Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Gerardo Iovane's anti-pedophile virus

(Click the picture for a huge version.)
Our informant on Gerardo Iovane has sent us these further interesting links.

The "cure virus", the fantastic weapon against all pedophiles, created by C-Cube. Original Italian or Google's English translation.

'C Cube' runs computer viruses against child porn websites

Rome, June 22 - (Adnkronos) - During the "Boy Love Day", the company 'C Cube' starts the execution of the virus 'Care' as a result of a project to fight pedophiles psychotechnologies to sites on the Internet. The project consists of a generation of computer viruses that are able to identify the psychological profiling of Web sites for pedophiles, hidden by the syntactic and semantic point of view, but not obscured by the psychological and criminological point of view.

The virus, once caught on to the suspected sites, will build a real mapping of the Internet presence of pedophiles and their behavior and the media will can be sent automatically to a station specialized Web addresses to be checked by subjecting them to the authorities competent so that they can take action more appropriate. This is a real Technological profiling perpetrators of pedophilia by algorithms, which are evolved able to classify types of communicative actions according to scientific criteria of psychological profiling.

The project was devised by Professor Alessandro Ceci, scientific director of the 'C Cube' and expert on intelligence and security and will be conducted under the responsibility of scientific Gerardo Iovane, (Associate Professor of Mathematics at the Department of Engineering, Information and Applied Mathematics, University of Salerno) and with the support of an expert team of psychologists and technologists, such as: Francesca Polato, Frank Lonergan, Anthony Cerbone, Simone Rossignoli, Sofien Vannudelli.

They changed the C-Cube website recently, carefully hiding this disaster and all references to their work on "cybersecurity":

Original Italian or Google's English translation.

The whole website is pure technobabble.

I don't know why Iovane is wearing that costume.

El Naschie's Rosa Al-Youssef column is up for Thursday, January 20. Tunisian dilemma. Original Arabic or Google's English translation.

El Naschie's title promises a column about Tunisia, but today it's all about the history of racial discrimination in the United States. He's going to tie it all together with the Tunisia theme in the next column, I guess, but I don't see how. I love, love, love his second paragraph. It's classic El Naschie preening and posing for an audience:

أنا أكتب الآن هذه المقالة وأنا جالس علي مكتبي في لندن وعذري الوحيد أنه رغم أن جسدي هاجر من العالم العربي منذ أكثر من نصف قرن إلا أن قلبي وعقلي لم يترك مصر أو المملكة العربية السعودية لحظة والحقيقة، لم يمر يوم في حياتي لم أكن فيه مهمومًا بشئون وطني الأكبر ألا وهو العالم العربي بأكمله.

As I write this article now I'm sitting in my office in London. Physically I emigrated from the Arab world over half a century ago, but my heart and mind never left Egypt or Saudi Arabia. Truly never a day in my life goes by without my worrying about affairs of great national import, and the Arab world as a whole.

If only there were a Nobel Prize for pretentious douchebaggery.

He has mentioned in several recent columns that he's writing from London. He does have an office there. I think he mentions it because he wants to tell El Naschie Watch readers that he's not in Surrey, but I don't know why he wants us to know that, or why he's not in Surrey. I don't think his ex-wife Lydia Thorsen still lives in the Surrey house, because she closed a hypnotherapy business in the neighborhood.

Posts about Prof. Gerardo Iovane:

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  1. I thought that the picture is constructed to amuse the blog readers. Maybe, Iovane is wearing that costume because he was honored to be the KNIGHT of Italy as his supporters claimed.

  2. To be clear: I often photoshop, but it's not a photoshop. He's really wearing what appears to be a theatrical or marching band costume. It's too silly to be a real military jacket. The epaulets are ridiculous.

  3. Jason, it's the typical style of the Italian dress uniform, e.g., see:

    Carabinieri Formal Dress Uniform

  4. You're right! Except for the color they look very similar. I don't know why he's wearing it though.

  5. He used to be in the military (and, my guess, that's one of the reasons why he got the stuff published in the Carabinieri magazine...).

    So he may very well be still entitled to wear his uniform. I do not know of any uniforms of that color in Italy, though.

  6. Hi Jason,
    Can you give the link for Gerardo photo. I locate the website containing it.