Monday, December 20, 2010

Ji-Huan He's Hilbert cube model

With comments from a reader in the previous post.

View Hilbert cube model for fractal spacetime on Scribd

The reader comments as follows:

You can judge for yourself how this could possibly constitute "science." Let's look at Fig. 1. This is cute, perhaps something a high school student learning fractals generated with Matlab? How about Fig. 4? J.-H. He claims that "spacetime could be modeled by a four-dimensional Hilbert cube. An analogy between on one side the electron in an atom and on the other side the moon moving around the earth is illustrated in Fig. 4." My goodness there is a caricature of an atom in the middle of the Hilbert cube and the Hilbert cube itself is drawn as to suggest it is a building block of the Solar System? Clearly, this is definite proof of the E-infinity GUT. Wait, what?

How about the equation atop of page 2758? J.-H. He claims that (\sqrt(5)-1)/2 \approx \log(2)/\log(3). You can easily check that is true to 1 decimal place! I thought J.-H. He was an engineer? For what kind of engineering problem in the 21st century is agreement to 1 decimal place (which happens to be 1 significant digit in this case) acceptable or noteworthy?

Section 4 concludes with the gem "Considering some air balloons floating together in air, if we look at the balloons on an astronomical scale, a question is posted: what holds the balloons together? It is the hierarchical level force acting on balloons. If all of this is true and we are only speculating that it is true, then hierarchies are a geometrical expression of the mathematics of Eigen value." Oh boy, the mathematics of Eigen value [sic] hold balloons together!? Eigen ( ) was a brilliant mathematician wasn't he? How about the possibility that Maxwell's demon aided by Schroedinger's cat tied the balloons together with rope, so that's what holds them together? This could be the beginning of E-infinity^2 theory!

Truly J.-H. He is the shining star of the young(er) E-infinity generation as claimed above. His Nobel must be in the works. The E-infinity troupe deserves a Pulitzer for their comedy writings, not a Nobel prize for their "science."

A reader points to an extensive discussion of this very article on Thilo Kuessner's Mathlog. Original German Nichts gelernt bei Elsevier, or Google's English translation Nothing learned by Elsevier.

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  1. We had discussed this paper at

    Funnily the pictures in the paper show Hilbert curves while the title mentions Hilbert cubes.

    By the way Hilbert cubes are infinite-dimensional.

  2. Thanks for pointing that out!

  3. I really like Thilo's comments about this absurd paper.

    Reading the comments I found this gem from a sockpuppet:
    "As for the paper of Prof. Garnett Ord who is a Christian British Canadian and has nothing to do with Muslims or Arabia, all his papers on the connection between the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle and the Hausdorff dimension of fractal space-time are published in Physics Letters, Physics Review and the British Journal of Physics."

    1. Why is it relevant to distinguish Ord from the (I presume) Muslim French Canadians when evaluating his work?

    2. There is no journal called "Physics Review", the closest to "British Journal of Physics" is "British Journal of Applied Physics", which stopped publishing in 1967, and "Physics Letters" has 2 parts: A and B; they are quite different from each other.

    I guess, we're very silly to doubt J.-H. He's world soup paper that is well supported by papers from journals that don't exist!

  4. "I really like Thilo's comments about this absurd paper."

    Me too. I had forgotten about that thread and am laughing my ass off re-reading it.