Thursday, February 10, 2011


Mubarak to speak in a few minutes.

Al Jazeera English live stream

Egyptian Chronicles: Breaking News: A coup taking place currently in Cairo

Drudge Report

And here's Drudge AFTER the speech:

After the speech I got this screen cap. That's a twitter from Zeinobia of Egyptian Chronicles. Click pic for full size.

UPDATE: Mubarak has resigned!

Will El Naschie begin talking about current events in his Rosa column?

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  1. Mubarak has given his speech, and he's not planning to step down after all. The crowd is very angry.

  2. And now Vice President Omar Suleiman is speaking. I think Al Jazeera was caught off-guard. They had to scramble to get the translator.

  3. Mubarak has resigned! In Tahrir square they are mad with joy. What's going to happen now? Tunisia, Egypt,... which will be the next country to fire their dictator? And most important of all, how will this affect Mohamed El Naschie? ;)