Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Doggerel news

Our FQXi-395 archive has been updated with a new poem titled The return of E-infinity. It is in the same style as this earlier poem pleading with the E-infinity group not to abandon FQXi-395 because of constant ridicule.

Anonymous wrote on Dec. 7, 2010 @ 06:44 GMT
The return of E-infinity

E-infinity is back
We will follow its track
Don't mention Ambjorn or Lisi
El naschie wouldn't take it easy
It is written on gold
E-infinity is a triple fold
After any time lapse
E-infinity can explain wave collapse
E-infinity is a true unification
but after a careful fuzzyfication
Choosing E-infinity or E eight
El naschie never tolerates
The great man starts to foliate
bringing eggs and doing omelet

The poem is also ch-man's comment number 54 on Lisi and Weatherall's A Geometric Theory of Everything. It is followed by comment number 55:

ch_man 12:50 PM 12/7/10
Dear E-infinity:

In your previous very long post you still didn't mention the ontological basis of E-infinity through its topological perspective. The idea of weird topology is the backbone of E-infinity leading to weird results that seems very natural in E-infinity context. The transition from classical traditions of physics (here I mean classical and quantum) to E-infinity paradise is a paradigm shift and it could last many centuries for the ideas to be familiar and understood. In fact we have reached the extreme boundary of knowledge without being matured enough, except the great man (El naschie) with his brave soul and his goodself holding the torch to illuminate our route for knowledge through darkness of ignorance.

"We are just a tiny fractal of very large fat fractal, to be precise we are just remnant of fractal dust."


"No one can take us out of the E-infinite paradise created for us by El naschie, I see it but I can't believe it"

Ping-Bong He

" El nascheism is a new brand of physical and mathematical theories that always flourishes into gold, for example golden quantum field theory, golden differential geometry, golden topology, golden market etc.... The essence of the idea is to make gold more cheap that could solve the global economic crisis beside scientific ones ."

Ed. Nash (From the game of life)

"All knowledge are fractals or counting on our golden fingers"

Unknown primary school student

Poetry-related posts

UPDATE. Commenter ch_man has added several more sarcastic jabs at El Naschie and Ji-Huan He. The latest start at 57 and end at 62. He makes fun of "The brain and E-infinity", El Naschie's preoccupation with negative dimensions and Cantor sets, El Naschie's idea of using knotted ropes in high-energy physics, and "Hierarchy of wool fibers and its interpretation using E-infinity theory". He concludes with a detailed explanation of why El Naschie is a crackpot according to the crriteria of 't Hooft and Baez.

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