Friday, December 10, 2010

E-infinity communication number 48

Scroll down to it on FQXi-395, or jump directly to it in our archive.

The communication is titled "Fractal properties of quantum spacetime in the Perimeter Inst. of Theoretical Physics and El Naschie’s quantum group dimension". El Naschie discusses Fractal properties of quantum spacetime (PDF) by Dario Benedetti. He says Benedetti's results could be obtained more simply through E-infinity theory, which is

free from traditions and is obliged only to the mathematical logic with no regard to the political correctness of scientific grouping and science funding policy.

An anonymous commenter who knows whereof he speaks, and who has been giving El Naschie a hard time, responds with

Anonymous wrote on Dec. 10, 2010 @ 17:39 GMT
The great days of CS&F has gone where El Naschie could publish anything there. Today, El Naschie is struggling to post his silly communications on various blogs. El Naschie catches phrases from here and there and glues them together forming fantastic jokes. I really feel the sense of humor in his idiot style. But, the man can greatly improve himself to appear more serious even if it is superficially.

I suggest for the great man to write some communication about Schrodinger's cat and El Naschie's rat. The great man is always anticipating naming things after him, which is a bad habit El Naschie can't get rid of it. In this context, El Naschie could talk about factuality, contextuality, duality, fractality and duality. Even holographic principle could be used to elucidate the fact that rat run faster than cat.

A final comment about Grassman variable you mentioned on communication 47, they are not used just for string theory but they are used in quantizing any theory containing fermions. Of course, I know that you mentioned string theory to pretend to be a man of great popular science culture. But, it would be better to mention that Grassman is in use for any theory containing fermions, at least you would appear a man of a broad culture.

I worry that El Naschie will become so fed up he will stop posting the communications just as Ji-Huan He did.

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  1. > and El Naschie's rat

  2. The link livened:

    I remembered "You dirty rat" but I had to Google "Judy Judy Judy".

  3. Perhaps he'll be counting the E-infinity communications as publications on his list of thousands. This item
    refers to the Arnold articles re El N, but also points to the case of Antkare Ike,
    a fictional author whose self-cited publications generated by Sci_Gen in 2009 give him an h-index of 94 on Google Scholar, higher than Einstein's 84. The Sci_Gen articles (generated by context-free grammar
    are somewhat more coherent than El N's articles).

    (Note: links in the above are not live because otherwise broken blog software deletes entry.)