Thursday, January 27, 2011

Again, El Naschie calls for Internet censorship

El Naschie's Rosa Al-Youssef column is up for Friday, January 28. Mouser German. Original Arabic or Google's English translation.

El Naschie begins by telling the story of the Pied Piper of Hamelin, who made off with the town's children. He compares the Pied Piper to those on the Internet who promote self-immolaton as an anti-government tactic. He does not want Tunisia's revolution to spread to Egypt.

He rages, as he has done before, against "electronic trash" entering Egypt. He says he has complained about it to the authorities several times but they have done nothing about it. Again he admires the Great Firewall of China and wants Egypt to follow that example. Of course it's El Naschie Watch that angered him in the first place.

It's a good column, so here's the full text with Google's English translation:

طالما هو في ألمانيا، فهذا لا يشغلني، ولكن أخاف إذا كان وصل إلي مصر مرورًا بتونس.. Long as it is in Germany, this is not distracting me, but I am afraid if it arrived in Egypt via Tunisia .. دعوني أوضح.. Let me explain .. عندما كنت طفلاً كانت والدتي تقص علي قبل النوم قصص الأطفال، وكانت إحداها قصة ألمانية مشهورة لكتاب قصص الأطفال الأخوة «جرم» الألمان.. When I was a child my mother telling me bedtime stories of children, one of which was the story of a famous German book for children's stories of brotherhood «crime» German .. عن صائد الفئران ومدينة هاملن في ألمانيا. From Mouser and the city of Hameln in Germany.

القصة ترجمت لجميع لغات الأرض وتحكي عن مدينة صغيرة في ألمانيا في بداية القرن الثامن عشر، بناء علي أساطير من العصور الوسطي، حيث غزت الفئران المدينة بشكل خطير، وجاء رجل بمزمار يستطيع أن يخلصهم من الفئران عن طريق مزماره الذي يدفع الفئران إلي أن يتبعوا الرجل إلي حيث يذهب.. The story has been translated to all languages of the world and tells the story of a small town in Germany at the beginning of the eighteenth century, based on the legends of the Middle Ages, where rats have invaded the city is dangerous, and a man came Bmes can save them from mice by Mesh driving rats to follow the men to where it goes .. وهكذا يغرق الفئران في النهر. And so drown in the river rats.

ولكن عندما طلب الرجل أجره ولم يدفع سكن «هاملن» الأجر انتقم منهم باستخدام مزماره لخطف كل أطفال وشباب المدينة الذين تبعوه وهم مسلوبو الإرادة من نغم مزماره إلي الجبال. But when he asked the man his wages did not pay accommodation «Hamlin» Avenged pay them using Mesh to kidnap all the children and young people who followed the city and they will Mslobo Mesh out of tune to the mountains. من هنا جاء المثال المشهور في اللغة الإنجليزية والألمانية واليابانية بالذات عن السياسيين «الديماجوجيين»، الذين يغررونا بالشباب بالكلام والوعود الزائفة، لذلك أري أني أكون في غاية العطف مع الذين لا يستحقونه عندما أشبه هؤلاء الأشخاص الذين يدعون الشباب في مصر عن طريق «الفيس بوك» وجوجل وغيرها من تقاليع الاتصال الحديثة التي تأتي بالخير ولكن تأتي أيضا بكثير من الشر. Hence the example known in English, German and Japanese in particular for political «Aldemajojiin», who Egrrona youth in words and false promises, so I feel that I am very sympathetic with those who do not deserve when it's like these people who claim to young people in Egypt through the «facebook» , Google, and other modern communication Tqelie that come with good, but much also comes from evil.

أنا فعلا عطوف أكثر مما يجب عندما أشبههم بصائد الفئران الألماني.. I am really caring too much when most resembling Besaid mice German .. أعتقد أن من يدعون الشباب إلي الانتحار بحرق أنفسهم لكي يصل إلي غرضه السياسي هو شخص مجرم، بل أحط كثيرا من مجرم، لقد حذرت عشرات المرات ومن سنين من المجرمين الذين يستخدمون، وسائل الاتصالات الحديثة ليعيثوا في الأرض فسادا، لقد حان الوقت أن يوضع كل ما يسمي «الإنترنت كافيه» أو قهاوي الإنترنت تحت رقابة صارمة.. I think that those who call young people to commit suicide to burn themselves to reach the purpose of the political person is a criminal, but infield a lot of criminals, has warned dozens of times and the years by criminals who used modern means of communication to unleash mischief in the land, it's time to put everything called «Internet Cafe» Coffees or the internet under the strict control .. كما هو في الصين، كذلك أين هو هذا «الفلتر» الذي كان من المفروض أن يمنع دخول الجراثيم الإلكترونية إلي مصر؟ As it is in China, as well as where is the «filter» which was supposed to prevent the entry of bacteria into electronic Egypt?

