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Iovane's promotion to associate professor

Claudio and Sergiy, in a comment in the previous post, provided the following PDF in Italian with details of an assessment leading to Iovane's associate professor position in Salerno. The part about Iovane begins on page three.

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Here's Google's translation into English of the relevant part:

Comparative assessment procedure for filling a post of associate professor
Faculty of Engineering, University of Salerno - Academic Area
disciplinary MAT/05 - G.U. of the Italian Republic n. 02 of 01.09.2004
Summary report compiled on 16/09/2004 - No Attachment 6
Curriculum Description:
Date of Birth: 05/05/1972
Degree: Physics, 1996
Ph.D. Physics, Univ Salerno 2000. PhD student (third year) in Mathematics.
Location univ.: Researcher (MAT-07) University of Salerno in 2002.
Fellowships: Post Graduate (Salerno, 1 year), a student where he Nunziatella
held the rank of instructor chosen for research grant DIIMA (1
year), contractor (7 months in 2001) at the Astronomical Observatory of
Capodimonte, appointed to teach Physics and Mathematics and Physics in
schools, National Instruments Awards from 2001 to 2003
Study abroad: Geneva (CERN, 1 year and 2 months in 1995 and 1998), and was invited to Iasi
Educational and organizational activities: in the academic year 1999/2000 held a training course in
Physics. Since 2000 she has taught continuously in Math
level of exercises and examinations. At present he has a course in Analysis
Mathematics. He has taught a course in digital signal processing and
in mathematical logic has organized a conference in 2003 and a series of
conference in 2000. Referee of Europhysics, Rapporteur of 7 theses.
Member of the Board of the University of Salerno (2 years since 1995). Responsible
Group Ixfin (start up a laboratory and image analysis
Vision systems), a PON project on e-learning, a group of
CRMPA simulation, a platform e-learning (IWT), a
FAR Sim-Learning project. Deputy coordinator of the CoE "Methods and Systems
for learning and knowledge. " Coordinator of Data Analysis
SLOTT-AGAPE.). He worked as a consultant in high technology and
environment. She is also dedicated to science.
Papers presented: 6, 5 of which are in collaboration.
Research topics: At the Candidate has worked on problems in physics
(Elastic continuum mechanics, the theory of gravitational fields and optics) and
within mathematical physicist (study of integral equations with core
ipersingolare born of fractures in porous media). Currently, the lines
research are not Gaussian stochastic processes and fractal-type
wavelet and multiwavelet analysis applied to image recognition and
machine vision systems.
Evaluation of qualifications and publications
Findings of prof. Prestini
Only the issues of a small part of the production of the candidate can be considered
not far from bankruptcy issues. Various educational activities. Emphasize the organizational activity.
Findings of prof. Colli
The publications submitted for evaluation are of good quality and are involved in processes
similar to each other and problems for stochastic porous media and periodic structures. Very active candidate
and eclectic, has an intense research, conducted mostly in
collaboration, which has ranged over various issues, some of them close to his training in
physical. Several findings are published in prestigious international journals. Relevant
wide and varied teaching activities. Presents an enormous organizational and qualified
Findings of prof. Vespers
Candidate eclectic and brilliant. Use in an intelligent manner, the tools of Mathematics
the knowledge acquired in physics and mathematical physics. Remarkable is the use of PDE's on
fractal space to explain physical phenomena such as clustering of galaxies and the parameter
acceleration of the universe (inflationary expansion theory). Even more remarkable
and only in the Italian is the ability to deliver business initiatives in the knowledge
accessible by new technologies mathematical (as demonstrated by the various industrial projects which
responsible). Large teaching. Exceptional organizational skills.
Findings of prof. Mariconda
Very diverse interests, many publications in physics and applications. Publications
presented relate primarily to problems of elasticity and fractals. Huge capacity
organizing, disseminating, in the personal computing experience. Discrete teaching.
Findings of prof. Ragusa
Scientific activities especially in collaboration. Can be inferred very good experiences in designing,
analysis and programming hardware and software. Educational activities including courses
Mathematics, Physics Education and Digital signal processing of images.
Many international contacts.
Findings college:
Candidate eclectic, very active and dynamic, with a research activity that has ranged over several
fields. Teaching is varied. Of exceptional importance in the context of organizational activity
applications and industrial research.
Evaluation of the discussion on scientific papers submitted
Findings of prof. Prestini:
More than good in relation to the first two criteria, good in relation to third.
Findings of prof. Hills:
Clear and passionate presentation of the results contained in the publications submitted to
Findings of prof. Vespers:
Carefully presented that demonstrates the power of the topics.
Findings of prof. Mariconda:
Lively presentation mainly focused on physical applications. Good skills
of matter.
Findings of prof. Ragusa:
Good organization of the material and mastery of subject matter.
Findings college:
Very accurate presentation of the publications submitted for assessment in which he shows the
expertise in the topics covered.
Evaluation of teaching test
Findings of prof. Prestini:
Vouchers to the first criterion, discrete in relation to the other two.
Findings of prof. Hills:
Lesson quite clear and well established although hasty presentation of the arguments.
Findings of prof. Vespers:
An exhibition too fast. Still shows a good mastery of the subject.
Findings of prof. Mariconda:
Mastery of the subject. Improved teaching effectiveness.
Findings of prof. Ragusa:
Lesson packed with information, greater care in the presentation of the concepts would be served
overall teaching effectiveness. Good command of the subject.
Findings college:
Good mastery, the discrete presentation of the topic.
Candidate mature

