Thursday, January 20, 2011

Mohamed El Naschie mistaken for a scientist

It has happened again.

A 20 January 2011 post by Hilali Mtolq on Alhilal gives biographical sketches of various scientists. Nobel Prize winner Ahmed Zewail is there, heart surgeon Magdi Yacoub, NASA scientist Farouk El-Baz, and others. But Hilali Mtolq hasn't got the memo about Mohamed El Naschie, and thinks he's a real scientist. Original Arabic or Google's English translation. Here is the predictable boilerplate about El Naschie:

د/ محمد النشائي
Dr / Mohamed El Naschie

محمد النشائى عالم فيزياء شهير على مستوى العالم وهو مصرى الأصل، سافر إلى ألمانيا فى الخامسة عشرة من عمره ليستكمل تعليمه، وتخرج فى جامعة هانوفر الألمانية عام 1968، وعمل قرابة ثلاث سنوات في بعض الشركات العاملة في مجال تصميم الشوارع والكباري ثم ذهب إلى إنجلترا وحول مساره من دراسة الهندسة الإنشائية لدراسة الميكانيكا التطبيقية، ونال درجتي الماجستير والدكتوراه في هذا التخصص من جامعة لندن. Mohamed El Naschie physicist famous in the world, an Egyptian origin, he traveled to Germany in five-year-old to complete his education, and graduated from the University of Hanover, Germany in 1968, and served nearly three years in some of the companies operating in the design of streets and bridges and then went to England and around the track Study of Structural Engineering to study Applied Mechanics, and received a master's degree and doctorate in this specialty from the University of London.
عمل النشائي محاضراً في جامعة لندن ثم سافر للمملكة العربية السعودية ثم أمريكا ليلتحق بالعمل في معامل لاس آلاموس، وهناك تحول للعلوم النووية، وبعدها انتقل لجامعة كمبريدج، واستطاع بعد قيامه بالعديد من التجارب والأبحاث تصحيح بعض الأخطاء والمفاهيم العلمية التي حوتها نظرية النسبية العامة لأينشتين، ثم قدم نظريته الشهيرة التى أطلق عليها نظرية «القوى الأساسية الموحدة» وظل النشائى يعمل أستاذاً بقسم الرياضيات والطبيعة النظرية بجامعة كمبريدج ببريطانيا لمدة 11 عاماً، نجح خلالها في تأسيس أول مجلة علمية في العلوم غير الخطية وتطبيقات العلوم النووية، وتصدر هذه المجلة في ثلاث دول هي أمريكا وإنجلترا وهولندا. El Naschie worked as a lecturer at the University of London and then traveled to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and America to join the work in the labs Los Alamos, and there is a shift of nuclear science, and then moved to Cambridge University, and was able after he carried out many experiments and research to correct some errors and scientific concepts that whale general theory of relativity to Einstein, then presented his famous theory, which called the theory of «the fundamental forces unified» remained El Naschie professor, Department of Mathematics and Theoretical Physics of the University of Cambridge in the UK for 11 years, which he managed to establish the first scientific journal in the non-linear applications of nuclear science, and issues of this magazine in three countries: America and England and the Netherlands.
وقد أحدثت أبحاث النشائى ثورة في مجالات العلوم بما فيها العلوم الذرية وعلوم النانوتكنولوجي التي تدرس في المنطقة المحصورة ما بين العلوم الذرية والعلوم الكيميائية، كما استخدمت وكالة الفضاء الأمريكية «ناسا» أبحاثه في بعض تطبيقاتها، وقام مركز الفيزياء النظرية التابع لجامعة فرانكفورت الألمانية، والذي يعد أكبر وأشهر مراكز الأبحاث الطبيعية في أوربا بتكريمه كأستاذ متميز لدوره في تطوير نظرية يطلق عليها اصطلاحيا «الزمكان كسر كانتورى» نسبة إلى العالم الألماني جورج كانتورى. Research has brought Naschie revolution in the fields of science, including Science Agency and the science of nanotechnology that are taught in the area bounded between Science Agency and Chemical Sciences, also the U.S. space agency «NASA» used his research in some applications, and the Centre for Theoretical Physics at the University of Frankfurt, Germany, which is largest and most prestigious research centers in Europe natural distinguished professor honored for his role in the development of the conventional theory of so-called «Cantorian space-time» relative to the German scientist George Cantor.
وللنشائي عدد ضخم من الأبحاث المنشورة في مجلات علمية دولية لها تطبيقات مهمة في مجالات الفيزياء النووية وفيزياء الجسيمات، وقد أوردت الجمعية الأمريكية للرياضيات أكثر من مائة بحث من أبحاثه، في حين أن متوسط عدد الأبحاث التي أوردتها المجلة نفسها لأي من العلماء المتخصصين لا يزيد على العشرين بحثاً، وهو ما دفع علماء نالوا جائزة نوبل في الفيزياء لترشيحه أكثر من مرة لنيل الجائزة نفسها And El Naschie a large number of papers published in international scientific journals have important applications in the fields of nuclear physics and particle physics, was reported by the American Society of Mathematics more than a hundred search of his research, while the average number of papers cited by the magazine itself of any of the specialist scientists no more than twenty search, which prompted scientists who won the Nobel Prize in Physics to call for his nomination more than once to win the award himself.