لقد تقدمت بشكاوي عديدة إلي هيئات قيل لي إنها مسئولة عن منع هذه القمامة الإلكترونية من دخول مصر ولكن لم يحدث شيء. I made several complaints to the bodies said to me that she is responsible for preventing this trash from entering the electronic Egypt, but nothing happened.

أعتقد أننا نصرف أموالاً طائلة في مكافحة الجريمة والتطرف، وقيل إن هناك خبراء في موضوع حماية مصر من الإجرام الإلكتروني، وهناك خبراء عديدون عملهم هو هذه الحماية والرقابة فأين ذلك؟ I think we spend a lot of money in the fight against crime and extremism, and was told that there are experts on the subject of the protection of Egypt's e-crime, and there are many experts for their work is the protection and control Where is it?

لقد رجوت وتوسلت إلي المسئولين أن يضعوا حدًا لإجرام الإنترنت.. I requested and I have begged officials to put an end to the criminality of the Internet .. والآن وبكل تواضع وكل أدب أطالب بحقي في أن تحميني الدولة من إجرام الإنترنت الذي بدأ يهدد الدولة نفسها. Now, with all humility and all the literature I demand my right to protect me in the State of Internet crime that threatened the state itself.

يا سيادة النائب العام ويا معالي وزير الداخلية ووزير الاتصالات: احمونا من هؤلاء المجرمين المتسترين وراء شاشات كمبيوتراتهم الخاصة، والذين يغررون بالشباب بل ويطالبونهم بالانتحار حرقا في الشوارع، لقد وصل السيل الغربي ولم يعد هناك أي مجال للصبر في هذا الموضوع ولكم خالص الشكر والتقدير. Mr. Attorney General and what His Excellency the Minister of Interior and Minister of Communications: Ahmona of these criminals, taking cover behind the screens their computers for, and who Egrron youth and even require them to commit suicide by burning in the streets, has reached flood-west there is no longer any room for patience in this matter and to you my sincere thanks and appreciation.

Note that El Naschie's plan for Egyptian Internet censorship would not inconvenience his own Web browsing, because he lives in England.

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  1. Spooky - the internet is blocked in Egypt these day by Mubarak's henchmen. Is that somehow related to El Naschie's influence or our blog?

  2. I know, Martin! Neither we nor El Naschie caused it. The unrest in Egypt was inspired by the Tunisian revolution, and Mubarak's Internet crackdown is a reaction to that. Zahy said recently that El Naschie is worried about the possible fall of Mubarak because he'd have to find new boots to kiss. I agree.

  3. Luckily, the Egyptian regime can't stop the bloggers like Zeinobia and others.

  4. Zeinobia's based in Cairo, so if they did crack down she'd be vulnerable. I worry sometimes.

  5. It seems that El Naschie will have to find a new boot to kiss. I feel that the old one is leaving in a matter of hours.

    OMG, I've never thought that I would live to see this day. This is better than my wildest dreams

  6. Man, things are falling apart fast in Egypt. ElBaradei is under house arrest! Zeinobia has gone over nine hours without a blog post, which is unheard of for her. Good lord. The headlines on Drudge Report are amazing.

  7. Well, the army is taking control now from the police, but they are not attacking the protesters. In fact they are embracing each other in some places.

    I think the one thing that can stop the protesters is Mubarak fleeing the country, which does not seem so far away.

    I don't think anyone would touch ElBaradei. Every one is worrying only about himself and his properties.

  8. Internet connectivity to and from Egypt is stopped since last night. No blogger will be able to post anything, unless they have a satellite link with a foreign provider (unlikely)

  9. Thank you, Stefano. Poor Zeinobia! She was live-blogging the Egyptian revolution and they pulled her plug!