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Ring in the New Year with Otto and Reimara

Last year's Happy New Year post featured a mock-up of a magazine cover promoting a New Year's celebration at a gay bar in Cairo. El Naschie's head was photoshopped onto the body of a shirtless male dancer. He had Egyptian currency tucked into his waistband. It was based on a real magazine cover -- but from New Orleans, not Cairo. Do they even have gay bars in Egypt? I have no idea. Anyway, I've deleted it, because El Naschie Watch is prim and proper these days.

22 December 2010

On Achtphasen, a substantial post. Original German Was würden Sie an meiner Stelle tun? or Google's English translation What would you do in my position?

Rössler says the state has declared him insane because he objects to what he calls "involuntary professorships" in Germany.

He repeats his warnings of a black-hole apocalyspe, not with math, but with prose in a creative writing style, and is taken to task for it by one of the commenters.

As to the "involuntary professorship" claim, our contributor Hansi explains:

This is also one of Rösslers typical lies. The government wanted Rössler psychiatrically assessed.

But the psychiatric assessment of rössler never took place. It did not happen since Rössler wrote letters to colleagues who were not from germany.

The letters of Rössler contained blatant lies about his situation.

Rössler did not mention in his letters that he should hold a lecture on which he was examined during his studies.

Rössler also did not mention that he acted violently in the lecture room against his colleagues.

Of course Rössler also did also not write about why he just told crackpot ideas to the students.

But the letters written by Rössler were sufficient for 200 scientists in europe and the US, to sign an open letter protesting against the planned psychiatric examination of rössler.

This letter was then sent to the science minister Trotha who then stopped his plans.

The situation was this:

Rössler has studied medicine. He passed the state examination, which included a lecture "chemistry for medical scientists". Rössler has a habilitation for chemistry in Tübingen. And in fact, Rössler's only articles that are free of fringe science are about his Rössler attractor, and the Rössler attractor applied to chemical reactions. Rössler has nature papers on that.

Now, when you have passed an exam on a lecture called "chemistry for medical scientists", when you have completed a habilitation in chemistry, and when you have nature papers in chemistry, then it should be clear that you are perfectly qualified to hold the lecture "chemistry for medical scientists" at a university.

But here's what Rössler did:

He said that he would not be qualified to hold this lecture and told just his crackpot nonsense about "brain equations" and his own "evolutionary theory" which, according to Rössler, implies chemical lifeforms on neutron stars.

Rössler told the students that he could not teach anything relevant for the exams.

However, medical studies are somewhat more controlled by government. In Germany, we believe one must be sure that the students who eventually become medical doctors are not getting taught something entirely wrong.

Hence, the dean of the faculty immediately forbid Rössler to hold the lecture, and at the same time made clear that Rössler had to pay the replacement lecturer.

It seems that Rössler was not happy with this decision. Rössler turned up at the lecture hall. He insisted to continue lecturing his nonsense.

For some time, two lecturers taught simultaneously in the lecture room, but about completely different things.

After two weeks, Rössler violently took the microphone from the throat of the replacement lecturer, who fought back.

The dean of the faculty arrived and forbid Rössler by law to enter the lecture hall again. The university pressed charges against Rössler because of him having broken domestic peace.

This did not impress Rössler very much. The police had to be called. And even then, Rössler did not have enough. Four policemen were acually necessary to carry Rössler, who was violently fighting back, out of the lecture hall.

Until the end of the lecturing period, the hall had to be secured by four policemen. Rössler still appeared there, every week. He hold his nonsense lecture on the floor. Before a small group of students, and the interested local press.

Sometimes Rössler still tried to break into the lecture hall.

A journalist of Focus magazine notes (Original German or Google's English translation)

Vier Polizisten bewachen den Hörsaal N 6 der Universität Tübingen. Ein schmächtiger, grauhaariger Herr tritt wütend gegen die Tür und brüllt: „Die Polizei soll mich doch abführen.“

which means:

Four policemen secure the lecture hall N6 of the university Tübingen. A lanky gray haired man kicks violently against the door, shouting: "I don't care if the policemen take me away"

This had happened for the entire lecturing period of one semester.

This behavior of Rössler was the reason why the government wanted him to be psychiatrically assessed.

According to Der Spiegel (Original German or Google's English translation), many other local politicians said that Rössler obviously became completely detached from reality.

Technical correction to the narrative just above:

Strictly speaking, Rössler did not try to breach the lecture room after it was secured by policemen.

He successfully breached the lecture hall four times after it was secured by policemen.

At the end however, Rössler always lost the fight against the four policemen who every time managed to carry him away, even though he violently lashed about.

His actions against the police and his violation of domestic peace have cost Rössler just 15.000 DM. This were around 7.000$ at that time.

