Thursday, January 13, 2011

Why Mohamed El Naschie invites ridicule

It's always rewarding to deflate pompous, pretentious poseurs. Here are some of the laughable things he and his supporters have said over the years.

  • He's a Cambridge University physicist.
El Naschie's blacklisting from the arXiv

  • He deserves a Nobel Prize several times over, but Israel and George W. Bush intervened and so the prize "lost its way" to him.
Elbeet Beetak interview, December 27 interview with The Great Man I

  • El Naschie's "teacher", Nobel Laureate Ilya Prigogine, nominated El Naschie for the Nobel Prize more than once.
  • The Nobel winners are not decided in Oslo/Stockholm but in Tel Aviv/Weizmann Institute.
  • He is denied a Nobel because he an Arab, a Muslim, named Mohamed, and has an Egyptian passport.
No Nobel for El Naschie since he's a Muslim, Victimology 101, Why hasn't El Naschie Won the Nobel Yet?, Another El Naschie sockpuppet blog

  • The 2009 Nobel laureates in physics think El Naschie should have won, not they.
Physicists reluctantly accept Nobel Prize

  • Everything 'tHooft knows about nonlinear dynamics and negative dimensions he learned from El Naschie.
  • El Naschie learned economics from John Kenneth Galbraith and classical quantum field theory from Nobel Laureate Gerard 'tHooft.
For El Naschie, only elite mentors will do

  • Nobel Laureate Ahmed Zewail stole El Naschie's ideas.

El Naschie: "I am the first!", yellow journalism II, El Naschie on plagiarism and scientific theft, El Naschie again accuses Zewail of plagiarism

  • The work of Dan Winter is extremely stimulating.
Frank van den Bovenkamp & Dan Winter

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  1. This post is as indefensible as El Naschie's ravings.
    It serves no purpose whatsoever to enumerate without citing sources -- any casual reader can simply assume you're making it up.
    There appear to be roughly 8 articles of ridicule above -- each must be linked to one or more places where the statement has been made, or to a copy of same resident on this site (as long as it can be reliably sourced to El Naschie, and not some 3rd party fabrication).
    Bonus: in each case also link to a definitive refutation of the claim.

    Otherwise you're guilty of trafficking in the same idle innuendo as your guileful nemesis.

  2. Slipper.Mystery, you're too smart to be confused by the distinction between claims that are on the one hand false, and on the other hand true but unsourced, so this is hyperbole on your part. El Naschie Watch regulars know the great man and his followers say these things, and that they are false. However, in the interest of being kept honest, I will add some links to El Naschie Watch posts where the assertions occur. I certainly am not going to waste my time proving that his grandiose fantasies are false. He's the one making the extraordinary claims, and the one who needs to provide the proof.

  3. Slipper.Mystery, any casual reader can find the sources by clicking the "Introduction" button in the masthead of this blog. I share Jason's opinion that you're too smart to be just a troll. :D

  4. Yeah. Shrink reads the log so he knows you by your comments, Slipper.Mystery. He has talked to me about you before.

  5. Granted that this el naschie invites ridicule. However cant you see Jason that you invite both ridicule and revulsion.

  6. "this el naschie"

    Distancing language may indicate lying or deception. Bill Clinton's "I never had sex with that woman Miss Lewinski" is the canonical example.

  7. This sockpuppet made my day: "revulsion" - what a nice word. The loyal readers may have heard it before in the comments of sockpuppets documented on this blog:

    Another archive for your amusement

    By his own admission Dr or Mr John Baez is a complete failure as a scientist but has made quite a career as an internet blog thug and character assassin. He can be assured of the deepest disrespect, contempt etc. of all genuine scientists, scholars and academics. The only thing he has achieved is a natural revulsion whenever one hears his name. In our opinion, is campaign against The New Scientist
    and his present campaign against Elsevier ( is nothing but ramblings for extortion of money and back handers for silence. That is what modern funding of mathematical science has produced.
    S. Logan
    on November 24, 2008
    at 08:29 PM

  8. Link text

    Ibrahim Badawee at 06:52 PM on 04/17/09
    This is a direct answer to the comment of Martin Klicken. Your comment clearly indicates how little you know about Prof. Mohamed El Naschie or in fact any Moslem. Prof. Mohamed El Naschie has never drunk wine in his life or any kind of alcohol not even in his wild, revolutionary years. He has never smoked. I am not divulging a secret when I tell you that he does not know how to switch on or off the computer and cannot get onto the internet. He is totally helpless when it comes to the mundane things in life. In that respect, he is not that much different from Paul Erdos. Reading the indignation of Jason and your words of disappointment, I realize there is a great rift between us us Europeans and the rest of the world, particularly the Moslem world. The nude picture is clearly nothing special for Jason or for you. With respect this was a big mistake and the uproar in the Arab and Moslem world is beyond your imagination. Hypothetically, and I stress this is only hypothetically, should Jason walk in any street in any city in the Arab or Moslem world today and should he be recognized as the one responsible for the nude picture, the mob would tear him to pieces in the street. I know you do not understand that but this is your problem. All this stuff about Hamas and that Mohamed El Naschie is responsible for 9/11 if of course malicious fabrication and extremely dangerous but it does not turn peoples feelings to the revulsion which this nude picture has caused. Who is Jason to decide for the Arabs and Moslems who they should regard as heroes and who they should not? Mohamed El Naschie is very popular because he is kind and an extremely eloquent and charismatic speaker who inspired the young people. On the other hand his cult status in the Moslem world was made mainly by the vicious attack on him by Jason, John Baez, Renate Loll, Drosser and the rest. Mohamed El Naschie is an extremely rich man and if he decided to, he could have wiped out his enemies from the surface of the earth using an army of lawyers because he would never act outside of the law. Do you know how easy it would be for him to establish two blogs for each one of you and have you watched day and night and report the most intimate habits of Drosser and Renate Loll etc. on a daily basis? Many of his advisers came up with such a proposition which he dismissed immediately with indignation. He told me personally that he is not ready to sink to the level of these people. If I do, then they would really have won. There is nothing called full professor in Germany. It is mainly an American academic rank. Prof. El Naschie is a full professor and would correspond to the highest academic status in Germany. If you keep writing lies, one of us will snap and it will not be good for anyone. There are too many things to tell you but I think the cultural divide between us is enormous. I hope you have at least understood a little. I apologize on behalf of my colleagues, friends and students of Prof. El Naschie if anyone of them used in the heat of the moment an inappropriate word or a thoughtless remark. Prof. El Naschie does not behave outside the law. You can inform Mr. Jason that Prof. El Naschie will condemn any act of violence against anyone and that he considers violence unacceptable, regardless of the motivation or reason. I will now tell you something which will not immediately make sense to you but Prof. El Naschie is a Moslem existentialist. He prays five times a day but not publically. At the same time he can recite most of the works of John Paul Sartre by heart. In that respect he is like Andre Mouriac but enough of all that. Once more my hope that Jason could understand the difference between jokes, bad jokes, vulgarity, obscenity and blasphemy. If he can keep the first two, use occasionally the third and forget totally about the last two then he will have nothing to fear from anyone.Reply | Report Abuse