Wednesday, December 8, 2010

El Naschie attacks his brother Said

El Naschie's Rosa Al-Youssef column is up for Thursday, December 9. Akhchoa who - really - died. Original Arabic or Google's English translation.

El Naschie has two brothers, Amr the youngest and Said the middle one. Mohamed and Amr support the ruling NDP while Said is in the shadow cabinet of the El Ghad party. Writing as "scorpion300" Amr attacks Said all over the Internet. He even set up websites in English and Arabic for that purpose.

Today's Rosa column marks the first time Mohamed El Naschie has himself publicly attacked Said, as far as I am aware. Actually he didn't use Said's name but it's clear who he's talking about because the accusations he makes are the familiar ones: Said and his wife Shadia El-Shishini forged their mother's signature to steal her money. Said is schizophrenic. He's a fraud, embezzler, and a thief.

Often Jihan Fadel is attacked but Mohamed spared her this time.

In today's column El Naschie says Said has been accusing NDP politicians of corruption. El Naschie apologizes to Hosni Mubarak (again, not by name) and his family for Said's behavior. He wishes that the Minister of Interior and Minister of Information and Communications could do something about the Internet garbage being disseminated in Egypt. I can't do an adequate translation of this column but I think I got the gist right. Arabic readers, please leave comments if I have erred or I have omitted interesting details.

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  1. El naschie's favorite hobby for dropping names.
    .. وأعطي علي سبيل المثال المرض النفسي الذي أصيب به عالم رياضيات متميز لأبحاثه أفضال كثيرة علي أبحاثي وهو الأمريكي الحائز علي جائزة نوبل «جون ناش» الذي أنتج عن حياته فيلم أمريكي مشهور باسم «العقل الجميل» ورغم أن نفسيته لم تكن جميلة أبدا.

    I give as an example for the psychological illness suffered by a distinct mathematician and who has many favors on my research. He is the American Nobel laureate Jhon Nash. There is a famious movie about him named Beautiful mind, although Nash's psyche was never beautiful at all.

    The great man has both bad mind and spirit.

  2. El Naschie's Rosa Al-Youssef column is up for Friday, December 10. Say «The Ikdlk» not less than «Wikileaks». Original Arabic or Google's English translation.

    El Naschie has a theory about who is responsible for Wikileaks. Maybe you thought it was Julian Assange and Bradley Manning, but El Naschie suggests asking who benefits. The answer, he concludes, is the "sinister «Bibi Netanyahu» whom the report described as charismatic".

    He goes on to bemoan the "freedom without restrictions" on the Internet, giving pornography as an example. He repeats a call he has made in previous columns for Egypt to adopt China's method of Internet censorship.

  3. > El Naschie name-drops the late John Nash

    ? Nash is still alive

  4. Thank you Zahy. El Naschie name-drops John Nash because he's making the point that the sort of mental disorder his brother Said has is restricted to very smart people. Like John Nash. And relatives of the genius El Naschie. El Naschie manages to be offensive both toward his brother (calling him schizophrenic) and toward John Nash (whose mind he calls not beautiful despite the movie about him, A Beautiful Mind).