Thursday, January 6, 2011

Gerardo Iovane's math PhD: Cantorian space-time

Yep. It's a crackpot E-infinity thesis.

This is a follow-up on Report on Brotherhood member Gerardo Iovane.

Our informant tells us that certain links he bookmarked about Iovane are mysteriously going dead, all of a sudden. However, the National Library in Firenze has this record of his dissertation:

Iovane, Gerardo <1972- >
Cantorian space-time, dynamical systems and applications in cosmology : tesi di dottorato / Gerardo Iovane
1 v.
A. a. 2001-2004. - In testa al front.: Università degli studi di Salerno, Facoltà di scienze matematiche, fisiche e naturali, dottorato di ricerca in matematica, 17. ciclo, 3. nuova serie
BN 2006-777T.
I. Università degli studi : Facoltà di scienze matematiche, fisiche e naturali
Cod. materia: MAT/05 - Analisi matematica
Monografia - Tesi di dottorato - Pubbl. in: Italia - Lingua: inglese
Collocazione: TDR 2005 0932
Inventario: CF980500932

It's from 2005 and in English. There's no indication from this record who supervised it. It was awarded by the University of Salerno, where he was already on the faculty. We'd like to get our hands on it, and also to find out about his earlier physics thesis.

Here's a shocker. Annals of Mathematics is perhaps the hardest math journal to get a paper accepted into. Look at this from the arXiv: The Set of Prime Numbers (PDF).

Iovane's ramblings about prime numbers, as we know, actually ended up in El Naschie's Chaos, Solitons and Fractals. He settled for second best, haha.

At around the same time as his math thesis, Iovane published several papers whose titles suggest their content is drawn from the thesis:

  • Iovane G., Mohamed El Naschie’s E-infinity Cantorian space-time and its consequences in cosmology, Chaos, Solitons and Fractals, 25, 775-779, 2005.
  • Iovane G., Giordano P., Salerno S., Dynamical systems on El Nashie’s E(∞) Cantorian space-time, Chaos, Solitons and Fractals, 24, 2, 423-441, 2005.
  • Iovane G. and Salerno S., Dynamical Systems on Cantorian spacetime and applications (PDF), WSEAS Transactions on Mathematics [WSEAS has a reputation for publishing crackpottery, I am told. Our headline graphic comes from this paper.], 4, 3, 184, 2005.
  • Iovane G., Giuliano G., Zappale E., A potential theory for describing Dynamical Systems on El Naschie’s E(∞) Cantorian space-time, in press on Chaos, Solitons and Fractals, Vol. 27, Issue 3, pag. 588-598, February 2006.

Shrink notes that Webometrics ranks the University of Salerno 775th in the world, 331st in Europe, and 28th in Italy.

Posts about Prof. Gerardo Iovane:

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  1. El Naschie's Rosa Al-Youssef column is up for Friday, January 7. e-imminent threat. Original Arabic or Google's English translation.

    Yesterday El Naschie talked about cyber warfare, something he knows nothng about. Today we find out what was really on his mind. He complains that

    "there are no international laws or even local laws to protect even ordinary people from Internet attacks not only on their documents and money but even their honor and reputation"

    Could someone on the Internet be writing unflattering things about him?

    It looks like he's going to move on to a new topic on Sunday. There's no column on Saturday.

  2. Is the man of defamation Jason SLEMONS
    Ph.D from Univ.of Washington in Seattle?

    If so his advisor is Loyce Adams

    What is the real target of defamation? People, States, Governments, Military, Diplomacy, Business?

    Do they work alone or are they paid by someone?

  3. That person has nothing to do with this blog if that's what you're asking. Are you a supporter of Gerardo Iovane? We don't mean to defame anyone and are happy to air opinions in his favor.

  4. If you are happy there are people supporting him you would report what students and collegues belive about him in the 5 comments at

    I was with Gerardo at CERN in Geneva. He is a real special person and researcher!

    Do you know him?

    What is your real identity? Have you informed him of your blog. I will do it. Since He must know that somone are defaming him.

  5. I have never met Iovane. My earlier report on him included the pc-facile link you just gave. I am not pseudonymous, and my email address is in the sidebar. You can find biographical information about me if you look for it. Please tell us what you like about Iovane. You can email me a long piece in his favor and I will post it.

  6. Where did Iovane get his physics PhD? What was the title? Who was his supervisor for the physics PhD? And for the math one?

  7. Posts in favor of Iovane will be accepted in any language.

  8. At CERN his PhD supervisor was Paolo Strolin, while Klaus Winter was spokesman of CHORUS exp. I do not know his Italian SP. I am not authorised to give you other information before hearing him. But I inform him by email about your defamation. You wrote about politics, militaries. I know him as an excellent researcher: he obtained different recognitions for his scientific activities in security, infotech, physics and mathematics by writing more than 150 scientific papers and books in many journals and not only in the journal of the man El naschie that you are attacking.
    I do not know El Naschie, but about IOVANE I am sure that you wrong target, since who know him know which kind of special person he is, while you are none on the net apparently!

    In which University do you teach, if you are an academic person? What is about your scintific papers and interest?

    I am sure that when Iovane read what you wrote about him he will contact you and you will present your apologies.