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  1. Physics full professorJanuary 23, 2011 at 4:45 AM

    SHAME! El Naschie is the greatest living scientist

  2. Physics full professorJanuary 23, 2011 at 4:53 AM

    El Naschie's ideas will be tested experimentally. If it happens, what do you do?

  3. I'm not sure if you're kidding. Are you really a full professor of physics? Where?

  4. Physics full professorJanuary 23, 2011 at 10:48 AM

    I am a full professor in Rome. Who are you? Perhaps the universe has really a fractal structure. You know the meaning of fractal dimension?

  5. I'm Jason and this is my blog. My background is in math, not physics. I know about fractal dimension.

    Even in principle there is no experiment that could confirm El Naschie's so-called E-infinity theory. It is meaningless numerological nonsense.

  6. Physics full professorJanuary 23, 2011 at 11:38 AM

    The consequences of a fractal theory could be tested experimentally. Perhaps the fractal dimension could explain the observations of Type Ia supernovae.

  7. Type Ia supernovae? How? I think you're pulling our legs.

  8. Physics full professorJanuary 23, 2011 at 1:00 PM

    The results of the observations may depend on the speed of light that is not constant. We are doing studies on the varying speed of light theories. A fractal space-time predicts a varying speed of light that explains also the horizons problem.

  9. It is good that you are a full professor in Rome.

    In fact El naschie E-infinity theory does not need the support of type Ia supernovae, it is already confirmed in fiber wool fractal geometry and in the study of liver and kidney. The implications of E-infinity on Nanotechnology is very striking and clear. On the blog here you find a book authored by the great Huan He on E-infinity Nanotechnology

    I hope that you are going to spread these ideas in Rome, we can even more help you to spread it between your colleagues. If you are generous to give your name then you could have a section devoted for you here on this blog like Huan He. It seems you are highly evaluating El naschie as a person and also his theory. Which is rather good and maybe you could defend the idea of great man here on this blog to demonstrate that you are a full or fool professor.

  10. Physics full professor:

    It's a pitty that your IP address doesn't resolve to any academical institution or city near Rome. In fact your IP resolves to the same ISP provider (a commercial one - not even close to an academical institution) and the same region of Italy (quite far away from Rome) as the IPs of "Livio" and "Pedro."

  11. :)

    Lets all be nice to Physics full professor. Don't publish his IP address. Physics full professor, I want you to feel welcome on El Naschie Watch.

  12. Physics full professorJanuary 23, 2011 at 4:21 PM

    Who are Livio and Pedro? I'm realizing that you're joking. I've been stupid to believe that this was a serious blog. I am traveling for work and study. I'm full professor to Sapienza university. The fractal space-time will explain also the singularity problem of the standard model of bigbang. Wait a few years. If it happens, what to write about this blog?

  13. "A fractal space-time predicts a varying speed of light"

    Isn't the speed of light in a vacuum constant? I think it is.

    Livio and Pedro are commenters on El Naschie Watch who share an IP address in Naples.

  14. We at El Naschie Watch Blog care about the privacy of our readers. But if someone visits this blog on a daily basis from the same IP based in Naples, then his claim to be a full professor at La Sapienza in Rome can be regarded only as a joke. And claims such as "wait a few years" are a typical repertoire of proponents of crackpot theories.

