Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Final version of the Arnold and Fowler article

This is a follow-up to our 4 October 2010 post M.S. El Naschie and Ji-Huan He catch more flak.

Thanks to a reader who emailed me to point out that Douglas N. Arnold and Kristine K. Fowler, Nefarious Numbers, Notices of the American Mathematical Society, Volume 58, Number 3, pp. 434-437, March 2011, is now available as a reprint.

Nefarious Numbers

Posts about Douglas N. Arnold:

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  1. Excellent. Glad to see this article in the Notices. "It is on" as they say. Perhaps university administrators that worship the Impact Factor will finally listen to reason...

  2. Today I was disappointed to see that with the expiration of Arnold's turn as president, things have gone back to the status quo. While "Nefarious numbers" explains carefully how J.-H. He and El Naschie manipulated the Thomson Reuters Essential Science Indicators and got themselves onto the, e.g., "Hot Paper" list (thereby proving these bibliometrics are worthless), SIAM brags about a SIAM paper being on this same list: .

    Of course, this is not a commentary about the SIAM paper or its authors but a commentary about the organization acting a bit schizophrenically, in my opinion.

  3. Here's that link:
    Haha, yes, SIAM "Hot Paper" is acting like Ji-Huan He "Hot Researcher".

  4. I wonder why J.-H. He hasn't bragged about being sandwiched between two (at the time, future) Nobel Laureates on that list: Geim and Novoselov. Hasn't J.-H. He learnt anything from his mentor, The Great Man. Oh great, I probably gave him an idea...

  5. Anonymous is referring to the Hot Researcher list. Good observation, I hadn't noticed that.

  6. The formidable duo found place on Sticky Journals some months ago:

    The International Journal of Nonlinear Sciences and Numerical Simulation

    Some of the "sticky" journals (I'll check the other for possible He's positions) listed can be found also on the Master list of Ji-Huan He's editorial positions. Maybe the proprietor of the Sticky journals blog could find some other "sticky" candidates from He's list (e.g. Medwell, Asian Academic Publishers etc.).

  7. His first post explains his blog's purpose:

    Sticky Journals
    Publish or Perish
    This is the magic commandment in the new academic world
    Academics are required to publish and quality measures are based on publication number, citation number, and journal impact factor.
    Some countries require students and academics to publish x number of papers in ISI listed publication.
    Many journals now appear offering service to publish academic papers at some cost. The journals also promised to be ISI listed.
    I want to explore these new journals ...

    That is a worthy project.