Sunday, February 27, 2011

Halayka deposition on El Naschie vs. Nature!

Shawn just sent this email to me and El Naschie.

Attached is a copy of the statement that I very recently sent to the British court system. I believe that I signed it on January 20th, 2011.

The address on the statement is that of my previous lawyer, whom I no longer obtain services from. The appearance of my previous lawyer's address should be in no way taken as an endorsement on my previous lawyer's part.

My choice to quit the editorial board over political blog postings has nothing to do with this statement, and so I still give permission for the statement to be used in the Nature case. If the defense lawyer is too lazy to look into my opinions beyond January 20th, 2011, then they don't deserve to win.

I just wanted to make my stance clear, even though it might seen a little contradictory (love/hate).

- Shawn

It had this attachment.
Witness Statement

Posts about El Naschie vs. Nature:

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  1. I am sorry, but that Shawn was asked to cite the papers of El Naschie by the "board" (and perhaps an additional one so as to give the illusion that C,S&F is not a citation scam) is not considered "the backbone of proper peer review".

    Publishing honest errors, which then are remedied by the self-correcting nature of scientific research IS NOT THE SAME as willingly publishing any paper with at least X citations to El Naschie, and publishing 300 of your own papers in the journal. Most editors refrain from publishing in their own journals, unless they are high-profile journals with several layers of editorial oversight (e.g., Nature, Science, PRL, etc) in which the Editor under question has NO CHANCE of every seeing or being involved in the review process of his article. If El Naschie was an ethical scientist, he should have not published a single paper in a journal for which he is the autocratic editor, who oversees ALL submission even his own.

    I'm sorry, but this is the way things are. El Naschie might have been nice to Shawn, but that doesn't make him an ethical scientist.

  2. Error on my part...

    Jan 20, 2010 should be Jan 20, 2011.

  3. Anonymous,
    I see your point, but I doubt that El Naschie would have blocked my paper if I hadn't added references to his work.

    Do you like my quaternion fractal papers?

  4. I got second email from El Naschie, regarding my reference to "lazy defence lawyers". The email was something to the effect of "whatever do you mean?"

    I didn't respond.

  5. I didn't mention that El Naschie wrote to me under a pseudonym, same address though.

    I know El Naschie feels the need to protect himself, but all of this counterintelligence and masquerading is not effective. Stop trying to be a spy El Naschie! You'd make a horrible spy dude, not that I would know from experience.

    Just face your accusers like a man.

  6. Hi Shawn,

    Your Quaternion Fractal pictures are bizarre and interesting. I think it may relate to some ideas that I have about Black Hole singularities. I don't think that "infinity" can exist in a finite Observable Universe (13.7 billion light years is finite). I think that scales resolve this problem by building a lattice of the very fabric of spacetime.

    In the case of a static Black Hole, the ideal geometry for a spacetime lattice that could resist the crushing pressure of the gravitational near-singularity may be a Carbon-60 buckyball. For spinning Black Holes, two nested buckyballs may morph into their homotopic cousin, a lattice-like torus. Your Quaternion Fractal pictures look like warped tori.

    The Carbon-60 buckyball has superconductor properties. I wonder what effects we would have if this torus of spacetime lattice has "superconductor" properties (but applied to spacetime, not a physical conductor).

    Quaternions explain electromagnetism, but I expect quantum gravity to require Octonions (Octonions are also compatible with Garrett Lisi's somewhat defective E8 TOE).

    I think that I received the same e-mail about the new Journal that you did, but in different e-mail blasts, so that only a fraction of the recipients' e-mails were available.

    Have Fun!

  7. Ray, if you were interested, I bet you could be a FSNGQHEP editor.

  8. Hi Ray,

    You always want people to have fun. That's cool. Thank you for the comment on the fractals. I don't know if these sets have much to do with the real world (other than some relation to the Feigenbaum constant, I'm sure).

    Unfortunately, I did my own looking into a geometric version of the Schwarzschild black hole -- Coulomb repulse the vertices on the event horizon, connect them via Delaunay tesselation -- that kind of thing.

    I finished that project with the distinct impression that it was useless, and that tesselated spacetime is not the way to go.

    Sorry man. I think it's so pointless that I didn't bother to even write about it for the FQXi contest. Star Wars Force Unleashed 2 is my new hobby.

  9. Hi Shawn,

    I realize that everyone has their own opinion, and most of the physics community probably refers to me as "that crazzy Floridian", and to you as "that crazzy Canadian". My brother-in-law is also a Canadian who recently received American citizenship. Many people (including me) debated whether or not to compete in the FQXi contest. There were a large number of entrants (~160), only 18 prizes are guaranteed, and oddball paradigms (like mine) might get passed over.