So he got away from that somewhat cheaply.

April to December 2003

Otto Rössler's wife Reimara attacks Professor Dr. Claus D. Claussen, Dean of the Medical Faculty at University of Tübingen in documents archived by Reimara on, apparently a site of hers for just that purpose. Original German or Google's English translation. The title on the front page:

Why has Dean Claussen still not resigned?
He tolerated antisemitism in a German university

There are several letters and appendices.

Hansi says she sent them to the Organisation für Sicherheit und Zusammenarbeit in Europa (OSZE). In, English the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE). Good Lord. She's as crazy as her husband.

Here's the remarkable story as told by Hansi:

Reimara says that the dean of the university "created" a Jewish sow by taking the salary of Reimara back after she refused to work for the university.

Furthermore, Reimara invents a strange conspiracy theory. She says in Appendix 5-1

Auffallend ist nur, dass die öffentliche Wegnahme des Hauses erst erfolgte, nachdem die Öffentlichkeit durch die Zeitung vom Minderheitsstatus der Familie unterrichtet worden war ("mein Mann ist Jude" mußte ich im gedruckten Interview sagen, obwohl ich es so nicht gesagt hatte, sonst wäre es nicht gedruckt worden). Daraufhin konnte der Familie auch das Haus weggenommen werden. Der Wissenschaftsausschuß des Landtags stand unter republikanischem Vorsitz. Bis heute weigert sich die Fakultät, der Öffentlichkeit zu sagen, was hier passiert ist unter ihrer Verantwortung: Dass sie wieder eine Judensau erzeugt hat. Also: sagen Sie mir, ob ich noch Doktoranden annehmen darf? Auf 15 Jahre? Als kleiner Akt der Wiedergutmachung?

Translated this means:

It is striking that the public confiscation of our house only took place after the public was informed of the minority status of the family (I had to tell "my husband is a Jew" in printed letters. I would not have said this but otherwise the interview could not have been printed). Then, one could confiscate the house of the family. The scientific committee of the government was under republican chairmanship.

Up to now, the faculty refuses to tell the public what has happened here under your responsibility: The faculty has created again a Jewish sow.

Now may you please tell me whether I am able to take PhD students? For the next 15 years? As a small act of compensation?

Reimara Rössler is no more Jewish than Otto. What has happened here is that Reimara suddenly refused to go to work and started to publish crackpot articles. After some time, the government wanted her salary back and confiscated the summer residence of Mrs. Rössler.

Then, Reimara went to press, saying that her husband Otto Rössler is Jewish (which Otto Rössler clearly is not. His father was a frenetic National Socialist who hold a certificate that was called "grosser arier nachweis". This document proved that a person did not have Jewish relatives up to 1750).

Apparently, this was not enough for the Rössler couple. Reimara additionally attacked the dean of the faculty of Tübingen in various letters, sent to the press, the OSZE and many professors. Reimara accused the dean of Tübingen of being an antisemite because the university did nothing to stop the confiscation of Reimara's home.

And even this was not enough for Reimara. In her letters, she asks whether she would be allowed to take PhD students for the next 15 years. One must note that Reimara's demand for taking new PhD students fell in a time where she had stopped doing real scientific work for years. Instead, she wrote many crackpot papers at her home during that time, and those papers clearly did not fulfill any scientific standards.

26 September 2001

In Spiegel Online, an account of Otto's spraying PUT (for "pogrom University of Tübingen") nine times on an auditorium. Original German Kleinkrieg um Chaosforscher - Tragische Gestalt, or Google's English translation Small war of chaos researchers - tragic figure.


A crackpot book by Reimara. Original German Das Thanatosprinzip. Biologische Grundlagen des Alterns or Google's English translation The Thanatos Principle. Biological Basis of Aging. (Thanatos personified death in Greek mythology.)

I don't see any reviews, but the price is right. €4.48 new or €1.46 used.

Hansi says, regarding the co-authorship of the book:

One author is Reimara Rössler, another is Otto Rössler, and the third co-author is Peter Kloeden.

Peter Kloeden is an ordinary mathematician. He has many completely correct mathematical papers:

It's interesting that Kloeden's only articles, where one can immediately see that they are crackpot articles, were co-authored with the Rössler couple. For example:

R. Rössler, P.E. Kloeden und O.E. Rössler, Lebensverlängerung durch Eingriff in die biologische Uhr, in Die Technik auf dem Weg zur Seele: Forschung an der Schnittstelle Gehirn / Computer. (Hrsg: C. Maar, E. Pöppel & T. Christaller, Rowohlt, Hamburg, 1996, S. 309-319.

