Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Sewer Science Ltd

For background, readers should have a quick glance back at The inimitable El Naschie writing style. We blogged that on December 4th, and it embarrassed the great man enough so that on 18 December in E-infinity communication number 63, El Naschie responded, in his affected third person voice,

Arabic and German are the only two languages he has mastered to an extremely high degree although he speaks or has knowledge of some 10 languages. None the less he speaks all of them with the exception of Arabic and German with a relatively strong accent and his spelling in all languages is rivaled only by his bad hand writing which is the main reason for so many secretaries resigning! He first read Sartre in Arabic translated by Abulrahman Badawy, Egypt’s most famous existentialistic philosophers and the uncle of one of El Naschie’s best friends, Mohsen Badawi.

blaming bad spelling in non-native tongues, bad handwriting, and secretaries -- but implying in context that these are minor flaws compensated by his worldliness.

This single page from El Naschie's website contains the following typos.

The magazine Chaos, Solitons and Fractals is rendered as

  • Chaos, Sokvzs & Fracrals
  • Chaos, Sohrons & Frocral
  • Chaos, Solrrons & Fraclals

The publisher, Elsevier Science Ltd, has become

  • Elsevm Sctence Ltd
  • and my favorite: Elsewer Science Ltd

Bad spelling and typos don't explain such epic fail. He's just a lazy slob. He or the webmaster ran some photocopies through OCR software and El Naschie couldn't bestir himself to look it over.

The video shows colonies of the sewer worm Tubifex tubifex.

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