Friday, December 31, 2010

Garrett Lisi mollified by adulation

We wrote about the 29 November 2010 Scientific American article A Geometric Theory of Everything by A. Garrett Lisi and James Owen Weatherall in Lisi's new SCIAM piece gathers only 27 comments and again in Naschienal Socialists push Lisi too far wherein Lisi flounced off the stage in exasperation with El Naschie's sock puppetry. I am pleased to report that the luvvy has been coaxed back, his ruffled feathers gently stroked by a worshipful fan:

63. pauldesmondwhite in reply to GarrettLisi 12:04 PM 12/19/10
For me, December's issue of Scientific American was the best in perhaps 35 years - thanks to the Lisi-Weatherall article. Now, how about a 70-page Special Issue to expand on the dozens of concepts that tantalize non-specialists like me?

The appeal of E8 is so deep that it will surely count as the biggest disappointment of the 3rd Millennium if it fails to model reality. I wonder if the same objections still hold as you reported in March/December 2008: "One way of stating the problem is that if the new theory really describes bosons and fermions, then the structure it places them in cannot possibly be a Lie group at all."

Leading-edge physics is littered with claims and counter-claims that turn out to rely on unwarranted assumptions or exhibit unexpected loopholes, so this particular argument probably still has a long way to run. Congratulations to Mr Lisi for having had a vision and the courage to promote it in the teeth of spectacular venom (and jealousy?).

His relief is palpable:

64. GarrettLisi in reply to pauldesmondwhite
Thank you, Paul.

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