Wednesday, December 29, 2010

El Naschie, brother Said, or a namesake?

The Sudanese newspaper Ajras Alhurriya (صحيفة أجراس الحرية) has a December 28 piece by Ahmed Ibrahim Hamed titled Communist Party calls for resisting the system and taking to the streets. Original Arabic or Google's English translation. The last sentence caught our attention:

وأوصت بضرورة التضامن النشائي في شمال وجنوب السودان ضد العنف وقهر النساء ولترسيخ القيم النبيلة بالمجتمع السوداني.
And El Naschie recommended the need for solidarity in North and South Sudan against violence and oppression of women and upholding the values of the noble society of Sudan.

That could be the great man Mohamed El Naschie, his volatile and gullible brother Said Elnashaie, or maybe even someone else with the same surname النشائي. It's not a very common name, though. Mysterious!

Mohamed El Naschie's last two Rosa Al-Youssef columns have been about the breakup of Sudan. See El Naschie on Sudan.

Violence against women is in the news lately because of a video that's been making the rounds and embarrassing the Sudanese authorities. See, for example, Disturbing Video: Violence against women in Sudan on the Sudanese Optimist blog.

UPDATE: A reader explains

It's a typo in the article. When "sh" is replaced with "s" it reads "female" or "women".

It's not about either of them.

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  1. It's a typo in the article. When "sh" is replaced with "s" it reads "female" or "women".