Tuesday, December 28, 2010

From El-Nabulsi, seven CSF papers of note

Readers may remember Ahmad Rami El-Nabulsi a.k.a. Ramy Naboulsi from Fabien Besnard on Ahmad Rami El-Nabulsi and Besnard gets five replies from thirteen journals. He is famous for his nonsense papers and ill-disguised plagiarism.

Zahy muses that El-Nabulsi must have formed a habit of citing El Naschie, because in 2009 he published seven papers in the great man's disgraced erstwhile vanity journal, Chaos, Solitons and Fractals! Incredible. That fact had completely escaped my notice.

  • 1- On the fractional minimal length Heisenberg–Weyl uncertainty relation from fractional Riccati generalized momentum operator
  • 2- Complexified quantum field theory and “mass without mass” from multidimensional fractional actionlike variational approach with dynamical fractional exponents
  • 3- Fractional illusion theory of space: Fractional gravitational field with fractional extra-dimensions
  • 4- Fractional Dirac operators and deformed field theory on Clifford algebra
  • 5- Fractional dynamics, fractional weak bosons masses and physics beyond the standard model
  • 6- Fractional Nottale’s Scale Relativity and emergence of complexified gravity
  • 7- Fractional action-like variational problems in holonomic, non-holonomic and semi-holonomic constrained and dissipative dynamical systems

Indeed, Google Scholar shows that only the fifth paper in the list above, which was first of the seven papers chronologically, clumsily neglects to mention El Naschie. El-Nabulsi soon learned the protocol and made up for his initial gaucherie. Every subsequent paper cites the great man.

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