Sunday, December 26, 2010

Gravity and atmospheric pressure

Abdullah Abdul Rahman, in a long 11 December 2010 post, original Arabic or Google's English translation, about centrifugal force, Foucault pendulums and related matters says:

فلو أهملنا مقاومة الهواء ستكون العجلة عجلة السقوط الحر 10 وليست 9.81 م/ث تربيع فعامل وزن الهواء وقوة الدفع لأعلى قليل ولكنه موجود وقد سمعت أن الدكتور محمد النشائي عالم النانو تكنونلوجي قد تحدث عن أن الجاذبية تنشأ عن الضغط الجوي وليس للثقالة كما أن الثقالة ليست النظرية الوحيدة المفسرة لدوران الكواكب بل تشاركها الساحة اليوم نظرية الأوتار الفائقة التي تحاول الربط بين دوران الالكترون ودوران الأقمار في قوة مؤثرة واحدة أو تفسير كامل واحد وليس للثقالة في الاقمار والشحنات في اللكترونات


If we neglect air resistance will be the wheel the wheel of the free fall 10, and to not 9.81 m / s squared Faml weight of the air and the momentum of the top few, but exists and could be heard that Dr. Mohamed El Naschie scientist of nanotechnology may occur that gravity arise from the atmospheric pressure and not to the gravity and the gravity is not a theory only interpreted the planets, but shared the stage today, superstring theory, which is trying to link between the electron spin and rotation of satellites in a powerful force and one or a full explanation and not one of the moons gravity and charge of electrons

If Mr. Rahman thinks that gravitational acceleration would jump from 9.8 m/sec^2 to 10 m/sec^2 in the absence of air resistance, of course he is wrong. And I don't think even the deluded El Naschie believes that gravity is caused by atmospheric pressure. It may be that Rahman is saying something sensible but Google Translate is making it look foolish, in which case I apologize. Interpreting Google Translate's output is a black art.

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  1. The man is foolish more than you can imagine. He really meant that the free fall acceleration would be 10 m/s^2 instead of 9.81 m/s^2 due the weight of air and its bounce. In fact the forum contains a lot of foolish things.

  2. It seems that foolish people are statistically overrepresented among those who cite El Naschie with approval.

  3. Electromagnetism and gravity both need to be represented as invisible and visible space in conjunction with equivalent/balanced attraction and repulsion in order to unify them and to attain gravitational and inertial equivalency. This gives us quantum gravity too.

    Gravity is key to distance in/of space. Gravity is visible and invisible as space. Inertia is key to distance in/of space, and electromagnetism/light is also key to distance in/of space. Half strength/force inertia and half strength/force gravity demonstrate equivalent force/energy (strength) in keeping with equivalent distance in/of space as well.

    The key is half gravity and semi-weightlessness.
    Space is then semi-detached from touch. This is a state of being semi-immobilized in relation to distance in/of space. This occurs in/as dream experience.

    By fundamentally including the quantum mechanical nature of space, potential, actual, and theoretical all merge (and are exhibited) in the final theory of our experience of sensory experience.

    Of necessity, the real and required final theory of physics is a fundamental, integrated, and inclusive understanding of sensory experience in general.

    Gravitational force must be merged with and proportionately reduced by/with inertial energy in order to fundamentally balance attraction and repulsion and to provide stabilized, fundamental, and balanced extension of space in/at the middle/typical distance in/of space.

  4. Ok Frank... I guess you're thinking your comment is on-topic because you mention gravity?

  5. F=ma figures prominently in any unfied understanding of physics. This means, among other things, that inertia, gravity, and acceleration must be fundamentally equivalent. this means that they must be averaged. This then gives us quantum gravity, and it generally controls for (and averages) motion/mobility.

    F=ma ultimately and fundamentally reveals the generally quantum mechanical nature of dreams (including quantum gravity) by equivalently contracting and stretching space as a result of the balancing/equivalency of inertia and gravity/acceleration. This generally balances attraction and repulsion.

