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Report on Brotherhood member Gerardo Iovane

Apparently Iovane has been presenting himself as a computer security consultant lately. An exasperated top-tier Italian security expert has provided El Naschie Watch with a wealth of information on this E-infinity group member, about whom we wrote briefly in Gerardo Iovane and Leonard J. Malinowski in CSF.

The video embedded above shows an Oklahoma City news report warning viewers about a new "danger" teens face: Listening to "binaural" sound files from sites like Gullible worry-warts all over the world are convinced that adolescents listening to crappy ambient music on their ipods are in grave danger. The credulous are not confined to Oklahoma, as you will discover if you Google for videos and Web pages about this phenomenon.

Guess who has jumped in to save the day. Check out the original Italian article Droghe sonore: ora c'è l'antidoto or Google's English translation Sound drugs: now the antidote.

Professor Gerard Iovane, 36, Professor of Mathematics at the University of Salerno, has developed a system "capable of protecting people, but also the security of States, from the danger of sensory addiction, or even of plagiarism and mind control, induced by listening to music able to change brain perception." The patent was filed yesterday.

Notice he's a math professor.

Here's Iovane's CV. Original Italian or Google's English translation.

It says he has two PhDs, one in math and one in physics. It's hard to believe. Our contributor asked what I thought of Iovane's work on prime distribution, and I said is so very, very bad that it is hard to describe. He does not even know enough math to give his nonsense a superficially respectable appearance. He is like a struggling junior high school student who has just learned about the summation symbol, and the symbols for set intersection and union, but won't learn about congruence mod n until next year.

But El Naschie Watch readers can judge for themselves:

Gerardo Iovane 1
The set of prime numbers: Multiscale analysis and numeric accelerators
Chaos, Solitons and Fractals vol 41 (2009) pp 1953–1965
View this on Scribd

Gerardo Iovane 2
The set of prime numbers: Symmetries and supersymmetries of selection rules and asymptotic behaviours
Chaos, Solitons and Fractals vol 37 (2008) pp 950–961
View this on Scribd

Gerardo Iovane 3
The distribution of prime numbers: The solution comes from dynamical processes and genetic algorithms
Chaos, Solitons and Fractals vol 37 (2008) pp 23–42
View this on Scribd

Gerardo Iovane 4
The set of primes: Towards an optimized algorithm, prime generation and validation, and asymptotic consequences
Chaos, Solitons and Fractals vol 41 (2009) pp 1344–1352
View this on Scribd

In all the above papers Iovane is oblivious to the most basic idioms of mathematical writing and conventions of math notation. He expresses trivialities cumbersomely and confuses himself with deeply nested subscripts. He gives things terrible, terrible names. Names like ONE and TWO and THREE, as in section 2.1 of the first paper above. The statements of theorems (not the proofs, mind you, but the theorems themselves) frequently begin "Let us consider...". I would have thought any first year math graduate student would know instinctively not to do that. In Theorem 9 of the same paper -- the final, culminating result of his long labors -- he combines two interesting and well-known theorems (1) the prime number theorem and (2) the asymptotic ratio of successive Fibonacci numbers, to obtain an uninteresting result that he calls a "link between Fibonacci numbers and the distribution of primes."

The papers are all like that. The fourth paper contains a lot of if... then... else... output... programmer's pseudocode instead of math proofs. He seems to have recently learned big-oh order notation for computational complexity and wants to make the most of it. In all the papers he spends a great deal of time partitioning the prime numbers into four sets {2}, {3}, {-1 (mod 6)} and {1 (mod 6)} but it's very difficult for him because he doesn't seem to know anything about congruence mod n.

None of these papers should have been published. How did it happen? Well, they all mention El Naschie and they all appear in El Naschie's vanity journal Chaos, Solitons and Fractals. So you figure it out.

Iovane should not be a professor. He should not have a PhD.

The following paper contains an acknowledgment to Iovane "for comments and discussion" and Iovane's influence is apparent. There's an interminable section on the Sieve of Eratosthenes at the advanced fourth-grade level, followed by a proof of the infinitude of prime twins (p, p+2), a result that had eluded the world's best mathematicians for the last two centuries until Benedetto pulled it off. See the last sentence on page seven.

