Tuesday, January 4, 2011

How to avoid referees and publish nonsense

On 6 Nov 2007, E. Conte, A. Khrennikov, A. Federici, J. P. Zbilut submitted a paper to the arXiv. Here it is:

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On 16 October 2008, Chaos, Solitons and Fractals (CSF) accepted it for publication -- with small changes.

Can you spot the difference?

The version that made it into CSF has had El Naschie's name rammed into the title and abstract! The result was that an already too-long title became a joke title. We made fun of it in Brain waves, golden, fractal, fractal, fractal but weren't aware of the arXiv version.

Other things to notice are that it was communicated by Prof. W. Martienssen and that a paper by Weiss and Weiss is cited. That paper is shown below. I am amused to see that the authors are "indebted" to M.S. El Naschie, and that it was

Submitted to Nature, 17 November 2002, and rejected the following day

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A similar paper by Weiss and Weiss, The golden mean as clock cycle of brain waves, also found its way into CSF. It, also, has had El Naschie inserted into the abstract. (Actually this may be the one cited by Conte, et al., I'm not sure.)

El Nabulsi is another CSF author who learned always to cite El Naschie. I wonder how many CSF papers don't mention the great man.

The graphic is based on a movie poster for A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum.

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  1. El Naschie's Rosa Al-Youssef column is up for Thursday, January 6. Internet wars. Original Arabic or Google's English translation.

    The great man talks about «Wikileaks», «Byzantine Candor» and the «Stuxnet» worm. El Naschie is not an expert in «Cyber War» any more than he is an expert in nanotechnology or physics, so what he has to say is limited to what he reads in the supermarket checkout line, i.e., not very interesting. Continued tomorrow.

  2. It is funny that El Naschie forced the authors to cite the paper by H. and V. Weiss. Seems to follow the slogan "Cranks from all scientific feilds, unite!"

    Volkmar Weiss is indeed a very debatable scientist:

    born 1944, in the GDR he was an anthropologist working about the social background of mathematically talented children, later writing a habilitation about the social history of Sachsen, in 1990 he was leader of the DSU (a right-wing party) in Sachsen and worked since 1995(?) as chef of the German Institute for Genealogy. Since 2005 he was external expert (proposed by the NPD) in the enquete commission "Demografische Entwicklung und ihre Auswirkungen für die Lebensbereiche der Menschen im Freistaat Sachsen sowie ihrer Folgen für die politischen Handlungsfelder".

    His main 'scientifical' contributions are about the heredibality of intelligence. His theories are considered to be in the before-45-tradition, see http://www.taz.de/1/archiv/archiv/?dig=2005/08/08/a0096 A typical example are his statements about cigans: "„Die Zigeuner stellen also auch heute noch das entspannte Leben vor den wirtschaftlichen und sonstigen Erfolg. Noch immer ähneln sie Mitgliedern von Urgesellschaften, die, ohne auf Mehrwert zu schielen, gerade soviel arbeiten, daß es zum Leben reicht."

    The taz wrote in 2005: "Auf seiner privaten Homepage findet sich neben Auszügen aus der "IQ-Falle" ein Vortrag, den Weiss 2004 bei der Jungen Union hielt. Vordergründig geht es darin um die bevorstehende "Rentenkatastrophe". Seine größte Sorge aber gilt der "Bestandserhaltung" der Deutschen.
    Die Nationalsozialisten hätten dieses Ziel erreicht, lobt Weiss. "Politisch hatte man sich zwar viel höhere Ziele gesteckt, aber immerhin, man war nicht erfolglos." Er spricht sich daher für eine gezielte Bevölkerungspolitik aus. Denn, so Weiss, sinnlose, unbegrenzte Vermehrung gebe es nur noch im Tierreich - und bei der Familie Ussama Bin Ladens sowie jüdischen Fundamentalisten."

  3. Here is tk's link: Original German Leipziger Vererbungslehre in NS-Tradition or Google's English translation Leipzig genetics in Nazi tradition. Google translates the quotes as follows:

    "The Gypsies set so still the relaxed life of the economic and other success. They still look like members of primitive societies, the squint, without added value to work, just enough that it is enough to live on."


    "On his personal homepage, in addition to excerpts from the "IQ-case"a presentation that gave the white boys in the 2004 Union. Ostensibly it is about the impending "retirement disaster. " His biggest concern, however, is the "conservation" of the Germans.

    The Nazis had achieved that goal, praised Weiss. "Politically, it had set itself but much higher targets, but still, no one was unsuccessful." It is therefore in a targeted population policy. For, so give Weiss, senseless, unlimited proliferation is only in the animal kingdom - and Osama Bin Laden's family and Jewish fundamentalists.

  4. Hi Thilo, I didn't know it was you :).