Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Another editorship for Ji-Huan He!

Shrink has found yet another obscure journal with fractal wool kook Ji-Huan He on the editorial board. Unbelievable.

Here's the journal's Web page:

In this PDF, Ji-Huan He is number 22 in a list of editorial board members.

The International Standard Serial Number 1932-9466 is given. According to the journal's Web page, "The access to the journal is free at this time, that is, there is no subscription to access any of the papers published." It seems to be published online only, not on paper.

A reader notes in the comments below that this earlier version of the editors list

does not include Ji-Huan he, and says Editor-in-Chief Aliakbar Montazer Haghighi knew about He's ethical shortcomings before making him an editor.

Here is a AAM article that cites ten of Ji-Huan He's papers! Soliton and Periodic Solutions for (3+1)-Dimensional Nonlinear Evolution Equations by Exp-function Method (PDF). Dirty business. Favors being exchanged. The authors get their crummy paper published. The Editor-in-Chief gets submissions to his crummy journal. Ji-Huan He gets an editorship and citations. And it is a crummy paper. Like so many papers that cite He, it substitutes Maple or Mathematica output for math.

Applications and Applied Mathematics: An International Journal (AAM) is number 51 on our Master list of Ji-Huan He's editorial positions.

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  1. Readers, please try your luck accessing A few hours ago they were off-line completely. Now I am getting an access denied message saying my IP address is blocked. Sometimes I'm getting "connection wes reset".

  2. Rosa Al-Youssef is back on line! But the last column El Naschie filed was the one in Again, El Naschie calls for Internet censorship, from Friday 28 January. Hopefully they will resume soon.

  3. I know for a fact that the Editor-in-Chief of this journal knows about J.-H. He's low ethical standards. Let me just say that someone emailed him to complain that J.-H. He added that someone to the board of one of those now-infamous Asia Publishing journals, without even asking. The Editor-in-Chief of AAM agreed that J.-H. He's actions were unethical. I don't know if he's familiar with the extensive material here, but he's not unaware that He's standards of scientific ethics are far too low.

    Now, comparing the Jan 2011 editorial board to what is listed here: it is apparent the addition of J.-H. He is new. Meaning, the Editor-in-Chief added J.-H. He to the board after he full-well knew of J.-H. He's questionable ethics.

    Things like this make it hard for me to recommend to any young people a career in academia.

  4. Thank you for that observation! I have updated the post to reflect it.

  5. There are several editors in this journal who produce an incredible number of worthless papers in J He style, such as Abbasbandy and Yildirim and probably many others. Strangely though the big enemy Liao (pope of an other obscure topic called HAM) is also there. Liao never misses an opportunity to express how his HAM is superior to He's HPM.

  6. Strangely the previous version of the editorial boars seems to not involve such questionable persons, so it appears that they expanded recently their scope and invited dozens of new editors.

  7. I have seen Liao and He turn up on the same editorial boards before, haha. Awkward! See Shijun Liao quits MPE, concerned for reputation.