Tuesday, February 1, 2011

El Naschie and He launch new crackpot journal

A reader gives this spectacular announcement of a new journal launched by Ji-Huan He and Mohamed El Naschie:


Fractal Spacetime and Noncommutative Geometry in Quantum and High Energy Physics (An International Journal)

It is a true pleasure to announce the launch of a brand new journal devoted entirely to path breaking ideas in physics generally and quantum mechanics in particular. This international journal will serve the field spanned by the interplay between number theory, the queen of mathematics, as well as geometry and the physical quantum. It simply cannot pass unnoticed that the fundamental results of the relatively new science of quantum chaos has established a firm relation between the theory of prime numbers on the mathematical side and the theory of spacetime on the physical, geometrical and philosophical side. We have just begun to understand the ramifications and importance of these results for understanding quantum physics and this is one of the various raison d'être for this new journal. Similarly the deep connections between the theory of quantum gravity and the Riemann hypothesis will be one of the important directions which our journal will encourage. At present there seems to be two main physical theories which make extensive use of the afore mentioned interplay between geometry, number theory and quantum mechanics. These two theories are von Neumann-Connes theory of noncommutative geometry and the fractal-Cantorian spacetime theory initiated by G. Ord, L. Nottale and the writer. On deep reflection these two theories reveal themselves as interwoven with a plethora of new mathematical and physical ideas particularly transfinite set theory and the transfinite theory of dimensions as well as K-theory and A. Grothendick theory of motives. Needless to say, super string theory is also one of the main contributors to new ideas in the field although nonlinear dynamics, fractals and number theory does not play such a profound and central role in string theory, twister theory and loop quantum gravity as in noncommutative geometry, E-infinity theory and E-infinity rings and algebra. In particular we will encourage the influx of ideas from the vibrant and modern field of nonlinear dynamics, chaos, fractals, wild topology and knot theory which invaded many of the well established fields in science and engineering and papers of an interdisciplinary character linking these fields from a practical pragmatic or theoretical purist view point will be welcomed.

This journal has a clear mission which is freeing the cutting edge fundamental research in quantum physics from any prejudice and restrictions while guaranteeing seriousness and true integrity of the research papers far away from any funding or science political considerations. The affiliation, publication record and reputation of an author are of no great consequence for the acceptance or rejection of an article. The only criteria of relevance for the decision of acceptance or rejection of a paper will be the scientific content of the paper, its originality and possible positive impact on the field as well as the lucidity of presentation. The idea and the efforts leading to the launch of this journal come from a highly respected colleague, Prof. Ji-Huan He in science and engineering. On the insistence of Prof. He I accepted to act as an Editor in Chief for an initial period. I am of course honored but I feel it is more related to my age and semi-retired status and I accept as the law of nature that elderly scientists have a little bit more time to run a journal than a young, active person like Prof. He who has far more daunting duties with teaching, supervising and administrative university tasks. Our competent publisher, Asian Academic Publisher Limited, is a reflection of the new era in which we are living where the center for economic growth and excellence in science and engineering is shifting from the traditional old centers to Asia. I am sure that with your support this journal will be a phenomenal success.

M.S. El Naschie
January 2011.

I can't find this announcement on the Internet but it looks like El Naschie's handiwork. We have written to Asian Academic Publisher before, but their website is not responding. I will update this post when I find the source of the announcement.

UPDATE. The announcement was sent out with this heading:

Date: Tue, 1 Feb 2011 12:13:16 EST
From: Chaossf@aol.com
Reply-To: Chaossf@aol.com
Subject: new journal

That's El Naschie's email address. I am studying the recipient list, because it's very interesting to know who El Naschie thinks would be interested in such a journal.

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  1. Jason, it seems to me that The Great Man and J.-H. He have laid down the proverbial gauntlet. For every mainstream journal's editorial board you get either of them kicked off, they will create another bizzaro-journal that they will self-edit and self-publish.

  2. It seems that way, doesn't it. Unbelievable. Why haven't they already slunk away in obscurity and shame?

  3. This call for papers is a circulating email, and appears to be originated from the address Chaossf@aol.com (that was the Chaos Solitons Fractals email address I guess), and seems to be sent to hundreds of people, anyone who ever have been in contact with CSF. The email also has an attached doc file with a longer (only in length, not in content) description.

  4. Cool. Can you send it to me at hasten dot jason at gmail dot com? I wonder why they didn't include me. ;)

    By the way, in a few minutes I am posting important news on Ji-Huan He, so stay tuned.

  5. Thank you -- got it! The email address from which it originates is indeed El Naschie's. I am not able to download the attachment for some reason, but the recipient list is great information.

  6. Rössler also wants to publish his old stuff there:


    The Axis of Crackpottery is working again!

  7. Yes, when he says "Es gibt eine neue Zeitschrift" (There's a new journal) it certainly sounds like he means El Naschie's new crackpot one. Wow.

  8. I accepted. Why not?

    I'm pretty sure I'm only an honourary member. They know that I barely made it out of high school, and that I don't really have a grasp of physics beyond basic general relativity / quantum mechanics. I do know computer graphics though, so maybe that will come in handy. Who knows.

  9. Oh, they must be desperate, if Shawn is involved with the journal. :D

    Anyway, I found out that Susanne Vrobel is on the Editorial Board of Fractal Spacetime and Noncommutative Geometry in Quantum and High Energy Physics:


    "She has won the prestigious 2011 International Institute for Advanced Studies in Systems Research and Cybernetics (IIAS) Book Award for her book Fractal Time: Why a Watched Kettle Never Boils."

    Based on this description, the book is "an interdisciplinary introduction to the notion of fractal time, starting from scratch with a philosophical and perceptual puzzle."

    The book's readership is: "Cognitive scientists, philosophers working on the topic of time, cyberneticists and systems theorists focusing on nested systems and connectivity, mathematicians and logicians working on fractals and nested systems, psychologists and psychoanalysts interested in contextualization abilities, psycholinguists and neuro-scientists working on synchronization, medical practitioners focusing on integrative health care, theoretical physicists concerned with time, nonlinear dynamics, causality and connectedness and teachers contemplating the effect of temporal contextualization."

    Oh, sancta simplicitas! It's the Holy Grail of the interdisciplinary scientist. :D

    And what's her connection to the Great Man and the E-Infinity circle? From E-infinity communication 12:

    "A person who is outside our group but works with incredible dedication on fractal time is a German American Susie Vrobel. We should mention her work like Fractal Time and the Gift of Natural Constraints, Tempos in Sci. & Nature, Structures, Relations and Complexity, Vol. 879, June 1999."

    She also co-authored a book with Rössler:

    Simultaneity: Temporal Structures and Observer Perspectives

    Her "Academic Qualifications & Occupations" can be found here:


    "I smell something, Holmes. I know, my dear Watson, that's the typical smell of crackpottery." :D

  10. How do you know she's on the editorial board of FSNGQHEP?

    The whole http://www.if-online.org/ website is a gold mine of crackpottery.

  11. My mistake. The first link is wrong, the correct one is:


    in which I found out about her editorship in FSNGQHEP.

  12. My guess is that they invited me because they know that I don't buy into fractal spacetime. I doubt though that I'll be able to stop publication on a paper that I don't like.

    Could be. Who knows. Who cares? You guys do, at least. It's touching.

  13. Did they make you an editor?