student in El Mansoura University, Egypt

    I will introduce in this paper a new technique for developing Scanning tunneling microscopy (STM) and other types of Scanning probe microscopes (SPM) by using several tips or cantilevers in our scanning which will enable us to work with one atom with more than one tip and that will enable us also to have movies instead of images in our study to surfaces. We will have a good advance in our study to the perturbation theory and I have addressed that technique by Elsisi Technique.
    I will introduce also a new vision for the distribution of photons, electrons, atoms and all kinds of particles inside materials based on Feynman vision for the wave particle duality in first principle which will enable us to have a new vision for our theoritcal study to Nanomaterials and a complete new vision for Superconductivity and I have addressed the proposed model by The Channels Model.

    Keywords : Scanning Probe Microscopes, Wave Particle Duality, A New Proposed Model

    Maybe other readers can make their own judge.
    As evident from the abstract you are from Al Mansoura university and
    it has been mentioned in this blog that there are many people in El Mansoura university published very low quality research papers in the El naschie's journal (chaos soltion and fractals).

  5. Also, Hassan:

    Out of kindness Zahy didn't mention this. You are a young M.Sc., not a famous old scientist, so it is grandiose to talk about the "Elsisi Technique".That will rub people the wrong way and it doesn't matter if they are Christian, Korean, or what.

    Regarding what Zahy said about Mansoura, see this comment left by an El Naschie Watch Reader. And I am not sure but I think Dr. Ahmed Salama may be from Mansoura.

  6. Dear Jason AND Dear Zahy ,

    The main points of your comments are the concept of punishment and to be a young scientist.
    So please, read this article carefully and enjoy it. G.W.Bush is still free till today although all Americans and the whole world know that he is a very big liar.

    El Naschie didn't kill anyone but Bush killed thousands !!. By the way what is the age of the person who got Nobel prize in physics 2010 and what did he do !!

    Thanks again.

  7. Bush has nothing to do with it, Hassan. You're changing the subject. Nobody said El Naschie is a murderer. The physics Nobel laureates for 2010 were born in 1958 and 1974 which also has nothing to do with anything, so I don't know why you asked.

    I followed the link you posted.
    I am disconcerted to see that it concludes with this further grandiloquent mediocrity:

    "Science has no closed files and there is no prophet among our great scientists so we should rely on facts only. - A Hassan Elsisi Quote."

    This is very much in the same vein as naming the "Elsisi Technique" after yourself. You're not famous, so it just makes you look foolish. For your own good, you should make a conscious effort to avoid pompous self-reference.

  8. Oh for God's sake, Hassan. Look at your abstract above, from which Zahy quoted an excerpt, and which I have placed at the bottom of the post. You say

    "I am a young physicist who knows what he is talking about very well"

    You've got to cut that out. Please don't put that crap in an abstract.

  9. Dear Jason ,

    I think you didn't understand my point although it is so simple so please, read my comment and the attached article carefully. Beside lots of idiots said to Einstein that he is foolish in the beginning and at the end of his life so I don't care at all about criticizing or honoring.

    What is the point of your Blog !!? Making a blog to attack and criticize one person is a trivial job.

    Thanks again.

  10. Now you're comparing yourself to Einstein? You are more like El Naschie than I imagined.

    Just because someone gets called a fool doesn't mean they're Einstein.

    You quoted El Naschie as if he were to be taken seriously. That shows that El Naschie Watch still has a formidable task ahead to educate people about the great man's fraudulence.

    Why did you delete your Conspiracy Theories page after posting the link here?

  11. Dear Hassan Elsisi (the Creative Pharaoh),

    You probably gained some readership by being posted on this blog, but Jason is the blogmaster, and he will slant everything against El Naschie. Please be advised...

    I have a 1996 PhD in High-Energy Physics Phenomenology from Florida State. In 2008, El Naschie and I shared some ideas. I never went through an "initiation" to join a "shadowy" E-Infinity "Brotherhood" (as Jason makes it sound...). In fact, I never met the man, but I was inspired by some of El Naschie's ideas.

    I'm not sure that all of El Naschie's ideas are correct, but I think it is right to read his ideas, draw your own conclusions, and extract any elements that sound "truthful" to you.

    El Naschie and I have not communicated since late 2008. I don't know if 1) he was offended (?) that I questioned and revised a couple of his ideas, or 2) he was trying to protect (?) me (perhaps he is also trying to protect Nottale?) from all of the Nature-related fallout. I have continued to publish articles, and to reference El Naschie and Nottale. If Jason is the mathematician, Jason Rush, then he should have a solid enough mathematical background to read and understand my publications and my applications of El Naschie's ideas, but has more fun "trash-talking" against El Naschie, Ji-Huan Hi and Rossler.

    Have Fun!

  12. Ray, thank you for your comment.

    "Jason is the blogmaster, and he will slant everything against El Naschie. Please be advised..."

    El Naschie Watch is happy to publish pro El Naschie comments, but our readers don't express them very often. You are one of the brave few.

    Ray, and Hassan, I invite each of you to write a guest post. The only requirement is that it has to be about El Naschie or the E-Infinity group, at least vaguely. Can't be fairer than that. See? I use my super blogmaster powers for good, not evil.

  13. Dear Jason,

    Thank You, but No Thank You! To date, I've never met El Naschie or any of the E-Infinity group. My last E-Infinity communication was with Dr. Scott Olsen, who lives a few hours away in Ocala, Florida. I think he was disappointed that I acknowledged him, but didn't reference him (I referenced El Naschie) in my recent PreSpaceTime Journal article with Lawrence Crowell. I'm sorry Scott - no offense intended!

