Thursday, January 6, 2011

Prof. Gerardo Iovane to call Interpol, Internet cops

If this continues I will be obliged to inform the Italian Communications Police [the Polizia Postale e delle Comunicazioni] and Interpol for the right, the assessments and any measure for the attacks against my person, the Italian Parliament, the Government, the military and some Italian Private Companies.

There are many superb comments on Report on Brotherhood member Gerardo Iovane and Gerardo Iovane's math PhD: Cantorian space-time. Read all the comments in both threads.

Posts about Prof. Gerardo Iovane:

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  1. > There are many superb comments ... in both threads

    But many are just repeats.

    Your newest friend Gerardo is clearly delusional about many things, but he might indeed have friends in high (or low places).

    Looking at the Bing "Birdseye view" of Wallingford, Seattle (much better than the Google satellite view since it allows rotating from a lower angle), there's already visible the black Interpol cars with Italian license plates closing in on your location. But they're about to learn that Jason Hasten is really Jason Bourne...

  2. For some serious people and excellent professor, as prof.Iovane, the web and internet are serious and relevant questions, an extra dimension of life; while for other people - like as these bloggers - the web, the net and internet are just another unserious game for kill the time. For these reasons it is really very relevant to work not only on technology but also on the security culture, the international threats and laws. it is important to fix a limit for distinguishing between Democrazy to Anarchy. Today internet is becoming an weapon system in the hands of inexperienced individuals who knowingly attack people and institutions with the almost certainty of not being prosecuted.

  3. He's not serious. He has 27 papers mentioning El Naschie in Chaos, Solitons and Fractals. You can't get any less serious than that.

    We still want to know the title of his physics dissertation, and the name of the advisor of his math dissertation. Please... at least tell me it wasn't... Mohamed El Naschie. That would be too much.

  4. Claudio and SergiyJanuary 7, 2011 at 3:38 AM

    Jason, what is about your institution and position?
    You are really obsessed with this El naschie? You cannot attack a researcher since he quoted Elnaschie’s papers.
    Professor Iovane was in Italian Mathematical Physics Group during the period 2002-2005 than he took a position in Analysis. His supervisors in Mathematical Physics were Mauro Francaviglia, Mauro Fabrizio, and Ettore Laserra. Probably Ettore Laserra was is supervisor in PhD Mathematical work. In Italy they are superb professors and researchers. Anyway it clearly appears your stigmatization on Elnascie since you have not cited other beautiful Iovane’s papers on ACTA MECHANICA, International Journal of Engineering Science, Nonlinear Oscillations, International Journal of Solids and Structures, Mechanics of Solids, Inverse Problems in Science and Engineering, Journal of Appl.Math. and Mechanics, Mechanics Research Communications, Ukcrainian Mathematical Journal, Journal of Thermal Stress, Wave Motion, Journal Mathematics and Mechanics of Solids, European Journal of Applied Mathematics, Computers & Mathematics with Applications, Journal of Computational Mechanics, Applied Mathematical Modelling, Journal of Nonlinear Analysis: Theory, Methods & Applications, Int.Jou. System research and Information Technologies, System Research & Information Technologies, Journal of Automation and Information Sciences,Journal of Information & Optimization Science, Rassegna dell’Arma dei Carabinieri,Journal of Discrete Mathematical Sciences & Cryptography. This just to give you some elements.
    When he obtained his professorship at UNISA he had a relevant commission with famous professors in Italy, like as Prestini, Colli and Vespri. You find this information at this link “”
    In Italy we are used to criticize someone if we are in a position to do it.
    What you say about your institution and your position in it?
    Are you an unemployed?
    Have Your academic institution has turned its back on you, since your scientific activities was not enough to take a permanent position? In this case I suggest to study more and more since in the scientific context it is important “to find and not to search”.

  5. Let's have a look at Iovanes papers in Math Reviews:

    Dynamical systems on Cantorian spacetime and applications. (English summary)
    WSEAS Trans. Math. 4
    "There will be no review of this item."

    Global attractor for impulsive reaction-diffusion equation. (English, Ukrainian summary) Nelīnīĭnī Koliv.
    "There will be no review of this item."

    Cantorian spacetime and Hilbert space. I. Foundations. (English summary)
    Chaos Solitons Fractals 28
    "There will be no review of this item."

    A 3D geometric approach to face detection and facial expression recognition. (English summary)
    J. Discrete Math. Sci. Cryptogr. 9
    "There will be no review of this item."

    On the stability of motion of systems with impulsive perturbations. (Ukrainian. English summary)
    Dopov. Nats. Akad. Nauk Ukr. Mat. Prirodozn. Tekh. Nauki 2006,
    "Neither proofs nor illustrative examples are given."

    Modal analysis of piezoelectric bodies with voids. II. Finite element simulation. (English summary)
    Appl. Math. Model. 34
    "The authors state in the abstract that "the finite element approximations of the continual equations are carried out and the finite-dimensional eigenvalue problems are obtained in the expanded and in the various reduced forms. $\dots$… As a numerical example the focusing spherical ultrasonic piezoelectric emitter fulfilled from porous piezoceramics is considered.''
    In the paper it is not stated why the numerical techniques or the results presented should be considered original. In the concluding remarks it is stated that: "By using the classical finite element approximations we have received the generalized finite-dimensional eigenproblems.'' It is not clear if the authors claim to have deduced some eigenproblems or if they quote results presented in other papers. Finally, the following statement can be found again in the concluding remarks: "It is possible to draw a conclusion, that the application of the theory for piezoelectric bodies with voids, together with the finite element techniques, will allow one to develop adequate modelling of the porous, polycrystalline and other piezocomposite materials and the device made on their basis.'' One can agree with this last generic statement: the authors do not explicitly indicate which aspect of the theory is improved or made clearer by their paper. "

  6. Previous journals cited by anonymous have two referees!
    Again I wait to know information about the Institution and position of Jason Hasten and his friends.
    But now it clearly appears that you are not scientists, but only aspirants with very low quality.
    Also here in Kiev your activity of defamation is not legal and it is not relevant if it is done on web and not in other forms.
    In addition please inform us which journals published your scientific papers and your names on the papers.
    It is truly amazing the power that the web provides criminals and impostors. Now it is an instrument of war in the hands of fools.

  7. Sergiy, your words are not original at all. They're typical for the sockpuppets of the central focus of this blog.

  8. Hi Jason,
    Can you confirm if any of IP addresses of Gerardo supporters stems from Egypt and England.
    His supporters speaks the same manner as El nsaschie's supporter and even like El naschie himself.

    I think Gerardo is afraid of El naschiewatch, if his bad reputation is circulated enough he could be fired. I hope serious researcher in INFN are reading this blog and take the right action against Gerardo, if he is really belonging to INFN. It might be a good chance to send researcher at INFN and other relevant Italian societies.

    In his great paper Chaos,Solitons and Fractals 37 (2008)23 –42
    The distribution of prime numbers:The solution comes from dynamical processes and genetic algorithms

    Gerardo acknowledged the great man
    The author wishes to thank Prof.Mohamed El Naschie,who introduced him to the relevance of dynamical processes in Nature and E -In finity Theory .......
    --This is the game rule to acknowledge and cite El naschie to get your non sense article published. This is the magic recipe.

    Finally the patent for his procedure
    --At the present the patent procedure is under de finition.Consequently,each a Computer Science procedure/algorithm,software
    solution or firmware/hardware solution for generating prime candidates and selection rules according to the results presented below for
    Public,Military/Defence and Business aims,must be de fined in agreement with the author of the present paper.The solutions which
    are obtained from the relations shown in what follows can be used for Public,Military/Defence and Business aims exclusively in
    agreement with the author of the present paper.

    --- We would like to know the final status of your patent.

