Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Destroy the system before it destroys us!

An article about impact factor manipulation on the French blog Évaluation de la recherche en SHS (Evaluation of Research in the Humanities).

Original French:
La leçon à tirer de deux expériences exemplaires : Minons le système avant qu’il ne nous mine !

Google's English translation:
The lesson of two exemplary experiments: Destroy the system before it destroys us!

El Naschie and Ji-Huan He are discussed and El Naschie Watch is cited.

UPDATE. I should have credited this on-the-ball reader, who wrote

Perhaps he'll be counting the E-infinity communications as publications on his list of thousands. This item
refers to the Arnold articles re El N, but also points to the case of Antkare Ike,
a fictional author whose self-cited publications generated by Sci_Gen in 2009 give him an h-index of 94 on Google Scholar, higher than Einstein's 84. The Sci_Gen articles (generated by context-free grammar
are somewhat more coherent than El N's articles).

(Note: links in the above are not live because otherwise broken blog software deletes entry.)

The case of Ike Antkare is new to me. Here's that PDF hosted on Scribd. Firefox may not render it properly if your experience is the same as mine. Try IE or Chrome in that case.

View Ike Antkare, by CYRIL LABBÉ on Scribd

Or try this link:

Ike Antkare, by CYRIL LABBÉ. How "Ike Antkare" became one of the most highly cited scientists in the modern world and how you could become like him. ISSI NEWSLETTER VOL. 6 NO. 2. © International Society for Scientometrics and Informetrics

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  1. yes, the case of Anktare and a different version of that URL was here

  2. the url given by your on-the-ball reader was unfortunately truncated

    &gt: This item

    should have been /1081 (as you have correctly above under "original french")

  3. > the url given by your on-the-ball reader was unfortunately truncated

    Must have accidentally truncated when editing out live links after blogger made it vanish a few times.

    > Mangled PDF. Don't bother following the link unless your interest is diagnostic.

    In Google Chrome, at least, it looks fine: renders as jpeg images of the individual pages.

  4. You're right, for me it works with Chrome and IE8 but not Firefox. I'm going to go ahead and embed it.

  5. For me, the embedded version fails on all three browsers. The link to Scribd at the bottom of the page works for Chrome and IE8, and fails on Firefox.