Monday, February 14, 2011

El Naschie warns of forces weakening Egypt

Stop increasing demands day after day, he tells protesters. He also wants policies to ensure equitable distribution of economic growth, and a fund to support those hurt by economic turmoil. This is not something he would have called for under Mubarak. He's saying what he thinks people want to hear. He has no principles, only a weathervane.

Watani International describes itself as follows:

Watani is an Egyptian weekly Sunday newspaper published in Cairo. The word Watani is Arabic for “My Homeland”. The paper was founded in 1958 by the prominent Copt Antoun Sidhom (1915 – 1995), who strove for the establishment of a civil, democratic society in Egypt, where all Egyptians would enjoy full citizenship rights regardless of their religious denomination. This remains Watani’s objective to this day, leaning neither left nor right on the political level, but following its own clear course in the press field. Those in charge of Watani view this role as a patriotic all-Egyptian vocation, especially following the increasing marginalisation of the Coptic role, issues and culture within the Egyptian society over the past half century. Watani is deeply dedicated to offer its readers high quality, extensive, credible press coverage, with special focus on Coptic issues, culture, heritage, and contribution to Egyptian society.

El Naschie is quoted in this Watani International article by Sam Abdul Alim titled تخريب‏ ‏الممتلكات‏ ‏يفشل‏ ‏في‏ ‏تشويه‏ ‏ثورة‏ ‏الشباب or in Google's English Destruction of property fails to distort the youth revolution:

علي‏ ‏صعيد‏ ‏آخر‏ ‏أشار‏ ‏العالم‏ ‏المصري‏ ‏محمد‏ ‏النشائي‏ ‏بمجال‏ ‏النانو‏ ‏تكنولوجي‏ ‏والطاقة‏ ‏النووية‏ ‏إلي‏ ‏أن‏ ‏هناك‏ ‏قوي‏ ‏داخلية‏ ‏وخارجية‏ ‏تريد‏ ‏إضعاف‏ ‏مصر‏ ‏داخليا‏,‏وكذلك‏ ‏هناك‏ ‏طامعون‏ ‏في‏ ‏الوصول‏ ‏إلي‏ ‏السلطة‏ ‏يجب‏ ‏علي‏ ‏الجميع‏ ‏الانتباه‏ ‏إلي‏ ‏ذلك‏,‏محذرا‏ ‏بأن‏ ‏هناك‏ ‏مؤسسات‏ ‏مالية‏ ‏وسياحية‏ ‏عالمية‏ ‏بالإضافة‏ ‏لبعض‏ ‏الدول‏ ‏التي‏ ‏بها‏ ‏مصالح‏ ‏كبيرة‏ ‏في‏ ‏إضعاف‏ ‏مصر‏,‏تريد‏ ‏المزيد‏ ‏من‏ ‏التصعيد‏ ‏للأزمة‏ ‏الحالية‏ ‏من‏ ‏خلال‏ ‏رفع‏ ‏سقف‏ ‏المطالب‏ ‏يوما‏ ‏بعد‏ ‏الآخر‏.‏
On the other hand, scientist Mohamed El Naschie in the field of nanotechnology and nuclear energy pointed out that there are strong internal and external forces trying to weaken Egypt internally, as well as there Tamon in access to power, everyone must pay attention to this, warning that there are financial institutions and international tourism as well as some countries with significant interests the weakening of Egypt, who want to further escalate the current crisis by raising the ceiling of demands day after day.
ناشد‏ ‏العالم‏ ‏المصري‏ ‏النشائي‏ ‏الشباب‏ ‏المصري‏ ‏الواعي‏ ‏بإدراك‏ ‏خطورة‏ ‏الأمر‏ ‏من‏ ‏وجود‏ ‏حرب‏ ‏أهلية‏ ‏وإشاعة‏ ‏الفوضي‏ ‏في‏ ‏الشارع‏ ‏بأساليب‏ ‏مخططة‏ ‏مشيرا‏ ‏إلي‏ ‏أن‏ ‏الخروج‏ ‏من‏ ‏هذه‏ ‏الأزمة‏ ‏في‏ ‏الأجل‏ ‏القصير‏ ‏من‏ ‏خلال‏ ‏إنشاء‏ ‏صندوق‏ ‏للدعم‏ ‏للمتضررين‏ ‏من‏ ‏التخريبات‏ ‏مع‏ ‏وضع‏ ‏سياسات‏ ‏اجتماعية‏ ‏تكفل‏ ‏التوزيع‏ ‏العادل‏ ‏للنمو‏.
El Naschie appealed to the Egyptian world and Egyptian youth to be aware of the seriousness of the matter and the possibility of civil war and spreading of chaos in the methods of planned street, pointing out that out of this crisis in the short term through the establishment of the Fund of support for those affected by the ravages with the formulation of social policies to ensure equitable distribution of growth.

How did it even occur to Sam Abdul Alim that El Naschie should be asked his opinion? How does the charlatan El Naschie continue to be quoted in newspaper articles as if he were an authority on anything? It seems that El Naschie has a talent for inserting himself into news articles exactly like Ji-Huan He's talent for inserting himself into editorial boards.

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