Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Half-wit presides over Arab Physicists Forum

The Arab Physicists Forum has come up several times before on El Naschie Watch:

If you search the site for El Naschie's name, Google returns an amazing nine pages of hits. I have looked at many of them but haven't gone through them systematically. It's a bit overwhelming.

There are a few anti-El Naschie comments from users like Elsheshtwi and Zaky1900, but the vast majority of the comments hold El Naschie in high esteem, telling the usual lies about his Cambridge affiliation, having been nominated for a Nobel, being an expert in nanotechnology, being a world-famous high-energy physicist, NASA using his research, etc.

Mohamed El Naschie's youngest brother, Amr Elnashai, posts there as Scorpion300, defending El Naschie and attacking his critics.

Khalaf Aljomili of Hafar Al-Batin, Saudi Arabia, is the founder, proprietor, administrator and domain registrant of the Arab Physicists Forum. He moderates with the user name Jumaili (الجميلي), exerting a pernicious influence on the scientific respectability of the forum. On this page for example (Arabic or Google's English), Zaky1900 posted a link to El Naschie Watch. Jumaili left the comment up but deleted the link, replacing it with dashes. Later in the thread Jumaili calls El Naschie "one of the world's leading scientists" and threatens to ban anyone who criticizes him.

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