Dear Iovane supporters Livio = Pedro and Umberto G. = Eugenio = Sergiy: Using different names for your comments is silly. You are welcome to do it; I won't ban you for it; but it's silly.

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  1. You can get email list of Iovane colleagues from

  2. You can find good photo for Iovane receiving prize certificate. Really he remembered us with the great man.
    You can use google search for image and you can get more

  3. I do not understand, why his referees were unable to understand that Iovane's papers are nonsense.

    What do we have here?

    Is it a math department full of idiots who can not figure out what is correct research and what is not?

    Or do we have a corrupt math department, where "connections", "friendships", perhaps influence from some mafia, or connections to some whealthy big-business friends are more important for qualification as a math professor than are correct research articles.

  4. "Or do we have a corrupt math department, where "connections", "friendships", perhaps influence from some mafia..."

    Anonymous, check the country of the University, I think you've answered your own question. ;)

  5. Some biography about Iovane in Italian Language
    Gerardo Iovane
    Nato a Salerno (SA), il 5 maggio 1972. Ha conseguito la Laurea con lode in Fisica nel 1996, il titolo di Dottore di
    Ricerca in Fisica nel 2000 trascorrendo parte significativa del dottorato presso i Laboratori Internazionali del CERN di
    Ginevra, nel 2005 ha conseguito il titolo di Dottore di Ricerca in Matematica, nel 2007 il titolo d ell ‟Istituto Alti Studi
    per la Difesa. Nel 2002 è ricercatore universitario nel settore di Fisica Matematica e dal 2005 è professore associato, nel
    settore Analisi Matematica, presso il Dipartimento di Ingegneria dell'Informazione e Matematica Attualmente i suoi
    interesse scientifici si focalizzano sui Metodi e Modelli Matematici applicati alle scienze esatte con particolare
    riferimento ai temi legati allo studio dei Sistemi Dinamici, della Complessità, della Sicurezza e della Biometria con
    nuove metodologi e informatiche di image processing.E ‟ autore di circa centocinquanta articoli scientifici su riviste
    internazionali,libri,saggi e contributi a conferenza.E ‟ stato Direttore Scientifico prima e Direttore Generale poi del
    Centro di Ricerca CEMSAC; è edit ore di diversi Riviste Scientifiche Internazionali.E ‟ Esperto Scientifico presso il
    Ministero dell ‟Università e della Ricerca e presso il Ministero delle Politiche Agricole Alimentari e Forestali è
    responsabile di diversi progetti di ricerca nazionali sulla Sicurezza; è, inoltre, Consigliere Scientifico del Comandante
    del C4 (Comando Controllo Comunicazioni e Computer)della Difesa,è membro dell ‟Osservatorio Nazionale sulla
    Sicurezza (OSN) presso il CeMiSS del Centro Alti Studi Difesa (CASD), è membro del Comitato Scientifico del Centro
    Alti Studi per la Lotta al Terrorismo e alla Violenza Politica (Ce.A.S.),è Rappresentante Nazionale alla NATO (per l ‟
    RTA - Research and Technology Agency)per i Task Group:TG 50 “NATO HLA Working Group ”e TG 51.

