Saturday, December 25, 2010

Send another email to Alexandria University?

The video is unrelated to the subject of this post.

My email to Alexandria University was sent to President Hind Hanafi and twenty other Alexandria University personnel on September 21. They were nearly all deans and vice-presidents of the AU administration.

The news provided by a reader that El Naschie has been given an emeritus professor post at the AU physics department in spite of our warning to the AU administration comes as a shock. What the hell? Did they not believe us? Did they believe us but not care? Did they not read it?

I included Tarek Ibrahim on the email, and sent a second inquiry to him personally, but I have not heard back from him. I can understand not wanting to be involved in a dispute with President Hanafi over El Naschie's appointment in his own department so I don't blame him for keeping quiet.

The more I think about this the more I am outraged. I want to compose a more detailed letter. But we need to increase visibility. At the very minimum we need a larger mailing list. Hundreds or thousands of email addresses. If we can get a good mailing list, I'll write a new, detailed letter. I'll also ask for reader help to create a version in Arabic. A well-written bilingual email to a large audience would be less likely to be dismissed out-of-hand. And we can add to the recipients list as many Egyptian reporters and news outlets as we can obtain contact information for.

What do you think, is this worth a try? We need:

  • email addresses, as many as possible
  • email addresses for Egyptian news outlets
  • English to Arabic translation of the new email

If you want to help, post in comments or email me at hasten dot jason at gmail dot com.

Here's the non-Christmas "SpeedyCake mix" of Caramelldansen in the original Swedish. Or try English, German, Japanese or Spanish Fandub.

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  1. I think people in Alexandria university are afraid of El naschie including the rector of the university. El naschie is pretending to be well connected with very high authority in the government of Egypt. Even the Egyptian minster of higher education and research Hani Helal could be afraid of him.

    El naschie is often praising ruling party and Mubrak regime in his columns. El naschie is playing a silly symphony of hypocrisy, wonderful according to his taste, in order to convince others with his strong connections.

  2. Then we must redouble our efforts to expose him.