    To think that the [known] mathematical union of Einstein's gravity with Maxwell's electromagnetism is not plainly and significantly present/manifest in our experience is the ultimate in absurdity.

    Indeed, how can one say that what constitutes the most extensive, accurate, and integrated [single] mathematical representation/unification in all of physics is not accurate? How can what has the most meaning then also have the least meaning?

    Dreams involve a fundamental integration AND spreading of being, experience (and space), and thought at the [gravitational] mid-range of feeling between thought and sensory experience.

    Inertia (as resistance to acceleration) and gravity/acceleration are now fundamentally unified in/as dream experience, as they may be properly understood as follows:

    This is the unification of gravity with inertia: Inertia relates to immobilization.

    Gravity is key to distance in/of space.

    Full gravity=full mobility. Full inertia=full immobility.

    Semi-immobilized in dreams is balanced and equivalent inertia and gravity/acceleration.

    Gravity, inertia, and acceleration are all at half strength in dreams.

    Inertia (as resistance to acceleration) and gravity/acceleration are now fundamentally unified in/as dream experience, as they may be properly understood as follows:

    This is the unification of gravity with inertia: Inertia relates to immobilization.

    Gravity relates to mobility ultimately. So, we seek the middle to unify them.

    Gravity is key to distance in/of space.

    Full gravity=full mobility. Full inertia=full immobility.

    Semi-immobilized in dreams is balanced and equivalent inertia and gravity/acceleration.

    Accordingly, both gravity and inertia are equally reduced in dreams, so that they meet in the middle. The semi- (or half) inertia/immobility in dreams is a relative increase in inertia, however, that balances with/offsets reduced gravity and provides generally stabilized and fundamental distance in/of space in conjunction with generally balanced attraction and repulsion.

    A truly and fundamentally uniform gravitational field with equivalent inertia is only accomplished when generally controlling for motion/mobility in conjunction with averaging distance in/of space in conjunction with such fundamental force/energy equivalency.

    This averaging of force/energy is key to fundamental and stabilized distance in/of space, and it is only accomplished if inertia and gravity are equivalent, as gravity and inertia are both fundamental and elemental to distance in/of space.

    The attainment of gravitational and inertial equivalency is attained, along with quantum gravity, if we make space equally larger and smaller by making inertia and gravity fundamentally equivalent. (This then truly and fundamentally explains F=ma at bottom.) THIS IS ACCOMPLISHED AT THE GRAVITATIONAL MID-RANGE OF FEELING, AS SPACE IS THEN SEMI-DETACHED FROM TOUCH. THIS IS EQUIVALENT TO HALF INERTIA AS IT PERTAINS TO DISTANCE IN/OF SPACE.


    Potential, actual, and theoretical all merge in the final theory.

    I have generally unified physics, theoretically and actually, in/as dream experience.
    by Author Frank Martin DiMeglio

  6. Gravity and electromagnetism must be seen as ultimately combining and including opposites in regard to invisible and visible space. Gravitational and electromagnetic space are both invisible and visible. That is obvious.

    These spaces (invisible, visible, electromagnetic, and gravitational) must be demonstrated as continuous/enjoined, yet distinguishable, and as ultimately the same in order to fundamentally unite them in a final theory of physics.

  7. When you look down at the ground/feet while standing upright, that is gravitational space; and, importantly, this pertains to distance in/of space as it involves full gravity (both invisible AND visible).

    Gravity is key to distance in/of space, and any fundamental theory of light and gravity cannot get around this.

    Gravity and electromagnetism are both visible and invisible. Visible light is about mid-way in the electromagnetic spectrum (of ENERGY), but gravity must be represented as mid-way in the range of full gravity in order to truly unify electromagnetism/light and gravity. Gravity is key to distance in/of space.

    This means as it is felt (gravitationally) AND seen.

    Space is semi-visible/semi-invisible in dreams, as it is gravitationally averaged in relation to/with vision. Combining and including opposites is key, as vision begins invisibly and ends visibly in conjunction with the range/experience of gravitational space and feeling (while standing upright and looking directly downward).