Saturday, January 1, 2011

More hits from Hoocoodanode

Welcome, Hoocoodanode readers.

User skk on Hoocoodanode, who linked to El Naschie Watch before, turns out to be quite a fan of this blog.

I like this citation:

Separately, I'll pass on that essay to another blogger who writes El Naschie Watch, (which exposes certain crackpots who have entered some deep math areas) who got into it with a NY Times reporter about the lack of attribution:

And this one:

Mann, today I really set about sending that essay by Tanta on the MSM to the blog the discusses the El Naschie fraud (if it wasn't math I wdn't give it much of a shit) -

Freakin' hell I can't find a contact address easily. I know who he is of course - its Jason no not THAT Jason, or even JSON, its a real Jason - he does out himself in the blog, regularly.

This publishing aspect of the tubez fascinates me.

Warning - promo alert - anybody uninterested in deep math should stop here.

Dr. Mohamed El Naschie is pseudoscientist crackpot who makes grandiose claims about being a "paradigm-shifting" high-energy physicist. He also claims that he deserves the Nobel Prize several times over, and has been nominated for it, but that it has been denied him because he's Egyptian, Muslim, and named Mohamed. He does not tolerate criticism and has earned a reputation as a legal bully.

El Naschie was born in 1943 in Cairo to one of Egypt's richest families, from which he inherited great wealth. He owns fabulous properties in Egypt, Germany and England. He earned a doctorate in civil or structural engineering from University College London in 1974, but has no physics or math degree, not even an undergraduate one. For a few years he published conventional, unremarkable engineering papers. But he soon decided he'd rather be a theoretical physicist than an engineer...

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  1. I have said in one of those posts that I have dearly loved Palestinian friends.
    Apart from that:
    Whoah .

    This is a very serious subject. I struggle hard to understand math/nature.

    It fuckin' pisses me off that people just glibly state things and work the system to make it truthy (c/f Stephen Colbert).


    O. yeah once again - my wife and I grew up with Palestinians and we were(197x) completely familiar with the issues.