Tuesday, December 7, 2010

National Socialist vs. Naschienal Socialist

Finally, El Naschie tells an interesting autobiographical anecdote!

El Naschie's Rosa Al-Youssef column is up for Wednesday, December 8. «nomads» Switzerland. Original Arabic or Google's English translation.

El Naschie says both Egyptians and Swiss are sometimes overly concerned about money to the point of being stingy. This he attributes to the historical experience of poverty in both nations.

While living in Switzerland, El Naschie had a German neighbor whom El Naschie describes as a Nazi. El Naschie was in a legal dispute with him. (It would be nice to know more about this.) The unpleasant fellow shouted loudly in the street for all to hear that Arabs and Jews are just the same; Arabs deserve a holocaust too; especially the Arab Dr. Mohamed El Naschie. Or at the very least El Naschie should be expelled from Switzerland, the man opined.

The fellow's wife apologized to El Naschie for his conduct. Because of this, he became so angry that he divorced her. Later, while traveling in Germany, El Naschie heard from a Swiss friend that the Swiss were embarrassed by this German's behavior because Switzerland is a civilized country and doesn't tolerate Nazis within its borders. To free Swiss citizens the racist abuse of Arabs and Jews was wounding. El Naschie has to this day a strong friendship with that Swiss friend.

El Naschie concludes by wondering whether Israel's «Bibi Netanyahu» and foreign minister «Lieberman» are aware that Nazis look the same way at Arabs and Jews. And El Naschie wonders whether they are ashamed at their racist treatment of the Palestinians. "I hope so but I don't think so!" he says.

Finally, a good Rosa column! All the tl;dr previous installments in the Swiss story arc were leading up to this. If only he would just cut to the chase.

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