The title of that contribution means:

"extension of lifetime by intervention at the biological clock, in technique on its way to the soul. Science at the Brain/Computer interface"

This, and that strange book, however, seem to be the only titles that Kloeden has co-authored with Rössler.

Perhaps Kloeden suddenly recognized that the works of the Rössler couple did not comply with scientific standards.

Interesting, however, is the university where Kloeden comes from: Frankfurt.

Frankfurt is the same university where Walter Greiner congratulated El Naschie on his birthday. Greiner even took a PhD student, Ayman Elokaby, from El Naschie.

Frankfurt is also the home university of Chaos Solitons and Fractals editor Martienssen, who, even after El Naschie was discovered, called the E-infinity papers "interesting".

However, it is good to see that his mathematical abillity, apparently allowed Kloeden to move away from the Rössler couple. It is good to see, that Kloeden actually was and is able to write a large amount of real mathematical work. On the other hand, that fellow Kloeden apparently was in danger at sometime.

31 December 2010

On Achtphasen, a Rössler post in English: Lampsacus and Telemach

Imagine: there will be a 10% odds at the end of next year that our planet will be shrunk to 2 cm in perhaps 5 years’ time.

he says.

Thanks to our reliable contributor Hansi for these items.

A reader asks whether Rössler originated the LHC black hole scare. Hansi says

As far as I know, this idea purely comes from Rössler's own "mind" and was created solely by him.

His relativity crackpot stuff is years old, after all.

The work of Rössler, ZNA Editor Parisi, and Rössler's phd student Kuypers:

Rössler, O.E., H. Kuypers & H. Parisi: Gravitational Slowing Down of Clocks Implies Proportional Size Increase. In: Lecture Notes in Physics Vol. 503, 1998, pp. 370-372.

which was not accepted as a PhD thesis by the University of Tübingen, is from 1998.

And this 1998 paper is the material on which Rössler bases his anti LHC propaganda.


More from Hansi!

Another article of the Rössler couple:

Otto E. Rössler & Reimara Rössler (1993). Is the Mind-Body Interface Microscopic? Theoretical Medicine and Bioethics 14 (2).

This paper puts forward the hypothesis that consciousness might be linked to matter in a way which is more sophisticated than the traditional macroscopic Cartesian hypothesis suggests.Advances in the biophysics of the nervous system, not only on the level of its macroscopic functioning but also on the level of individual ion channels, have made the question of how finely consciousness is tied to matter and its dynamics more important. Quantum mechanics limits the attainable resolution and puts into doubt the idea of an infinitely fine-woven attachment. A recent approach to physics rekindles such a rationalist hope. Endophysics focuses on the global implications of microscopic computer simulations of chemical and biophysical processes. A complete artificial universe can be set up in the computer. It produces non-classical and nonlocal effects inside — on the interface that exists between an internal observer (fluid neuron) and the rest of the world. This interface is finer than any brain property to which the status of the mind-body interface has been attributed hitherto. A new class of experiments becomes possible in the artificial world and, by analogy, in the real world. Magnetic resonance imaging experiments, routinely performed under open-loop conditions, can be repeated under psychophysical (closed-loop) conditions — in search for microscopically induced changes in the perceived and measured structure of the world.

And still more from Otto:

Exo- und Endo-Symmetrie. Otto E. Rössler and Peter Weibel, 1997. PDF in German. Graphic format, so no English translation.

Die zwei Ebenen der Realität - "Exo" und "Endo". Otto E. Rössler and Peter Weibel, 1997. PDF in German.

The Two Levels of Reality - "Exo" and "Endo". Otto E. Rössler and Peter Weibel, 1998. PDF in English.

Is Physics an Oberserver-Private Phenomenon like Consciousness? Otto E. Rössler, Reimara Rössler and Peter Weibel, 1998. PDF in German.

That last one contains references to even more crackpot articles that Rössler has managed to publish in low reputation journals.

I think it baffling that Rössler has such an ability to find journals which publish his nonsense. I never have heard of those various journals where he manages to publish his stuff.

Posts about Otto E. Rössler:

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  4. The Rösslers must be a happy couple, in any case.

    I think "Was würden Sie an meiner Stelle tun?" means "What would you do in my position?"

    While on the subject of Rössler, to what extent did he start the story that the LHC would create an earth-threatening black hole?

  5. Haha! "What would you do in my position?" is definitely not the same as "What would you do to my body?". Fixed.

    Good question about whether Rössler was the originator. I don't know.

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  17. The links are wrong, jason.

    The homepage of kloeden must be referenced with small letters, i.e. "kloeden" and not "Kloeden".

    Also, your link to the common paper of Otto and Reimara rössler seems to have defects. It links on a non-existing el naschie watch url...