  15. Physics full professorJanuary 24, 2011 at 5:04 AM

    "El Naschie is the greatest living scientist"
    was clearly a provocation but I really do not understand the purpose of this blog. I read that you mentioned in an offensive way also a great mathematician. Are you really a mathematician, you should know that a theoretical physics paper must be evaluated differently from a mathematical paper. You would have ridiculed also Einstein or Schrodinger for example. In the future maybe there will be funny the dark energy concept or inflationary cosmology for example. In theoretical physics must have the courage to propose new ideas and we need to see what ideas predict. Barrow suggests varying speed of light. I can't believe that you consider him a fool. Why you not accept the idea of fractal space-time? I personally believe that the distribution of matter in the Universe is fractal. The unethical behavior of El Naschie as editor of CSF is indisputable.
    I'm curious to read an El Naschie's paper. Where can I read a paper where he explains his theory?
    I'm really a full professor of physics.
    Good. I'm writing from Naples, but I live and work in Rome.

  16. "I read that you mentioned in an offensive way also a great mathematician."

    I have no idea who you're talking about, and I don't believe you're a physics professor. You are welcome to comment here though. Glad to have you. Make sure you read the Introduction to Mohamed El Naschie if you don't know the purpose of this blog.

  17. These are all the full professors of La Sapienza in any discipline of physics:
    ALIPPI Adriano
    BACHELET Giovanni Battista
    BAGNAIA Paolo
    BIANCONI Antonio
    CALVANI Paolo
    CAMETTI Cesare
    CANTELLI Rosario
    CAPIZZI Mario
    CAPONE Antonio
    CASTELLANI Claudio
    CICCOTTI Giovanni
    DE PASQUALE Ferdinando
    DEGASPERIS Antonio
    DIONISI Carlo
    DOPLICHER Sergio
    FERRARI Valeria
    FERRONI Fernando
    GIGANTE Giovanni Ettore
    GUERRA Francesco
    IAROCCI Enzo
    LONGO Egidio
    LOVERRE Pier Ferruccio
    LUSIGNOLI Maurizio
    MAIANI Luciano
    MARIANI Carlo
    MARINARI Vincenzo
    MATALONI Paolo
    PALUMBO Luigi
    PARISI Giorgio
    PARISI Valerio
    PENSO Gianni
    PIETRONERO Luciano
    RICCI Fulvio
    RUFFINI Remo
    RUOCCO Giancarlo
    SANTINI Paolo Maria
    SCIORTINO Francesco
    SCIUBBA Adalberto
    SIBILIA Concetta
    SUTERA Alfonso
    TESTA Massimo
    VULPIANI Angelo
    Which one are you?

  18. Physics full professorJanuary 24, 2011 at 5:40 AM

    """El Naschie supporters or sock puppets threaten to kill me.""" But it is a joke or are you serious? El Naschie isn't a professor????? Photoshop????
    Before I refer to the mathematician Salerno. Can I read an El Naschie paper? Thanks for the welcome.

  19. Physics full professorJanuary 24, 2011 at 5:44 AM

    I believe that you're a mathematician. Please, you believe me that I am a theoretical physics

  20. Physics full professorJanuary 24, 2011 at 5:50 AM

    How did you find the fake photo? It's incredible!

  21. I am 100% serious and I am glad you apparently read the Introduction, as I surmise from your amazed questions. Gerardo Iovane isn't a great mathematician, in fact he's completely incompetent.

    To read some of El Naschie's papers, see:

    His new website, and
    E-Infinity communications, which he writes most of.

    Also see his old website, where he proudly displays an intimate scene of himself with three Nobel laureates. Photoshopped.

    Regarding Iovane, the bottom of the post Gerardo Iovane's anti-pedophile virus has links to our several articles about him.

  22. El Naschie Watch readers discovered the Vlieland source photo for the Nobel laureates photoshop.

  23. You must mean S. Salerno, a coauthor of Iovane as mentioned in Gerardo Iovane's math PhD: Cantorian space-time. All I know about him is that he's Iovane's coauthor. That's a bad sign.

  24. To Physics full professor
    Fractal geometry could have relevance to particle physics nobody objects that. It has also relevance in wide range of phenomena ranging from physics, biology,.... to economy, nobody also objects that.