Elmo Benedetto
Arithmetical approach to the twin primes conjecture
Ann Univ Ferrara
DOI 10.1007/s11565-009-0070-8
Online ISSN 0430-3202
PubDate: Thu, 04 Jun 2009 11:17:21 GMT

[UPDATE: E. Benedetto emailed me just now. He realizes he was wrong in claiming proof of the twin primes conjecture. He is not a researcher, not a scientist, does not work for a university, and knows little English. I have removed his embedded paper and replaced it with this statement. Elmo isn't and wasn't the problem. The problem is Gerardo Iovane.]

This is why you don't want people like El Naschie, Rössler or Iovane to have students.

Iovane does have some supporters, however.

He has extraordinary intelligence, everybody in the world knows him, and he got back from CERN to an Italian university, how lucky we are.

says our security expert, sarcastically. Original Italian I protagonisti della security: il genio acqua e sapone or Google's English translation The protagonists of security: the genius of soap and water. Read the favorable comments.

Regarding Iovane's professorship, our contributor says

He is an associate professor, a tenured position in Italy, and landing it at 3X years is a marker of a quite successful career. Or strong political backing, your pick. He has a military background, which can explain some of his positions on parliamentary committees and NATO panels.

Parliamentary committees and NATO panels?! But wait, there's more. I'll continue quoting our source:

He presents his ground breaking discovery at an INNOVATION FAIR in ABRUZZO:

Original Italian Gerardo Iovane e la teoria dei numeri primi or Google's English translation Gerardo Iovane and the theory of prime numbers.

No one challenges why a sane person should communicate such a discovery in a FAIR. He got money from our defense ministry for studying their network security:

Original Italian Obblighi di pubblicità per collaborazioni esterne - 2010 or Google's English translation Disclosure requirements for external collaboration - 2010. Iovane grabs a quick € 9000.00 from the Ministry of Defense for a "strategic energy sector" research project.

God forgive them, 'cause they don't know what the heck they are doing... He's also an expert of cyberwarfare, of course:

Original Italian Scienza delle Informazioni e Cyber Minacce - Evoluzionismo Informatico e Genetica dei Numeri Primi or Google's English translation Information Science and Cyber Threats - Computer evolution and genetics of the Prime Numbers.

Here he speaks at a rubbish conference organized by unknown people completely lacking any background in security, but chock-full of politicians and military:

View this on Scribd

This and the military background got him speaking at a conference of IISFA, a somewhat solid professional association:

This IISFA Christmas Cybersecurity Conference page has a link to a PDF by Iovane, but the download link doesn't work for me.

One of the Italian consumer associations heeds to his discovery and claims that all e-payment systems are broken:

Original Italian DOVREMMO INVENTARCI UN PAGAMENTO PIU’ TECNOLOGICO or Google's English translation ONE MORE PAYMENT will have to invent TECHNOLOGY. This hilariously says "the great Iovane Gerardo, who has discovered the mystery of mysteries: the sequence of prime numbers. This means that any security code can be broken in six seconds".

He also has several startup-companies-whatevers selling his fake stuff to I don't want to know whom:

Original Italian Prodotti/Videosorveglianza e Sicurezza/SACS - Sistema Avanzato di Controllo, Supervisione e Sviluppo del Territorio or Google's English translation Products / Video Surveillance and Security / SACS - Advanced Control, Supervision and Territorial Development. "The SACS is a specific implementation of MMS (Mathematical Model for Security) by Gerardo Iovane." Sounds great.

We conclude with this book-length treatise on Cyberwarfare. I haven't read it so I make no comment, except to note that it cites the four CSF papers of his embedded above. And that the cover illustration features an appropriate use of the Comic Sans font, which is something you don't see very often.

View this on Scribd

Thanks to our Italian security expert.

Shrink reminds us of this comment:

Not a PhD thesis under the Great Man, but it's entirely based on his E-infinity theory:

View this on Scribd

Some excerpts from the introduction:

"In particular, reading El Naschie’s papers, E-Infinity appears to be clearly a new frame work for understanding and describing Nature... The purpose of this Ph.D. thesis is to investigate the properties of the involved stochastic self-similar processes in the context of M. El Naschie’s E(∞) Cantorian space-time and to present new results obtained by using the fractal and multifractal properties within this scenario."

Pure gold and poor Marta!

The supervisor was Gerardo Iovane.

Take it down, before it disappears!

Posts about Prof. Gerardo Iovane:

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