Thursday, December 23, 2010

Lieven le Bruyn's Neverendingbooks

Thanks to the reader who points to Jason & David, the Ninja warriors of noncommutative geometry and Mentions about noncommutative geometry.

That is hilarious. Absolutely first rate.

The reason my name is coming up in the context of noncommutative geometry is that the E-infinity group talks about it all the time, and we ridicule them all the time. Le Bruyn chose good quotes to contrast the two sites.

"David" a.k.a. El Naschie of E-Infinity - High Energy Communications:
It was no doubt the intention of those well known internet thugs and parasites to distract us from science and derail us from our road. This was the brief given to them by you know who. Never the less we will attempt to give here what can only amount to a summary of the summary of what E. N. considers to be the philosophical background to his theory.

Jason of El Naschie Watch:
This is amusing because E. N.’s sockpuppets go on and on about E. N. being a genius polymath with an expert grasp of science, art, history, philosophy and politics. E. N. Watch readers of course know that his knowledge in all areas comes primarily from mass-market popularizations.

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