    I prefer to lurk in the shadows...

    Have Fun & a Happy New Year!

  14. Author Frank Martin DiMeglioDecember 23, 2010 at 12:14 PM


    Gravity and inertia are balanced and equivalent when repulsion and attraction are generally balanced and equivalent. This involves motion/mobility that is generally controlled for (or averaged). Half inertia and half gravity accomplishes this.

    F=ma then equals fundamentally balanced and equivalent inertia and gravity/acceleration in keeping with what is the essentially (or basically) constant force/energy of the uniform gravitational field in dreams.

    I showed all of this in/as dream experience.

  15. Frank, please confine your posts to El Naschie and E-infinity group matters.

  16. Author Frank Martin DiMeglioDecember 23, 2010 at 1:01 PM

    Jason, why confine great truths?

    For you and your buddy Dr. Ray Munroe (AKA Dr. Super-Cosmic Ray), this is the key to unification theory, and your ideas (and Ray's)are nowhere near it:

    Inertia can be averaged and gravity can be averaged BETWEEN rest/immobility/full inertia and full mobility/full gravity. I demonstrated this too.

    Steve is right that Ray's ideas are generally not that significant or fundamental. That is, they can/will never lead to a theory of everything.

    The treatment that myself and my ideas have generally received from the mainstream physics' community has been wrong, downright despicable, and pathetic. That is clear.

    Jason and Ray, the truth is not about advancing your personal ideas/agenda in physics. The truth is about advancing truth/understanding in physics. And this is extremely important.

    Importantly, dreams involve a fundamental integration and spreading of being, thought, experience (and space) at the [gravitational] mid-range of feeling between thought and sensory experience.

    I have unified gravity, inertia, quantum gravity, F=ma, and electromagnetism. I have proven it definitively and clearly.

    This needs to be posted everywhere Jason.

  17. Frank, I have no idea who Steve is, and nobody cares about your crackpot theories. Post on topic or STFU.

  18. Dr. Super-Cosmic RayDecember 23, 2010 at 1:19 PM

    Hi Jason,

    Did your URL identify the Asylum from which that last post originated? You've been looking for crackpots - I think you really found one...

  19. I know, right?! Yes, it's the real Author Frank Martin DiMeglio. Not an impostor. He posts from the Baltimore County Public Library in Maryland. You can't make this stuff up.

  20. Dr. Super-Cosmic RayDecember 23, 2010 at 1:35 PM

    So he's one of those scary homeless-looking guys that hangs out at the public Library?

  21. Hassan Elsisi, there's no need to lurk. You are welcome to comment here whether you allow the innocuous comments I tried to leave on your blog or not.

  22. Again returning to the fantastic abstract concerning
    Elsisi Technique and The Channels Model

    We will have a good advance in our study to the perturbation theory and I have addressed that technique by Elsisi Technique.

    -May I ask Elsisi if his study could be relevant to Homotopy perturbation theory developed by J. Huan He (One of the greatest supporter of El naschie and organ of E-infinity group). I hope Elsisi will check this and could inspired writing paper.

    I will introduce also a new vision for the distribution of photons, electrons, atoms and all kinds of particles inside materials based on Feynman vision for the wave particle duality in first principle which will enable us to have a new vision for our theoritcal study to Nanomaterials and a complete new vision for Superconductivity.

    -very good this new vision, and how your technique would change our way thinking about universe. It will be great if you contact Huan He and you exchange ideas with him. Huan has many new ideas about fiber wool, virus, liver, nanotechnology, cosmology, particle physics. I advise you to check
    this page
    Sure you will find many interesting ideas for your fruitful research.

  23. Hassan Elsisi, here's another suggestion to polish that abstract. Besides taking out "I am a young physicist who knows what he is talking about very well" you should remove "A New Proposed Model" from the list of keywords. And as I said, don't name things after yourself, e.g., "Elsisi Technique". Feel free to post new drafts in these comments. Our readers will give constructive criticism.

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  26. Frank, I'll allow your comments when they are about El Naschie.


    F=ma (Force = [inertial] mass multiplies times acceleration) can be represented quantum mechanically, as inertia/resistance to acceleration is fundamentally equivalent with gravity/acceleration when gravity and inertia are both at half strength. (Matter and energy are known to be quantum mechanical in origin.)

    Gravity attaches space, and inertia detaches space. Accordingly, space is contracted/flattened and stretched/expanded in conjunction with quantum gravity and balanced/equivalent attraction and repulsion. This explains the fundamentally quantum mechanical nature of matter and energy in keeping with making a larger space smaller and (equivalently) making a smaller space larger. Space that is semi-detached from touch (in conjunction with BOTH half gravity and half inertia) is understood to be in/at the same (middle) distance in/of space, in keeping with the middle (half) force strength gravity and inertia. This gives us space manifesting as/with variable manifestations of what is essentially the same (and constant)electromagnetic/gravitational energy.

    Mass/energy/force (middle gravity and middle inertia) is equivalently expressed as (middle) length/distance in/of space. Gravity and inertia are key to distance in/of space.

    All of what I have demonstrated in this post manifests in/as dream experience. We are semi-immobilized in dreams, and that is half inertia.
    The baby grows at/from the center of the body, and that is half gravity.

    I have demonstrated the fundamental unification of physics.

  28. Frank, that doesn't have to do with El Naschie.

  29. Hahahahaha, what in the world is going on here? Free word association?

  30. I know, right? I left it up because it's amusing, but if Frank posts more like that the joke will be stale and I'll delete them.

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