    Translated through Bing
    Gerardo Iovane
    Born in Salerno (SA), may 5, 1972. She graduated with honours in Physics in 1996, Ph.d.
    Research in Physics in 2000, spending a significant part of the doctorate at the CERN laboratories in International
    Geneva, in 2005 he received a PhD in mathematics, in 2007 the title d ' ell Studies Institute
    for the defence. In 2002, is an academic researcher in the field of mathematical physics and since 2005 is associate professor in the
    Mathematical Analysis field, at the Department of information engineering, and Mathematics at present its
    scientific interests focus on methods and mathematical models applied to exact sciences with particular
    reference to issues related to the study of dynamical systems, complexity, security and Biometrics with
    new basic knowledge and computer image processing.Streaming author of about 150 scientific articles on magazines
    International, books, papers and contributions to the Conference.And ' been Scientific Director before and then General Manager of
    CEMSAC Research Centre; you edit hours of several international scientific journals. streaming at the Scientific Expert
    Ministero dell ' Università e della Ricerca and the Ministero delle Politiche Agricole Alimentari e Forestali
    responsible for various research projects on National Security; is also scientific advisor of the master
    the C4 (Command Control Communications and computers), is a member of the National Observatory on q120
    Security (OSN) at the CeMiSS del Centro Alti Studi Difesa (CASD), is a member of the Scientific Committee of the Centre
    Studies for the fight against terrorism and political violence (Ce.A.S), is the National Representative to NATO (per l '
    RTA-Research and Technology Agency) for the Task Group: TG 50 "BORN HLA Working Group" and TG 51.

  6. "check the country of the University"

    Prev anon -- I think that comment was very unfair.
    I personally know many excellent Italian mathematicians who would be highly regarded in any university in the world.

    As for the situation, it might be that Iovane's work is of very uneven quality & some of it might be legitimate. (I am not going to invest any time to check, sorry.) He is clearly considered an organizational/administrative genius by those around him, capable of attracting both money & visibility to their department. His interests are eclectic & varied enough for most of the evaluators to be unable to personally verify the scientific value of his work. Except that nobody would admit it in such a procedure. Instead, they write vague/non-committal praise, basing it on impact factors of journals & the number of citations, grants, conferences, etc.

  7. The Director of the department of prof Iovane is prof Saverio Salerno And he was pupil of the fields medal Enrico Bombieri, now at Princeton. You are defacing the math with your ignorance.

  8. If this department has at least one respectable mathematician, then one should point them to iovane's completely wrong articles.

    Everyone having some basic degree can see that most of iovanes articles are wrong and do not make sense.

    If the department where iovane teaches is just a little bit interested its scientific reputation, the only choice is to fire iovane immediately from all his university positions. Furthermore, the department has to investigate whether the academic degrees of iovane have to be removed. As iovanes mathematical phd thesis is nonsensica, it seems that at least the mathematical phd degree of iovane must be revoked.

    Otherwise, the reputation of this math department is severely in danger, given the amount of nonsense which is produced there by iovane.

  9. anonymous,you want to play! Iovane is a member of the team of prof Salerno; he owes him his career.

  10. Then one must check salernos publications for correctness, too.
    From what I can say at this time, at least some more recent articles of him do not look as high quality work but are just crackpot articles, too.

    For example this one:


    Gerardo Iovane Dipartimento di Ingegneria dell'Informazione e Matematica Applicata, Università di Salerno, Italia

    Saverio Salerno Dipartimento di Ingegneria dell'Informazione e Matematica Applicata, Università di Salerno, Italia

    In this paper, we analyze some dynamical systems, whose motion is not on continuous path, but on a fractal one. Starting from El Naschie's space time and E-Infinity theory.....

  11. Now do you want attack also the head prof Salerno? And alter ...also Bombieri field medalist? Just because they cited El naschie? I cannot tell about Elnashie, but Iovane and Salerno sere among my best professore when i was students in engineering. They Are very resistere And well lied in Italy, they are really golf people.

  12. Piero wrote:
    They Are very resistere And well lied in Italy, they are really golf people.
    end quote.

    This may be an argument in italy, especially, if someone, whith whom you go to golf knows other nice people, like some godfather of a sicillian mafia clan.

    But in science, especially in mathematics, someone like iovane, who mostly publishes wrong papers does not deserve to teach and research at a university.

    And no, (at least until now) I have not found one single paper of Enrico Bombieri that cites el-naschie (what of a wonder).

    It is obvious that no serious educadet mathematician can publish or even cite texts like those of el naschie, j.j. He, Rössler, or Iovane.

    The articles of Iovane that i have seen disagree even with basic methods of mathematical argumentation.

    This disagreement can be seen by everyone who has completed a typical introductionary course for mathematicians.

    Because of this extreme disagreement, I still somewhat fail to see, how Iovane could get such positive referee reports.