    The objections are related to the work of El naschie who was claiming to use fractal geometry and was able to explain everything according to his claim. The work of El naschie is obviously nonsense and it doesn't need a huge background on physics and mathematics to realize that. We repeat for the thousand times that El naschie's fraudulence is evident even for non-specialist.

    Maybe you could go through John Baez's material where he criticized El naschie's work

    This is for example a typical abstract for El naschie's paper

    “On the universality class of all universality classes and E-infinity spacetime physics”

    M.S. El Naschie,

    King Abdul Aziz City of Science and Technology, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

    Available online 18 October 2006.

    It is argued that E-infinity theory may represent the universality class of all universality classes of certain discrete dynamical maps which are at the root of relevant field theories. First we give a concise derivation of the basic equations of E-infinity and its ground state. Subsequently it is shown that the independence of the results obtained from the details of any equations of motion or Lagrangian is a clear indication that E-infinity may represent the universality class of all universality classes in the sense of Cantor with regard to relevant quantum field theories.

    Again our objections is on El naschie's works and not on using fractal geometry in physics or whatever.

  25. Physics full professor, Zahy's previous sarcastic remarks may have been lost on you because you are a newcomer to this blog. He is amused by the various applications of El Naschie's E-infinity theory.

    Here is Zahy's recent link enabled:

  26. Just to throw in my two cents worth:

    R. Coldea, et al., "Quantum Criticality in an Ising Chain: Experimental Evidence for Emergent E8 Symmetry", Science 327, 177 (2010)

    reported a Golden Ratio mass dependence in a magnetic quasiparticle experiment. Of course, the research team referenced Zamolodchikov's E8 application, but we should be open-minded enough to admit that any 5-fold symmetry (E8 has 240=5x48 roots) contains the pentagram, 72-36-72 degree triangles, and the Golden Ratio. (And as I previously mention on ENW, Baez has used some 5-fold symmetries in his older work - it arises from the Pentachoron).

    I'm not necessarily approving all of El Naschie's uses of the Golden Ratio, but don't ignore the Golden Ratio.

    Regarding Nottale's Scales, a physical infinity cannot exist within a finite Observable Universe (13.7 billion light years is finite). I think that Dirac's Large Number of ~10^41 sets the scale limit for our Observable Universe (our scale is bounded on the high end by the speed-of-light scale limit which we cannot see beyond, and on the low end by Planck's scale limit which we cannot see within).

    But we also observe larger numbers and their inverses - such as the "Cosmological Constant" of ~10^(-123) and the Black Hole Information limit of 10^123. It is mathematically improbable and philosophically unreasonable to expect fine-tuning on this order of magnitude.

    Therefore, either: 1) 10^123 is a geometrical power of Dirac's Large Number 10^123=(10^41)^3 OR 2) 10^123 (and its inverse) represent "leakage" from a scale of greater complexergy (complexity-energy) than ours - an unseen, but felt (via the above mentioned physical effects) Cantor set Multiverse.

    Real people are welcome to check out my FQXi essay at:

    but please - don't monopoloize the thread with sock puppets.

    I remember that your IP tracker originally said I was blogging from Ohio instead of Tallahassee, Florida. Have you gotten that fixed?

    Have Fun!

  27. Physics full professorJanuary 24, 2011 at 8:05 AM

    Thanks for the informations. Now I read. Salerno is a great mathematician. 100% guaranteed.

  28. Physics full professorJanuary 24, 2011 at 10:29 AM

    I'm not understanding reading the papers what should be E-Infinity. Roosler is a supporter of El Naschie?

  29. Yes. See Who are the members of the E-infinity group? They revealed their membership inadvertently.

  30. Ray, you show up as Tallahassee, Florida. Sorry your post just above was delayed. It got stuck in the spam filter.

  31. Ray, it's funny you urge sock puppets not to show up on FQXi's forum since it's infested with El Naschie's sock puppets with whom you also communicated a lot.

  32. Maybe Salerno was a good scientist but now I have a doubt that he is a good one. One who published many papers on El naschie's theory, which is obviously nonsense, this automatically means that either this person doesn't know physics nor math or he is a crook. It is up to you, Physics full professor, to choose for Salerno.

  33. So much for the "expert" physicists and necessity/credibility of peer review: