Thursday, February 17, 2011

Dr. Hend Hanafi must resign or be fired

Here is a paragraph about her from the BibliothecaAlexandrina website:

Hend Hanafi
President of the University of Alexandria

Hend Hanafi, Professor of Pediatrics is currently President of the University of Alexandria. She has been a staff member at the Faculty of Medicine, Alexandria University since 1986 and has represented her university in numerous international events such as the Senate Committee meeting for University Presidents in the Middle East in 2007 and 2008, and the Egyptian American Scientists Association Conference in 2007. She is interested in Medical Education and has coordinated all the workshops conducted by the Egyptian Medical Education Development Center from 2003 to 2006 and has also facilitated all the workshops of the “Basic and Applied Education Center”, Alexandria University from 1982 to 1988. She is currently member of the Educational Committee at the National Democratic Party and member of the Higher Committee for Medical Specializations headed by the Minister of Health and Population.

Note that Mrs. Suzanne Mubarak is still Chair of the Board of Trustees.

The Egyptian revolution has a great deal of unfinished business. Although NDP headquarters is a burned-out shell, many positions in Egypt remain filled by NDP apparatchiks like Hend Hanafi.

El Naschie Watch reported in SCANDAL! AU professorship for El Naschie that Dr. Hanafi's baggage goes beyond high ranking NDP membership. She was the one responsible for giving El Naschie a professorship at Alexandria University. She did this knowing full well that he has no degree in math or physics and is responsible for citation scamming which gave AU a ridiculously high ranking by Times Higher Education. She knew it because El Naschie Watch told her about it. The only reason for El Naschie's appointment at AU is his toadying to Mubarak and the NDP.

Alexandria University needs to fire Hend Hanafi and Mohamed El Naschie.

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  1. In fact all president of Egyptian universities are members of National Democratic Party. The university presidents are selected according to their sincerity to the regime disregarding any qualifications. In most cases they are really disqualified people. A typical example is Hany Helal, the minster of higher education and research. The old regime, in most cases, selected the disqualified people in order to guarantee their blind obedience.

  2. Haha. If you Google "Hend Hanafi", El Naschie Watch's article Dr. Hend Hanafi must resign or be fired is the first hit.

  3. AS you know The incompetent Hany Helal, the ex- Egyptian minster of higher education and research, was fired. This man was working in spoiling the governmental universities for the favor of the private ones.

    I think all president of Egyptian universities will be fired soon. Even, at the level of the faculty deans, they will also be fired. Can you imagine most of these people, if not all, are members of National Democratic Party.