  18. Thank you -- all fixed. I used global search and replace kloeden -> Kloeden but wasn't careful of URLs.

  19. new rössler post:

  20. Thanks, Hansi! Keep them coming.

  21. interesting is, to whom he wants to sent this document:

    Otto Rössler wrote
    - zur Vorlage bei der Staatsanwaltschaft Tübingen, dem Verwaltungsgericht Köln, dem Bundesverfassungsgericht, dem Internationalen Gerichtshof für Verbrechen gegen die Menschheit und dem Sicherheitsrat der Vereinten Nationen -
    end quote.

    which means:

    otto rössler wrote:
    - for submission to the public prosecutor in Tübingen, the Administrative Court in colongne, the Federal Constitutional Court, the International Tribunal for crimes against humanity and the United Nations Security Council -

    end quote.

  22. I don't know whether he has delusions of grandeur, or he's just trolling.

  23. rössler has now translated his last piece into english:

  24. new rössler posting in german, this time against Flamm's paraboloid:

    For a description of Flamm's paraboloid, see here:

  25. What does he want to say with this comment?

  26. I think he's being intentionally cryptic.

  27. I think he wants to say that nobody really understood the Schwarzschild geometry before him.

    He has more comments now;

  28. Just got an announcement for this meeting featuring Rossler as a speaker...

    His abstract sounds like crackpottery to me.

  29. His abstract and the meeting as a whole seem like the least crackpot thing he's been involved with in some time, because at least he's talking about attractors, something he once knew about. Good find! It's getting to be time for a new Rössler post.

  30. Be careful jason.

    Even his talk at the quack conference had a title and abstract with something on "chaos". During his talk, however, rössler lectured about his life, and his black hole physics.

    I remember a commenter at relativ kritisch, who listened to a public lecture of Rössler. According to the commenter this lecture originally had the title "chaos and symmetry in chemistry". As Rössler has written papers in nature on chaos in chemical reactions, you would expect a real scientific lecture.

    The commenter. I believe it was Thilo Küssner, however, notet that rössler told "all sort of nonsense, mixed with personal anecdoted".

    He seems to do this often.

    I do not believe that he will give a scientifically correct talk there, as I do not think he is still capable of that.

  31. In fact, he wants to talk on his relativity stuff, since rössler is writing in his abstract:

    Otto Rössler wrote:
    This finding has repercussions on cosmology - an eternal infinite cosmos without space expansion. Teilhard’s point Omega would then be coupled with a perpetually refreshing mechanism - with perhaps half of all cosmic matter existing in the form of black holes and with the smaller partner of any colliding pair being recycled by the larger one through the formation of a dynamical separatrix in the spirit of Poincaré’s.
    end quote.

    In order to describe a universe with half of its matter in form of blackholes would require that they are stable. Furthermore, a steady state cosmology is against the well tested cosmological standard model. General relativity as well as measurements of the matter content and movement in the universe force the universe to be described an expanding friedmann robinson walker metric. Cosmological models without expansion are impossible. This is long known.

    The abstract of Rössler also contains the sentence

    Otto Rössler wrote
    Most important, the "X-attractor" still has not been found : A radically new attactor ought to exist in 4-dimensional state space, one dimension higher than the unexpectedly chaos-carrying third. [...]
    However, the most important open point remains the fact that "the big science experiment of chaos theory" has not been performed as of yet : hundreds of toddlers given playdough in front of cameras (to find an altogether new way to generate a repeatable operation in 3 D) as the last hope to find the elusive X-attractor in 4 D.

    end quote.

    Which is clearly non scientific reasoning.

  32. The article rössler gives as reference for his talk:

    O. E. Rössler & J. L. Hudson
    A superfat attractor with a Singular-Continuous 2-D Weierstrass function in a cross-section
    Zeitschrift fur Naturforschung A, 48, 673-678, 1993

    appeared apparently in ZNA. I do not know the paper or have read it. However, at ZNA are J.J.He and Rössler's friend Parisi. So it is not sure, whether even his reference is correct materisl

  33. Otto E. Rössler got a 16 Mio. hit per month chance (according to wikipedia)
    Cite: "Im Juli 2010 erreichte Telepolis 15.459.044 IVW-geprüfte Seitenabrufe."
    for his recent accusations

    Read more at: Otto E. Rössler – Letztes Aufgebot bei Telepolis

    Cheers, Relativkritisch Redaktion
    Florian Freistetter: LHC-Panikmache bei Telepolis

    Marcus Anhäuser: Liebe Telepolis-Redaktion, Entschuldigung abgelehnt ...

  34. Excellent! Thank you.

  35. News of Otto Rössler:

  36. Even more Rössler junk:

  37. New Rössler piece. Apparently he has found a new host:

  38. new rössler piece: