Saturday, January 1, 2011

Reader comment disappearance explained

Blogger has enabled automatic spam filtering. It is brain-dead, and yet it cannot be turned off. Breathtaking.

There is a message on the Blogger login page for El Naschie Watch as follows:

We have enabled automatic spam detection for comments. You should occasionally check the comments in your spam inbox.

The message has been there for two or three months, I infer. I never saw it because I never log out of Blogger and hence never saw the login page.

Here is some relevant discussion:

How can I switch off the new comment spam protection? It marks all comments as spam!
chromodesk Level 1 9/4/10
there's a problem with false positives in the new spam detection.
Please, let me switch off this new feature!
Thank you,

How can I turn off the new spam filter?
Tobold Level 1 8/27/10
The new spam filter does not work very well for me. I get very little spam anyway, so all that got caught up to now was valid reader comments. Thus I would like to turn the spam filter off, but can't find the option to do so. How do I turn off the spam filter?

nitecruzr Top Contributor Official Blog*Star 9/4/10
You can actively moderate, and help train the filters. Or you can let everybody else train the filters - and accept their decisions. But you can't switch off the new system. Moderate, and help train the filters.

Best answer
The_Editrix Level 1 9/3/10
Are you REALLY telling us that this entirely unnecessary and counterproductive garbage can't be turned off? Are you out of your mind? Maybe you are just joking? This is a cynical piss take at the expense of us bloggers. I have four Blogger blogs, two of which have a fairly big readership. I will change platforms in spite of all the fuss it will imply. Can you give ONE SINGLE reason for introducing such a superfluous and potential harmful thing? That is a rhetorical question, by the way, don't bother with a reply.

nitecruzr Top Contributor Official Blog*Star 8/27/10
You cannot turn the new filter off. You can train the new filter, which benefits everybody but the spammers.

The_Editrix Level 1 9/3/10
Why can't I flag the reply by nitecruzr as "not helpful"?

nitecruzr Top Contributor Official Blog*Star 9/3/10
The "entirely unnecessary and counterproductive garbage" is a collaborative and heuristic filter. In order for the filter to learn what you think spam is, you have to tell it which comments you consider to be spam. This is called training. Help train the new filter. Enable moderation - if you like, for very old posts only - and select the comments which you consider to be spam.

Tobold Level 1 9/3/10
nitecruzr, you simply avoided answering the question. The question is HOW do I turn the spam filter off, and you reply with a justification why I shouldn't turn it off. That isn't helpful at all. Not everybody shares your desire to train a collaborative and heuristic filter. Some people, including me, would prefer to have NO filter on their blog at all, knowing that even the best trained filter will never be perfect. So the question remains: How do I turn the spam filter off?

DarkUFO Top Contributor Official Blog*Star 9/3/10
You cannot turn it off.

AiresOFwar Level 13 Blogger Addict 9/3/10
I think the spam filter is awesome and we have decreased the "My blog is being spammed by Chinese porn" questions by 99%. Before we were seeing 20 questions a day about how to block the spammers. Now we don't see very many of them if any at all. Yes their are a few issue with the spam comment systems that need to be worked out. But as Nitecruzr said these will be worked out with the help of everyone together reporting the bugs. The only people I have seen that really don't like this option is the spammers. So that being said if you are having issue with it report it so it can be fixed. The spam comment feature is here to stay. If it bothers you that much switch to WP, we can do without your bitching.

RosieT-H Level 1 12/24/10
I want to turn off the automatic spam detection, which of course I believe is a waste since captcha eliminates most if not all spam. All my comments have been going into the spam thingy. I wasn't getting any spam before the automatic spam filter came along and screwed everything up. Merry Christmas

nitecruzr Top Contributor Official Blog*Star 12/26/10
You cannot turn the filter off.
You cannot turn the filter off.
You cannot turn the filter off.
There, 3 times.

When Blogger enabled this system they created a Spam tab in my Blogger UI. I am seeing it now for the first time. It contains HUNDREDS of deleted reader comments marked as spam, and exactly THREE pieces of actual spam. I am going to go through it shortly. Will they all suddenly appear on the blog when I click "Not spam"? I have no idea.

Going forward, I may have to enable comment moderation, at least initially. If you post a comment and your message doesn't appear right away, it will mean I haven't done the pro-forma approval yet.

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  1. You were warned here three months ago: "Perhaps it is unintentionally triggering some spam filter and you can restore it."

    Now you have to be careful not to approve the comments that have already been reposted piecemeal...

  2. p.s. For the messages already reposted and slipped through, maybe you need to first approve (as non-spam, in order to train the filter for future), then delete

  3. Yeah, I know. I'll be careful on new comments, but I don't think I'll be eliminating multiple comments on old posts.

  4. El Naschie's Rosa Al-Youssef column is up for Sunday, January 2. Marx was not a Marxist. Original Arabic or Google's English translation.

    "Was Karl Marx Marxist, or Nasser Nasserite?" El Naschie muses before dropping names. «Adam Smith». «Friedrich Hagel». «Frederick Engels». «John Stuart Mill». Yawn. Continued tomorrow.