    My opinion is:
    1) Spacetime appears to be continuous at the Classical scale, but
    2) Scales prevent very large (10^41 and geometrical powers) and very small (10^-41 and geometrical powers) numbers from existing in our Observable Universe, so
    3) Spacetime gets "pinched off" into discrete lattice structures (like Causal Dynamical Triangulation or Lisi's E8 Gosset lattice) at the extreme ends of the spectrum (both large and small numbers), and
    4) This provides a graphene-like spacetime lattice structure for Holographic Gravity (Subir Sachdev's expectations), and
    5) This provides a fullerene-like spacetime lattice structure to prevent the Black Hole (near) "singularity" from crushing in on itself, and
    6) These fullerenes (such as the buckyball) contain pentagon/ pentagram 5-fold "pentality" symmetries that admit the Golden Ratio along with Zamolodchikov's and El Naschie's expectations, and along with Coldea et al's experimental results.

    As always - we have our own opinions. I think that video games can suck the life blood out of you. I prefer to waste my time on blog sites...

    Have Fun!

  10. Shawn, regarding "El Naschie wrote to me under a pseudonym, same address though" it could be a real person, a personal secretary of his. In a recent Rosa column he mentioned in passing that he has trouble hanging on to them.

  11. Hi Ray,

    I don't understand where your pentagram fixation comes from. Graphene is a hexagonal pattern, which is technically the same thing as a Voronoi diagram.

    When making a Voronoi diagram on a 2-sphere, only a small number of 5gons and 7gons are needed to give an Euler characteristic of V - E + F = 2. The rest are all hexagons.

    Mmmm gator nuggets!!!

    - Shawn

  12. Hi Shawn,

    Yes - Graphene is hexagonal, but fullerenes (like buckyballs) have just enough pentagons to collapse the flat graphene sheet into a curved fullerene sphere. The buckyball has 12 pentagons and 20 hexagons. IMHO, these pentagons are Petrie diagrams for 4-D Pentachorons, and these hexagons are Petrie diagrams for 5-D Hexaterons.

    The pentagon/ pentagram is the geometrical origin of the Golden Ratio. Coldea et al's experiment confirmed the importance of the Golden Ratio in the mass ratios of magnetic quasiparticles near their critical point.

    I expect the pentagonal symmetry and the Golden Ratio to be important geometrical/ theoretical components in the origin of mass. The Higgs boson only explains the masses of Z's and W's well. The coupling of the Higgs boson to 3 generations of fermions does not include enough degrees-of-freedom to properly explain all of these various masses.

    As a Florida State University "Seminole" fan myself, the University of Florida "Gators" are a major state rival. Occasionally, we will eat Gator Tail just to offend the other school. It tastes like chicken... My Canadian brother-in-law is always talking about beavers - he probably spent too much time in the cold...

    Have Fun!

  13. Hi Ray,

    I see what you mean, I think. What I was referring to was a model where black hole's 2-sphere does not contain a static number of vertices -- the number of vertices was proportional to mass. So basically, one object, variable number of vertices per object.

    You must be thinking of something like many objects, constant number of vertices per object...?

    I love gator nuggets. They do taste like chicken! I ate some at a place in Orlando with a giant robot metal fish head sticking out of the front of the building.

    The beaver are pretty big up here. And yes they definitely turn trees to sawdust, because I always find their little tree stubs all over the 4x4 trails. It's worse than the humans and their cigarette butts and wax paper cups. But then again, perhaps your brother-in-law isn't talking about Castor canadensis, but this is a quality family-oriented blog. :)

    - Shawn

  14. "this is a quality family-oriented blog"

    Thank you.

  15. Hi Ray,

    I thought a little bit more about your comments on video games.

    I don't think that video games rot your brain.

    Did you play the old Sierra adventure games in the 1980-1990s? They taught critical thinking skills, and how to use one's imagination (...CGA graphics were 4 colours, after all...).

    You also had to type fast in these early games, because if you didn't the ogre would eat you before you could finish typing "kill ogre with pitchfork" correctly.

    If you really wanted to make a video game, you'd eventually have to learn about linear algebra and things like that, right?

    It seems that only lazy people hate to think/learn, and that lazy people already have rotten brains. Video games have nothing to do with it?

    Even Pokemon teaches military strategy.

  16. How can you be a Meowth hater? Bad!

  17. Hi Shawn,

    No personal offense intended!

    Ha! I'm older than that. I used to play Asteroids at the Laundrymat (a natural fit when you have time and quarters to waste). I have known adults who played 5 hours of video games every night. I don't know how they can function in their daily tasks (some of them don't)...

    My daughter collected some of the Pokemon cards a couple of years ago. I guess Meowth is a cat with a big mouth - they have such original plays on words. Regarding "play on words", my brother-in-law bounces back and forth between both uses of the word "beaver", so I have to put everything in context...

    Have Fun!

    Dr. Cosmic Ray

  18. Haha oh my. I didn't play Asteroids in the arcade, but I did play it on my Atari 2600. :)

    I do agree that many of the MMORPG games of today can destroy lives. The farming aspect of the games is what makes it addicting and time consuming -- spending hours looking for better stuff, but since it's like a lottery, you don't necessarily get better stuff every time you look. Very addicting, not very rewarding.

    In the olden days, RPGs were fair.