Friday, December 3, 2010

Lisi's new SCIAM piece gathers only 27 comments

So far, anyway. This is about the 29 November 2010 article A Geometric Theory of Everything by A. Garrett Lisi and James Owen Weatherall.

The first comment there is from Lisi himself. He warns

...if people ask me questions about their pet theories, I'm out of here.

One of the last comments on the thread is from Thinkgreen, 05:18 PM 12/3/10, who writes

Impressive high level academic cartesian theory !
But on my side i prefer the fractal scale relativity theory which is closer to my intuition (

Oh dear. Exactly the sort of comment that will cause Lisi to flounce away.

The scarceness of E-infinity group comments on that article in comparison with the huge number in That SCIAM comment archive is at first hard to understand. But a new E-infinity communication, number 40, from E-Infinity - High Energy Communications, explains it:

Lisi did not acknowledge any work of Prof. El Naschie or our group not in 2007 and not now although it is absolutely clear from even a superficial reading of his newest article in Scientific American that he benefited from the publications of the E-infinity group. This is of course very regrettable but it is not the end of the world and we take it in the same spirit in which we took and endured many things before, mostly coming from the same sources. Before we turn our attention to the scientific mathematical part of our discussion, we must note with an even greater regret that Scientific American is not allowing many people to lodge comments [!] on this site unless they are certain that there will be nothing in the comment revealing the connection to our work.

Poor E-infinity group!

I'll feature the three latest E-infinity communications (38, 39, 40) in a separate post. Thanks to the reader who pointed them out.

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  1. Oh, and the 28th comment is the beginning of a series of comments by "Elly Sehrmann" who talks about, guess who... :D

  2. The comments are in fact E-infinity Communication No. 40. Strangely, the second sentence about Smolin is omitted.

  3. Haha. Great observation, Shrink. It's omitted because El Naschie realized spelling "Perimeter" as "Parameter" made him look like an idiot. He learned of his mistake by reading El Naschie Watch.