  9. Answer to Shrink:
    In my country I am full professor and academician. Who are you? Just a blogger; probably an unployed of a reach family, with no art and no science that spend his time to defame people on the net. While I must give life to my family with a small salary due to the Country Conditions. But I am happy so.
    No answer about your istitutions and your work? Ops just blogger

  10. I want to know the CV of Jason

  11. Sergiy, and what's your country? What, if we tell the readers that you're commenting under different names from an IP based in Italy?

  12. Dear Friends,
    many thanks for your defence. But please do not spend other time.
    They are mischievous boys, let them play.
    Do not you see that do not respond about the institutions where they work?
    Not for their value in our work.
    I thought it was a serious thing, while it is only one way to waste time and draw attention to unknown people like them, using the names of respectable people.

  13. Sergiy, my qualifications are irrelevant. El Naschie's science is considered crackpottery and science based on El Naschie's science is crackpottery as well. Pure logical reasoning.

  14. G.Iovane: Speaking of mischievousness - tell your friend(s) to comment under one name only. Different names from a single IP is so typical of your mentor's mischievous boys, i.e., sock-puppets.

  15. Science Direct shows a grand total of roughly 38 publications (there are two other G. Iovane, one in high energy physics experiment, and one in veterinary medicine), 22 of which are in CS&F, most of which on "El Naschie E-Infinity Cantorian spacetime" and hence devoid of intellectual content.

    He has three articles with Sergiy Borysenko of Kiev,
    who could be the "Sergiy" here (or the model thereof), not in CSF but all in the journal "Nonlinear Analysis" (two in 2005 and one in 2007), another marginal Elsevier journal with at list one issue in honor of its editor-in-chief, V. Lakshmikantham, of Florida Inst Tech.

  16. I don't know El Naschie and I'm not friend of prof.Iovane. Certainly he has not made career thanks to El Naschie theory. Then this fury against him is incomprehensible.

  17. Hey, Pedro, perhaps your alter ego "Livio" (commenting from the same computer) is Iovane's friend. :)

  18. Hi Jason,
    I have sent a comment but it seems disappearing. !!!!!

  19. Zahy, they're in the blogger's spam filter, probably. Wait for Jason's to intervene.

  20. Hi Shrink and Zahy -- yes it was stuck in the spam filter. Wow, interesting comments from all sides.

  21. I think one should inform the entire staff at the university where Iovane is employed, as well as the scientific comitees where Iovane is a member of, about the low quality of Iovanes work.

    It seems that some mailings have to be sent, Jason.

  22. :) I'm not ruling it out, but our mailings are fearsome tools and should be used with discretion.

  23. Here is a list of e-mails for staff memeber working on the same department of Iovane

  24. I have sent a comment containing the e-mail list of the staff members of the same department as Iovane.

  25. Anonymous said...
    Hey, Pedro, perhaps your alter ego "Livio" (commenting from the same computer) is Iovane's friend. :)

    We are two different people. We don't personally know Iovane. We don't defend anybody. We have only participated to discussion. El Naschie is a professor? Excuse for elementary english

  26. Don't be ridiculous. Pedro. This blog is monitored for visitors:

    Who reads our blog VI

    What's your excuse now, Pedro, or should I say, Livio?

  27. We are students of university and we live in the same house.

  28. One of the above anon's included a link to a wrong Sergiy Borysenko ( The young researcher on that page has initials S.A.
    The other one, Iovane's co-author, has initials S.D.
    I was not able to find him anywhere on the web so far.

  29. If Pedro and Livio are real students, and moreover, if they are students of iovane who write a thesis under iovanes supervision, they should stop this immediately and move to another university, or at least another professor at the same university who produces correct mathematics or physics or computer science.

    The work of iovane is mostly nonsense. And this can be seen by everyone on the planet who has heard basic lectures in mathematics. As Iovane is uncovered now, the reputation of his students is also at risk. They can only be advised to move to some other professor. For making up a scientific carreer, a thesis supervised by iovane is clearly suicide.