  9. If you click around this blog you'll find plenty of biographical info about me.

    Paolo Strolin is a high-energy physicist at the University of Naples, I see. He has been publishing physics papers since 1969, so he's getting on in years. He attended NNN05. So Iovane's physics PhD is from U of Naples? CERN does not award PhDs.

    "I am sure that when Iovane read what you wrote about him he will contact you and you will present your apologies."

    Let's see what he says. Iovane is welcome to defend himself in a guest post on this blog. But the fact that his papers cite El Naschie with approval is damning.

  10. Klaus Winter is associated with CERN. He must be about 80 years old.

  11. And also tell your friend his record in the Mathematics Genealogy Project is missing.

  12. Few minutes ago I have been informed of this blog from a friend in France.

    I never met this man, Jason Hasten, and he never knew me, as he wrote. I do not understand why he wish deface myself, my university, my military colleagues and Italian Government and University for which I work and , or Italian Private Companies, which use my ideas.

    I do not consider useful to give any additional information about me to this kind of defacing blog.

    Reading this blog I understand that (Mr.) Jason Hasten hates El Naschie or probably He was hired by someone who hates El Naschie.

    I invite people that read this blog to note that this is the first time on the web that someone speaks about me in this way. So take your answers and conclusions.

    Anyway, I suggest this man, Jason Hasten, to delete information about me from his blog since none and no Institution has given any kind of authorization to publish information about me and partners, information in clear violation of my person and privacy, defacing States and Private Companies.

    Probably someone or some Institution will proceed against this person legally. Personally, I wish consider this action just as a blogging joke, but the author of the blog must understand that anyway this is an action of defamation, defacing and an attack to the fundamental person rights and privacy.

    If this continues I will be obliged to inform the Italian Communications Police and Interpol for the right, the assessments and any measure for the attacks against my person, the Italian Parliament, the Government, the military and some Italian Private Companies. Therefore, I invite any friends and colleagues, who know me, not to intervene on this blog. Instead, I thank those who has already spoken in my defense.

    The people who write in this blog do not qualify as belonging to any academic institution or research institute and therefore speak for themselves.

    I respond hierarchically to my God, my Head of State, my Rector and Dean and I take my responsibility for what I publish and endorse. Take your conclusions.


  13. I think that El Naschie's idea is not totally bad, but it is not mathematically and physically developed in rigorous way. He has been wrong to exclusively publish papers that quoted him. This is certainly very wrong and serious but i sincerely believe that you are exaggerating with the defamation of serious researchers that have quoted the idea.

  14. Hi Gerardo, thanks for commenting. Who supervised your math thesis? What was the title of your physics thesis?

  15. G iovane wrote:
    Anyway, I suggest this man, Jason Hasten, to delete information about me from his blog since none and no Institution has given any kind of authorization to publish information about me
    end quote.

    That's very funny. In no state, there exists a law by which it is forbidden to publish existing publication records of a "scientist" which are already publicly available on scientific archives. There also does not exist a law by which is forbidden to publicly assess wether some scientific work is correct.

    So, what jason does is quite legal, in every country.

    G iovane wrote:
    If this continues I will be obliged to inform the Italian Communications Police and Interpol for the right, the assessments and any measure for the attacks against my person, the Italian Parliament, the Government, the military and some Italian Private Companies
    end quote.

    It is interesting to see that Iovane apparently does not like his papers being assessed by scientists.

    El Naschie watch fighting against interpol, the italian parliament, the military, and the mafia (if this are the "private companies" suggested by Iovane) would be a very interesting show.

    For now, it seems that Iovane's only possibility to stop this blog would be to ask the italian mafia for some kind of crime.

    However, even this could not erase the information that was already published. So, even the mafia is only of little help for Iovane

  16. Dear Mr.Jason Hasten instead of continuing to seek information, if you consider your position right, do not hesitate to send me your personal references so that the colleagues in the international police can inform the police authorities of your country about your actions on the web for coming to your house to verify the correctness of your position. My email address is on the web; it is known to you, since you have tracked my information, commented illegally.
    Please be precise and not vague, since you have nothing to fear.
    I wait this information with great pleasure.

  17. Anonymous writing of Iovane, Italy, Italians and mafia is really an ignorant, since use the term mafia with respect to Iovane and his past Ph.D Student Marta Chinnici. While in Italy “Chinnici” is an important surname of magistrate full involved against mafia in the past.
    Shame on you ignorant anonymous.
    Instead of attacking the prof.Iovane, the ENEA researcher, Marta Chinnici, or other serious people go to study. In Italy you can replicate information captured on the web, but the defamation in the comments can be prosecuted legally.
    Perhaps you're just a frustrated person who has failed in academia or research, like the others who write on this blog insulting professionals, politics, military, police, etc.

  18. G.Iovane: Do you really expect the readers of this blog will believe your assertion that "tracking" publicly available information on the internet about your science work and criticize it is an illegal act? Come on, you're not serious.

    Eugenio: Chinnici's PhD thesis (and Iovane's as well) is based on El Naschie's obscure theory which is widely regarded as fringe/crackpot. And that has nothing to do with anybody's surname.

  19. This comment has been removed by the author.

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